Air Ambulance services in Hong Kong

Air Ambulance services in Hong Kong

Air Ambulance services in Hong Kong.
Chow is a fashion model from Hong Kong and she traveled to many parts of the world for her job assignments. Her crew travelled along with her in most of her assignments. This time Chow took up an independent assignment in Singapore as a freelance model. The offer being lucrative and she was now a better known face in the industry, such offers kept on pouring in for her. Due to her contract with the agency Chow mostly declined those offers. Recently her exclusivity contract ended and she took up this independent assignment. Besides this, Chow was keen to travel out of Hong Kong for sometime as she had tirelessly worked for more than 3 years on her projects. The opportunity to travel to Singapore seemed to her like a soothing break. 
Chow reached Singapore and she was amazed to see the beauty of the country. Hongkong too is a beautiful place and attracts many tourists from around the globe but when one visits other places one gets attracted by the serenity and the beauty of the particular destination. Besides Singapore has so much to offer to the foreign tourists. Each and every destination point in itself is a landmark. Chow's shoot was scheduled in Wave House Sentosa. The place is awesome, clear sandy beaches, installed in an archipelago of the global wave houses. It is perhaps the only wave house that stretches from Durban in South Africa Santiago in Chile, San Diego in California and Mallorca in Spain. Surfers from around the world visit this plce in Singapore and are one of the popular destinations among the surfers. The product line for Chow was sports wear and so this location was zeroed down by the advertisement agency. The shoot used to commence early in the morning and for few frames they shot even at night. The shooting deadline was to be met within 3-4 days. The entire crew was working day and night to meet the timeline and finally shooting wrapped up.
Chow extended her stay in Singapore for a few more days as she was physically drained. Also her appetite was lost from the past few days. So she had decided to wander around and taste some of the best cuisines in Singapore. She humbly gorged on the food available in the places around her and even tried some of the street food.
Eventually her trip ended her up in hospitalization as she went over-experimental with her eating spree and suffered from severe food poisoning which led her to end up with severe diarrhea. Chow already suffered from a weak immune system. Her profession was such that she regularly opted for diet plans and used to eat proportionally low. Her sudden experiment with food disturbed her metabolism and she suffered from severe infection. She was admitted to the hospital by the hotel where she was provided with accommodation by the ad agency.

What is food poisoning in general?

Food poisoning is a food-borne illness and a person succumb to the disease as a  result of eating contaminated, toxic, or spoiled food. When a person is infected with the disease, the most common symptoms which are mostly seen include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
Food poisoning isn't unusual. Statistics claim that 1 in 6 Americans contract some form of food poisoning every year. Also, there are fair chances that it won't get undetected, and the symptoms may appear within an hour or may appear in as long as 28 days.


Common symptoms of food poisoning will typically include at least one or three of the following symptoms:

  • Severe vomiting 
  • Loss of appetite
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Mild fever
  • Weakness
  • Nausea &
  • Headaches


A person suffering from severe food-poisoning of a potentially life-threatening condition may show up symptom as follows:

  • Diarrhea that lasts for more than two to three days.
  • Very high fever, higher than 101.5°F
  • Bloody urine, severe dehydration, dry mouth, difficulty in speaking, and seeing.

What causes food poisoning?
Food poisoning is caused due to one of the following primary causes:
Bacteria, Parasites, and Viruses
Bacteria is one of the most common sources of food poisoning.
E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria among the bacteria are the worst and prime sources of food poisoning. Salmonella is  the biggest culprit of acute food poisoning.  
Pathogens are found in almost all of the food that humans eat. However, when we cook the food, heat from cooking usually kills the pathogens. So if a person consumes raw or poorly cooked food are prone to food poisoning because they don’t go through the cooking process.     Unhealthy cooking habits, improper handling of food and food products, not washing the food properly, etc. are some of the reasons that food may get contaminated due to pathogens.
Meat, eggs, and dairy products are more frequently contaminated. Water is another source and may also be contaminated with organisms that cause illness.
A person who is at risk of getting infected due to food poisoning:
Anyone can succumb to food poisoning. But in general, some populations are more at risk than the healthy population. Statistically speaking, anyone with a weak or suppressed immune system may contract the disease and have a higher chance or risk of getting the infection.
According to reports, young children, pregnant women have more risk of getting infected by the disease. During pregnancy, the body is coping with changes to the circulatory system and metabolism. Elderly population too face a higher risk of contracting food poisoning because their immunity may be low, and their immune system may not promptly respond to infectious organisms.
Chow, had a weak immunity which added to her experimentation with the different food she tried around in the place. She developed severe symptoms and the hotel arranged for her hospitalization. Her family was communicated about her illness by the hospital staff. Her parents decided to get her back to Hong Kong at the earliest. They discussed this with their family friends, and one of them suggested to avail the professional services of Hi Flying Air ambulance, which can assist them to get Chow back to Hong Kong. The medical escorts will be available in-flight and will take care of the patient throughout the journey, and the process of transporting her will be seamless. Her parents were unaware of this service but were relieved to an extent when they got this suggestion. They immediately contacted the Hi Flying administrative team and provided them the details of their daughter. The team assured them that they would give them their best service, and the medical team accompanying the patient will take care of the necessary medical care in-flight.
Chow was expatriated safely back to Hong Kong and is recovering well. The family is happy to be united again with their daughter, and more importantly, she is recuperating well from her illness.  

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