Air Ambulance Services in Thailand

Air Ambulance Services in Thailand

Air Ambulance services in Thailand

When one thinks of a perfect holiday destination, Thailand, ranks in the first list of Southeast Asian people. But its not only limited to people of the Southeast Asian countries, but even the western population also prefer to visit Thailand once in their lifetime because of the solitude, blue coastline, white sand beaches, scenic beauty, and the magnificent beaches. Thailand has thus been particularly a favorite tourist spot. One such shoreline that has been famous and most popular among the tourist is the Krabi beach. Located towards the extreme corner of Thailand, this province is renowned for its world-class resorts, its natural harbors, and of course, the food.
In the daytime tourist prefer to visit the beach places, and this place offers the rich flora and fauna. The beautiful white sandy beaches, the exuberant sandstone cliffs, the caves, and the calm waters are the reason the place is a lovely home for a variety of birds and animals. And so, touring through the assemblage of the rainforests is a must while in Krabi. Nightlife around the Krabi beach is equally happening. The quirky beaches, hotels, and pubs are also the center of attraction for those who enjoy music and fast pace life of the cosmopolitan cities and want to enjoy it in a small town like this place.
The most famous beach in Thailand, Krabi, is the Ao Nang Beach. The place boasts for its electric blue waters, beautiful sandy beaches and a massive row of resorts and hotels. It has a reputation of being the most sought-after beaches in Thailand, and it is the Ao Nang Beachnightlife that draws enormous crowds onto the shore every year. Its small-town charm is a bonus.
Tarang and his friends were done with their exams and were off to Thailand for a holiday. The boys had their plans chalked down already. They had decided to spend the first 2-3 days at the Krabi and enjoy the fantastic beaches and then after they shall head to Bangkok and enjoy the city life and shop till they drop. Things went as they had planned, and the boys were enjoying thoroughly. In the daytime, they would enjoy a maximum of the beach life, and during the night they would visit the pubs. On day three, they decided to revisit Ao Nang Beach. The weather was slightly cloudy and dull that day, but it was not raining, although. The boys were walking on the sand close to the coastline when suddenly Tarang's friend Abhay complained of severe pain in his leg. Abhay was walking barefoot, and so initially they thought that some shell must have pierced, but they did not find anything. His foot started swelling; they made him sit on the beach and asked help from a local passerby. This person was Thai, and he had a fair idea about the beach. The person asked them to rush for immediate medical help as it could be a sting of a jellyfish
In Thailand beach waters, box jellyfish are there, and stings by some of them can be excruciating and sometimes it can be even fatal.  Â 
The two main types of box jellyfish those are found in Thailand beaches are – multi-tentacled and single-tentacled. Multi-tentacled box jellyfish are the most dangerous and are present in Thai waters. A person stung by the multi-tentacled species can be fatal and in extreme condition can kill an adult within two minutes. They are found mostly during the warmer months along sandy beaches near river mouths and mangroves.
Besides the multi-tentacled box jellyfish, there are many types of single-tentacled box jellyfish found in the Thailand beaches at times, sting by these can cause severe symptoms known as the Irukandji syndrome. There are few varieties of jellyfish in Thailand that stings, but there are no side effects or harmful consequences, it can be irritating at the site of the sting. One should wear protective clothing to prevent these stings. The wind direction changes in the monsoon season in Thailand and the storms can bring these jellyfishes, and other marine creatures near the shore and can be a risk to the snorkelers, fishers, and swimmers. At times the dead jellyfish are also washed up on beaches, and one shouldn't try to touch them because these dead jellyfish can also sting.
In Thailand beaches where there is a known risk of the sting from jellyfish or other marine creatures, the Government has displayed warning signs in Thai and English. They have also set up aid points on beaches and the lifeguard patrols regularly. Hotels, too, are instructed to guide their guests to prevent to go to the affected areas. During every season of the year, visitors are asked to be vigilant when swimming or snorkeling and heed any warning notices or flags. Stings from Box Jellyfish can be fatal, and at times, unfortunate incidence does happen due to carelessness or misfortune.
Initially the sting can seem minor like an ant bite; however, severe symptoms such as back pain, sweating, vomiting, nausea, difficulty breathing and a feeling of impending ordain can develop within five and 45 minutes.
The local person who was guiding informed them that in case of severe, envenomations, it can be life-threatening, and the priority is keeping the person alive. One of them went to call for medical help. There was a first-aid point on the beach. He hurried to the location and called the person for help. The guy arrived at the spot, and he applied vinegar for about 30-40 seconds. Vinegar helps to reduce irritation from stings. Abhay was still conscious, so they rushed him to the nearby hospital to seek medical care quickly. In some cases, other symptoms develop over the next 40 minutes, but they didn't want to take any risk.
On reaching the hospital, Abhay started developing severe symptoms like nausea, vomiting and fell unconscious. The doctor initiated CPR, he recovered, and then he was put on ventilation. Treatment was immediately started, and the patient was fortunate to survive. He was in the hospital for the next few days. His family was informed about the accident. His parents were keen to get him back to Mauritius at the earliest. They called the helpline number of Hi-Flying Air ambulance. Abhay's father was a businessman and was aware of the services of Hi-Flying as one of his friend's in the business circle had availed for their services earlier.
An Air ambulance was arranged within the next 24 hours. As the patient was stable now, the hospital authorities arranged for his release. But the patient was weak and had to be transferred in a stretcher-bound condition. A team of doctor and nurse accompanied Abhay along with Tarang on board. They arrived in Mauritius and was admitted to a hospital in Mauritius. Fortunately, the patient survived as in severe cases; a person may also suffer from a hemorrhagic brain condition.
Abhay parents are thankful to the entire team of Hi-Flying for expatriating their son back to the country.

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