Medical Flights Services in Singapore

Medical Flights Services in Singapore

Medical Flights Services in Singapore
Singapore is a developed country and is known for its high-income economy. In the early decade of the 1970s, Singapore declared itself as a fully employed country and joined the ranks of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea a decade later as Asia's newly industrializing countries.
But as are the positive side of the economic development and overall development of a country, there are some drawbacks of the development too. With the growing industrialization and urbanization, the population of the country also face some serious health hazards like respiratory disorders, Hand foot mouth disease, Diabetes, and Colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Singapore residents as per the latest statistics. The number of patients who have colorectal cancer has off-late increased in Singapore.
Reasons for the drastic increase in the number of patients suffering from Colorectal cancer are as follows:
These are the most common reasons for the rise in the number of patients suffering from the disease, not just in Singapore but around the world.
1. Obesity- People are getting overweight due to smoking, drinking alcohol regularly, consumption of high-fat diet, lack of exercise, Diabetes, Type 2 diabetes is also a risk factor. All these are interconnected with lifestyle modification. Work pressure, lack of proper exercise, unhealthy eating, eating high fat-containing food, street food regularly, smoking are all attributes of lifestyle modification.
Study reveals that the average population in Singapore are roughly 3kg heavier than what they were some 10-15 years ago.
Smoking among people of age group, 18 – 29 has increased by 33%
Obesity rates are increasing day by day.
Alcohol consumption has increased as it has become a part of people's lifestyle, with an average increase of about 9.6% of the population now regularly drink alcohol daily.
It has been estimated that approximately 400,000 people are diabetic, which is also a reason for an increase in the rate of people suffering from the disease.
Common symptoms of people suffering from the disease are:
    Diarrhea
    Constipation
    Blood in observed in the stool
    Bleeding from the rectum
    Abdominal pain
    Fatigue and Weakness
    Sudden weight loss
In the early stages, many people may not experience any specific symptoms at all. Also, all these symptoms could be caused due to other conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease. 
Colorectal cancer develops in the colon (large intestine) or rectum (the lower part of your large intestine, which stores stool).
Von, is a successful professional and he used to travel regularly for professional reason in many countries. Being a foodie, he liked to gorge on food outside and use to try all the cuisines available and popular of the country. This would also include junk food. Hectic traveling schedule, less sleep, overeating, alcohol, and cigarette smoking was a routine. All this lead to a chronic condition of Colorectal cancer. He was on his tour to China when suddenly he developed symptoms like severe pain in his abdomen, vomiting, and nausea. Initially, he thought it was just a case of indigestion, so he asked for help from the hotel management to arrange a doctor. The doctor, after his visit, prescribed some medicine and also asked him to carry out a scan to ensure things are fine. He got a temporary relief but soon after, the trouble started and he had to be hospitalized. Scans and other tests were conducted, and the doctor revealed that he was suffering from Colorectal cancer. Von was alone in China and he wanted to reach his hometown in Singapore for his treatment so that his family is around. His family was informed. The family got in touch with the Hi- Flying Aeromedical services after consulting a hospital in Singapore. The hospital suggested, the services of Hi-Flying will be the best to avail and they will safely repatriate the patient back to Singapore with a minimum load of documentation on the patient's family. Aeromedical services are run by many organizations for air transporting patients with an emergency or non-emergency condition from one place to another under the supervision of an expert medical team comprising of trained doctor and nurse. All arrangement of emergency medical facilities is in-board. The service provider handles the procedure required for transport. In this case, Von was repatriated from China to Singapore by the team of Hi-Flying in a private air ambulance. The patient upon arrival in Singapore was transported by road to the hospital. Further treatment and surgery were followed in the Singapore hospital. In cases where time is very critical the Aeromedical services are the life-savers for the people.

Causes of colorectal cancer are:
In this case, small, non-cancerous growth begins in the lining of the large intestine. If these can be detected early the doctor can conduct surgery and remove them. In case the non-cancerous cells are left untreated, there is a chance they could develop into colorectal cancer.  
There is also evidence that colorectal cancer develops due to some hereditary reason's as well. The risk of getting infected with the disease increases more with age and people with age over 50 have more chances to get infected with the disease. People who are infected with bowel diseases also are prone to get infected with the disease in the future.
Below is a diagrammatic representation of the large intestine:

Treatment of colorectal cancer includes surgery; it could be chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Surgery is the ultimate treatment of colorectal cancer, and mostly the operation is carried out by removing a section of colon and joining the remaining ends. It has been proven by scientific study that it is the most effective method with the highest cure rates. Sometimes a doctor may recommend a combination of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy to achieve better cure in more advanced cases. Depending on the age and physical health of the patient, the doctor takes a call about the type of surgery.
The surgery required for Colorectal cancer can be performed by a minimally invasive surgery alternately known as keyhole surgery. There is a vast difference in the type of surgery recommended for colon cancer surgery as compared to rectal cancer surgery. Colon cancer surgery is relatively simpler, faster, and more straightforward compared to rectal cancer surgery, which can be much more difficult.
Precautionary measures to prevent the disease from reaching an advanced stage are listed:
By making some changes in the lifestyle, one can prevent Colorectal cancer and also many life-threatening diseases 
    One should Quit smoking
    It is important to eat a balanced diet comprising of plenty of fibrous fruits, vegetables and avoid overeating of processed food like meat and meat products like bacon, sausages, ham, red meat and food comprising of processed meat of beef, lamb and pork. This increases the risk of developing cancer if consumed regularly. Also,eating healthy and fibrous food helps one to maintain a healthier weight and reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease, which ultimately reduces a person from suffering from chronic diseases.
    One should reduce alcohol consumption. 
    Work out and exercise is a must.
If a person stays active, it helps the body to digest food properly and quickly, reducing the risk of toxic chemicals attacking the intestine and lowers the risk of inflammation of the intestines and generally keep your body much fitter and healthier.

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