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Aircraft for Medical transportation services in Kenya

Aircraft for Medical transportation services in Kenya.
Kenya, has a population of about 50 million. There are about nine level-5 hospitals which are the referral point of the district hospitals. Health-care to the citizens is provided through public and private facilities. Yet the statistics claim that only 25% of the Kenyan citizens are covered by any kind of insurance schemes may it be public or private schemes. Most of the people shell money out of their own pocket for treatment. The public health-care are still lacking w.r.t the modern facilities, equipment and availability of medicines. Most of the citizens are dependent on the private facilities for better treatment and availability of better resources in private hospitals.
Although Kenya has seen a major transition and development over the past few years in the health-care sector. Patient from the adjoining African countries now prefers to travel to Kenya as  an option to avail the health-care facilities in their own countries lack proper resources.
In the last couple of years, Kenya has seen an increased number of disasters and major incidents due to road rifts. Poor traffic enforcement and lack of building construction regulations have contributed to an increased number of casualties in the country and a substantial increase in morbidity and mortality. The major incidents which lead to hospitalization are : transport related accidents, building collapses, road rifts and at times violent incidences. In many incidences the hospitals are unprepared or under-prepared to handle emergency casualties at times and need to repatriate the patient to better facilities for faster and better treatment. 
There is a shortage of medical ambulances in the public hospitals and mostly the ambulance services are contracted with the private hospitals. In most cases, patients are transferred to hospitals by private vehicles like car, truck or taxi. Average middle class residents of Kenya, the expat community and the patient from adjoining African countries who travel to avail medical services in Kenya prefer to go to the private hospitals. The biggest challenge of the people residing in Kenya is that there is no organized national emergency or trauma care system in public health-care facilities.
In many cases the hospital's tie-up with the Medical Air Ambulances for patient repatriation. Also expats who are there in Kenya for work purpose and the tourists who travel to this country at times meet with some health related issues or some casualties and need to be air transported with special medical care. Under these circumstances, the services of the expert team of Medical Air Ambulance fliers prove to be helpful and they actually act as a rescuer for the patients and their families.
The most important things to consider while selecting the service provider is, to check whether they have necessary licenses for flying from the country, so that the documentation and airlifting of the patient is smooth. There are a few service provider those who provide multidimensional services as per the requirement of the patient and those who offer services based on the financial consideration of the patient; who wants to avail these services under emergency and non-emergency situation. 
Studies reveal that in many cases, the patient doesn't reach on time to the destination which leads to the highest number of mortality. Transportation by the road involves a lot of risk and precious time is lost during the transfer for the patient. The Air Ambulance services are proving to be life-saving in case of Emergency medical services. Also in the case of non-emergency services whereby the patient is not in a completely mobile condition or is in a less stable condition, these services prove to be beneficial and eliminate the transportation barriers.
The advantages of using this service are, it decreases the impact of chronic disease by reducing a substantial amount of time for patient transportation, the patient gets faster medical attention, health risks associated are reduced. Non-emergency patients reach their destination with convenience and the family members are in a relaxed state of mind as the care is taken by medical experts while flying.
When one discusses all the above criteria, Hi-Flying fits into the framework of all of them  mentioned above. Hi-Flying has been organizing Medical flights to all destinations in the world since 1996. They provide multidimensional services in this sector be it a Commercial flight with medical escorts, Air Ambulance charter flight, or a Medevac service. They have almost 25 years of experience of flying patients from their receiving site to the site of further admission or to their doorstep. Their services are efficient and prompt in patient transportation. They run extensive services from Kenya to other parts of the world to and fro from last many years.

The company has made several tie-ups with their ever increasing experience and their bucket of clienteles include not only individuals, but also, multinational companies, corporates, insurance companies etc. They do have tie-ups with the major aircraft’s which helps the process of ground clearance and transportation smooth and the time involved is also less. They have a 24 hour helpline service and immediately upon receiving a case, they arrange for medical escort service on a commercial flight for an Air ambulance, or a chartered flight as per the need of the hour and the condition of the patient. 
Air Ambulance Service, Medevac service, Medical stretcher service on the commercial flight, Medevac services, Aeromedical services are the various facilities available with the company.

The procedure of Medical repatriation from Kenya to hospitals abroad is as follows:

  • The patient details need to upload on their website.
  • The case is registered and the team gets in touch with the patient’s coordinator. 
  • The Hi-Flying administrative person takes down the patient history in brief and initiates the further procedure of documentation.
  • Their medical team gets in touch with the attending doctor’s of the patient and understands the patient history. Medicines, special equipment, oxygen cylinder, ventilator requirement is interpreted by the team and accordingly arrangements are made.
  • Based on the patient’s condition, whether the patient requires emergency care or the patient is stable, the team suggests the services for the patient. For eg: if the patient is critical, emergency evacuation by Air Ambulance service is suggested but if the patient is relatively stable than the expatriation of patient can be done on a commercial flight under the care of medical escorts and in some cases the deportation of patient can be arranged on a medical stretcher under the care of doctor and nurses. Based on the condition, the company suggests services so that the patient is repatriated with care and also the financial component is taken into consideration; so that there is no additional burden on the family.
  • A family member or a companion is also accommodated on the Air Ambulance with no additional charges if space is available.  
  • Documentation, ground clearance etc are handled by their team. Necessary clearance for the transit of the patient and the family members at the airport is handled by their administrative team.
  • In case of non-emergency transit of patients any formalities w.r.t the insurance and claims are also assisted by the team of Hi-Flying so that the patient’s family members are relaxed and can focus on the well-being of the patient and don’t have to handle the additional burden of these formalities.
  • Many patients have been repatriated by their efficient team till date and their success story is in-commensurable.

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