Medical Escort Services in Singapore

Medical Escort Services in Singapore

Medical Escort Services in Singapore.
It was one of the most dreadful day and a nightmare for the people of Sentani when floods had badly hit parts of Indonesia. Sentani town was worst hit town by the floods. Floods had damaged roads, bridges, due to landslides many roads were blocked, there were trees fallen everywhere. The flood waters had gushed into the town and more two of the bridges were badly damaged and hundreds of houses were flooded, roads have been blocked by landslides and fallen trees, and flood waters had damaged the infrastructure of the city badly. The rescue workers were struggling to reach remote parts of this town, and there were fears the number of dead may rise.
Flooding is common in Indonesia, especially during the October-April rainy season.Local residents said torrential rain began two days back in the evening when they had least expected that the rains would take such a deadly turn in the night, triggering flash floods and mudslides.
The houses were filled with thick muddy water in a short span of time. People were scared for their lives, worried and helpless. Unavailability of drinking water, food had worsened the situation further.
The Government had initiated the rescue operations but it was moving in a very slow pace as the rains continued to pour in after every few hours making things worst and the roads were blocked.   
There was fear for lives of almost 50-60 people and many people were missing too. So exact count of the toll maybe more than the numbers provided.
Lili Nugroho from Singapore visited her ailing mother in Sentani almost after three years with her five-year-old baby and she was also expecting her second baby. She got stuck in this dreadful situation. Her husband worked in a corporate office in Singapore. He heard about the situation from the news channel and was really worried. It was difficult to establish contact with her wife first at as their mobile was not connecting. Somehow in the morning, Lili could contact her husband. She said that they had taken shelter in one of the government building somehow, but the situation is very worst. The place is overcrowded as many people have taken refuge in the same building to save their lives. She was feeling uncomfortable due to lack of rest, and their son had got a fever. Besides Lili's mother, who is a patient and was suffering from respiratory ailment was also sinking. She urged her husband to arrange for some help as early as possible.

Her husband, Tom, got worried too, but now it wasn't the time to panic. He decided to arrange for some rescue to get his family back in Singapore safely. Tom had earlier heard of rescue operations carried out by private air ambulance in many parts of the world. Tom connected with the Hi-Flying Air ambulance, which was suggested to him by one of his colleagues as he had earlier used the service for repatriating his mother for medical reasons from India to Singapore.
Tom got in touch with the administrative staff of Hi-Flying air ambulance. The team is extremely pofessional, and they immediately got in action. They first got in touch with their team in Indonesia to understand the situation of the weather. Since it was still raining intermittently, they laid down a plan to evacuate the three of them by a helicopter. Also, they would be assisted with medical escort team as they were all having a medical situation.
The distance between Indonesia and Singapore is equal to 714 miles, and this is equal to 1,149 km or 714 miles. If one travel with an airplane which flies at an average speed of 560 miles from Indonesia to Singapore it will take 1.27 hours roughly to arrive in Singapore. This option seemed to be the fastest and best route to rescue the family and under expert medical care. 
Hi-Flying is a global organization, and it operates in most of the countries in the world.
Tom briefed them about the present condition and whereabouts of his family members. The administrative team discussed with the medical attendants of Hi- Flying, and they suggested the option of flying the patient in an Air Ambulance with a team of Medical Escorts.
Medical escorts are trained medical and paramedics, which includes both doctors and nurses and who are trained specially to escort patients who may be in a critical or non-emergency condition. Their training is more vigilant as they have to attend patients in an air ambulance, where they have very less ground support. All the protocols related to flying the patient should be known to the team. This also includes the documentation procedure for flying patient from one country to another or sometimes even internally within the country. The person should be alert, should have strong decision making capability in case of an emergency, should be compassionate towards the patient and patience is the key aspect of the Medical escort.
Hi-Flying team have many years of experience, the company has provided their excellent services in case of repatriating patients with a complicated medical history, from India to other parts of the world. Their medical escorts have repatriated many patients with disabilities, COPD history, burn accidents, severe trauma, neonatal and pediatric patients. Doctors, nurses, and paramedics those who have at least five years of experience are chosen by the company in their team.
Medical escorts accompany the patient in the business class or first class cabin of a significant commercial airline depending upon the medical condition of the patient. If the patient is immobile, it is suggested to fly in a business class or first class seat that offers a flexible movement of seats during their flight. In case the commercial flight option is not viable for flying the patient, private Air Ambulances are suggested. All the procedures required w.r.t medical clearances is coordinated well, and the team makes all ground and air transport arrangements. Specialized equipment needed for the transportation of the patient is arranged on board by the medical team in coordination with the flight engineers. The team is well equipped with modern and sophisticated equipment and trained to handle all the equipment. Their team arranges documentation related to discharge of the patient from the hospital, taking down the history of the patient and arrangement of the ground ambulance to the airport.
They carefully monitor the medical status right from the transit of the patient from the ground until reaching the destination. Under the supervision of the attending doctor of the health care facility, updated medical reports are received till the time of patient's departure to ensure that if any modification of flight plan needs to be done to secure a safe arrival. All treatment imparted to the patient in-flight is per the medical orders provided by the primary doctor of the attending hospital.
Upon arrival at the destination, the medical escort will provide detailed information to the receiving medical facility. If the patient is to be deported to his/her home, the medical escort team will assist the patient and the family in making a conversant and comfortable adjustment based on the medical needs of the patient.
Once they reached Lili, her son and mother were carried to the helicopter. In-board medical care was provided. The team carried medicines, water, juice, and food for them as they were aware of the shortage of these basic things. The medical evaluation was done in-board by the medical team.
All three of them were safely deported from Indonesia to Singapore. The family was relieved upon landing to Singapore. They were transported to the nearby medical center for their health evaluation. Tom sent a special "Thank you" mail to Hi-Flying to get his family back to Singapore safely.

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