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Himalayas with its dangers is a potential for a large number of Medevac flights both Helicopters and Fixed wing aircrafts.

Himalayan expedition happens from Nepal and India.

Our Medical team has completed more than 500 medical evacuations from the base camps to the bases in Nepal and then further repatriations to all major cities in Asia, Europe, Australia and United states.

Some unknown  facts about the Himalayan peaks -

​7 Obscure Facts About Mount Everest That You Probably Never KnewLabelled the tallest peak on Earth, Mount Everest houses many mysteries, obscurities and oddities you have probably never even heard about.  Multiple names, littered corpses, height disputes… Just read on to know more:

#1 Home To The Earth’s “Highest Permanent Residents”No one knows life above sea level more than the Euophrys omnisuperstes, a species of big ugly arachnoids best known as the Himalayan jumping spiders. These spiders are puny, and feed on insects blown away by cold winds. They are the only species of creatures known to permanently reside at high altitudes. They have been spotted at heights of about 6,700 meters and about.

#2 A History of 450 Million YearsWhile the Himalayas are only 60 million years, Mount Everest dates from a much more prehistoric time. The sedimentary rock on the mountain was made of limestone and sandstone below the sea over 450 million years ago. The ocean bed rocks were thus folded up and pushed upward to reach the summit it has formed today. The speed of this upward rise was just 11 centimeters per year. This was only found out after explorer Noel Odell discovered aquatic fossils on the peak that proved that it was once below sea level.

#3 The Peak With a Height DisputeNations argue on the strangest of things. Accordingly, China has stated that the Everest is 8,844 meters high, while Nepal contends that it is two meters shorter at 8,848 meters. This dispute is due to the fact that China wishes to measure Mount Everest purely based on rock height, while Nepal wants to also measure the ice and snow that covers the peak at the topmost summit. China and Nepal finally came to an agreement on this dispute 2010, setting the finalized height up at 8,848 meters.

#4 The Many Names of Mount EverestEverest is probably the peak with the highest number of names used colloquially as well as officially. Tibetians have been calling the peak “Chomolungma”, which is supposed to be its ancient name. Nepalese folks are known to call it “Sagarmatha”. The Chinese call it Mt. Qomolangma. The mountain was officially named Peak XV till surveyor Andrew Waugh failed to find a common local name for it and honorarily named it after British Surveyor-General Col. George Everest. Thus, the peak finally got itself a permanent name.

#5 The World’s Dirtiest MountainWith so many glorious facts about the world’s highest summit, let us also throw in a negative one to maintain the balance. Thousands of mountaineers have attempted to climb this mountain, resulting it in becoming the world’s biggest waste disposal ever. Other than dead bodies pf unfortunate mountaineers, the Peak is littered with 50 tons of indisposable waste. There is oxygen bottles, climbing equipment, and, good Jesus, even human feces! The Eco Everest Expedition has been cleaning the mountain every year since 2008, with 13 tons of waste cleaned so far. The Nepalese Government has now made a rule that each mountaineer must bring down 8 kilograms of waste on their descent from Mt. Everest.

#6 Not Really the Tallest Mountain!This is really the most appalling fact in this list. If Everest is not the tallest peak, then what is it? Well, it’s all a matter of perspective. Mauna Kea, an active volcano in Hawaii, holds record as the world’s tallest mountain. Mauna Kea reaches a mere altitude of 4,205 meters above sea level. However, when measured from its origins deep into the ocean bed, it measures a whopping 10,200 meters. Thus, Everest isn’t really the tallest mountain on Earth, it is just the tallest peak above sea level.

#7 Not Even the Highest Peak!Yes, as much as it fails to make record as the world’s tallest mountain, Everest isn’t the world’s highest peak either. Chimborazo in Ecuador rises 6,267 meters above sea level, but it is located at a higher point as it lies just south of the Equator, at the earth’s midsection bulge, making its sea-level position itself at a higher point then Mount Everest.
There is a lot more to be told about Mount Everest. From its first climb to its deepest secrets, there is a lot for us to add. Follow Himalayan Wonders closely and you may well become an Everest pundit!

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