Medical Assistance Services


Medical Assistance Services

Our Local Expertise for the Global Market

Our cost containment team use a variety of proven processes to achieve incomparable cost savings for the broad spectrum Medical Assistance services.
Whether related to elementary re-pricing or direct negotiations with healthcare facilities or medical practitioners, our goal is to maximize your savings whilst providing the utmost quality in assistance services.

Hospital Admission
To facilitate admission of patients on an emergency basis to any of our network hospitals
Hospital Payment Guarantee
To guarantee payment of Patient Bills in hospitals which are in our network provided the client has preinformed us before admission
Second Opinions
Second opinions from experts in the particular speciality to understand the clinical status of patient and take opinions in regards to options of treatment
Investigations of Insurance Frauds
To investigate in to Insurance frauds - false claims for hosptalization of clients, inflated bills or other such information that is needed by the client
Physician Services
To provide Hotel or Home visits of GP/Physician on a planned and Emergency subject to availability of a Doctor in the region
Medicine Dispatch
To arrange medications for the Patient from Pharmacy either a long term ongoing medications or new medications as prescribed by our Doctors
Concierge services
To arrange car / limo for patient or relative travel to any destination / airport
Assistance with Lost Document/Luggage
To assist the beneficiary with arranging of local police formalities and renewal of substitute of documents
Cash Advance
To arrange money to patient or beneficiary in case of an unforeseen event such as accident, illness, death or victim of crime.
Funeral Shipping
To arrange the repatriation of mortal remains from any destination in India and other hubs to any destinations in the world with compassion and care
Ashes in Urn
To arrange cremation of mortal remains and send the ashes in urn to any destination in the world
Relative travel
To arrange relative travel and stay in case of unfortunate death of their loved ones
Visa assistance
To assist and co-ordinate India visa for patient and relative travel with consulate
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