Air Ambulance Flight Service


Air Ambulance Flight Service

Air Ambulance, Medical Escorts, and Commercial Airline Stretcher Services for Patients Asia Middle East, the United States and to Worldwide Destinations.

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HI Flying - Air Ambulance International is a Comprehensive Medical transport service that you can depend on when you need to move a loved one or your company employee who is stable, critical or recovering from an illness from any destination to your home.

 We offer a complete range of medical flight services, from our medical bedside-to-bedside private Jet Air Ambulance service for patients with the most urgent medical needs to our Non emergency medical escort service, in which one of our highly trained Medical team of Doctor and Nurse or Doctor Nurse and Paramedic or Doctor Nurse and Respiratory therapist accompanies a patient on a commercial flight. 

We will use our vast experience and expertise gathered over the last 25 years to place options to you and to help you decide which service would be best for the patient’s specific medical needs including the type of Medevac flight - whether a turbopropeller aircrafts or a Jet aircraft, the type of Medical team configuration which will include Doctor, Nurses and Paramedics or a combination of the above or just  arranging for a commercial flight stretcher on an affiliated Airlines. Our friendly and knowledgeable medical coordinators will plan and implement every aspect of your transfer.

When patients entrust HI Flying Air Ambulance International for medical air service, they know that they’re in the hands of an experienced Industry best professionals. That’s because all of our medical team members - Doctors, Nurses or Paramedics have a minimum of three years of Hospital Intensive care experience, and our full-time pilots have an average of 5000 flight hours. 

We also have Neonatal and Pediatric specialized staff of Pediatric Neonatologist or Anesthetist and Pediatric and NICU nurse who can transfer newborn babies with congenital problems from one location to another on Commercial and Charter flights. We can transport many high-risk patients that other companies simply cannot do it.  Our comprehensive care also sets us apart. We will help you plan every small detail of the transfer, and we’ll provide you with an all-inclusive quote for a safe bed-side to bed-side transport of your patient.

Flight and Medical Transfer Process
HI Flying Air Ambulance International has a professional and highly trained Medical Coordinator team available to answer your call - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year from our Main operation center. When you call our center, the Medical Coordinator will understand your patient clinical condition and plan the transfer for you, including providing you with any cost-saving options that are available. Many times we have a connecting empty leg flight that we can offer that can a significant cost for you.

When You Call us -

  • Our Medical Coordinator will request important clinical information to provide you with a complete and thorough written plan and cost.
  • Our medical coordinator will contact the proper medical personnel at the Hospital of origin to obtain an updated medical report
  • Ground transportation arrangements and coordination at the departure site and the arrival city are made for your patient.
  • The Medical Coordinator will respond to you with a written proposal that will be all-inclusive with no hidden costs.
  • Complete transparent communication with all family members and representatives during the entire transfer process. 
  • You could appoint a person in your family who you would like to receive updates during the transfer and we will keep them updated about the transfer
  • Bedside to Bedside medical care
  • We take care of all Customs and Immigrations formalities
  • We will take care of all International aviation permissions for you.

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