Narayan Heart Hospital Hospital Multispeciality guided us to the flying aviation - Air Ambulance for transportation of my friends who came from Singapore to Bangalore for a project. 
He said that he was working for a bank in Singapore and he arrived on a Singapore Airlines plane on Monday. After a night stay at the airport hotel, he was running his car to meet his client when his car was crashed. It was a big accident.
Fortunately, it was the fracture of the thigh bone. He was admitted to Narayan Multispeciality Hospital. He was successfully operated with femur bone. He recovered the period of time. Although on the third day of the post-operative period, he developed sleepiness. He said that his eyes were not able to keep open. They had difficulty and swallowing. It seems that he was suffering from a high blood pressure and he developed a clot in the brain. 
He said that the need for the help of a neuro doctor. He had to do CT scan and MRI scan for his brain problem. However, this problem continued to progress. 
So eventually they decided to take a second opinion. A doctor from Singapore was sent to India. He said that the treatment was right. Although he will need a longer care and rehabilitation.
Since his family was based in Singapore, he decided to transport it to Singapore. 
Hi flying - Air ambulance arranged a small Learjet air ambulance aircraft overnight and the air ambulance jet landed in Bangalore the next day in the afternoon. The team came to ICU in Narayan Hospital and assessed the patient. Patient standards were fine. Although his saturation was low, He was intubated and the waiting plane was transferred to the ground ambulance. 
I was with my friend from Bangalore to the Air Ambulance for Singapore. 
6 hours of travel time was short. The medical team took care of all medicines. All of them had an intensive care room in a hospital of their convenience. Cardiac Monitor, pulse oximeters, artificial respiration, blood glucose machines, suction and even a blood gas analyzer.
Transportation was fast and safe. 
Ground ambulance in Singapore took the patient from Asphalt to Seletar airport in Mount Elizabeth Hospital. 
The patient was admitted to ICU. 
He said that the treatment was prolonged for 2 months. 
However, he has recovered completely and now after 3 months in Singapore this bank will be included back to work. 
He said that he is now getting physical therapy at home. 
In order to make the transition patient family safe and comfortable, their medical director and all the staff - their team - I appreciate the efficient services of Air Ambulance International. 

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