Aircraft for Medical transportation services in South Africa

Aircraft for Medical transportation services in South Africa


South Africa, is also officially known as the Republic of South Africa (RSA), and it is located in the southernmost part of Africa. It is bounded to the south by South Atlantic and Indian Oceans which stretches about 2,798 kms of coastline; to the north of South Africa are the neighboring countries like Botswana, Namibia,and Zimbabwe; and to the northeast and east by Swaziland and Mozambique. South Africa is the 25th largest country in the world in terms of land area and, it has about 57 million people residing. It is the world's 24th most populated country in the world. South Africa is an upper-middle-income economy as ranked by the World bank, and has many newly established industries. The economy of the country is the second-largest in Africa, and the 34th-largest in the world. However, the wealth distribution is unequal and poverty and inequality are still widespread, and its been estimated that a quarter of the population remains unemployed and lives on a very meager income. 
South Africa generally has a temperate climate, as it is surrounded by the Indian and Atlantic Oceans on three sides. The country has a varied topography and oceanic influence, due to which a great variety of climatic zones exist. The climatic zones range from the very hot in the extreme deserts to the lush subtropical climate in the eastern part of the country. Winters last in South Africa between June and August.
Further east, on the southern coast, rainfall is more evenly distributed throughout the year, producing a green landscape and the area is popularly known as the Garden Route.The extreme southwest part of the country has a climate more similar to that of the Mediterranean region. This area produces most of the wine in South Africa. This region is also peculiarly known for its wind, which blows periodically almost all year. The severity of this wind is so extreme that while passing around the Cape of Good Hope, the weather proves to be life-threatening particularly for the sailors, causing many accidents of the ships.

On one such occasion, a sailor and four crew members were taken to hospital after they met with an accident and were stuck in the Cape of Good Hope area near the Table Mountain National Park on an unfortunate morning.

The sailor managed to establish contact with a hospital and communicated that two of the members were severely injured. The hospital authorities came into action and established contact with the Air Ambulance services of Hi-Flying, well known for their services of repatriating patients safely from an accident site to the hospitals. The team of Hi-Flying arranged for a helicopter at the site of the accident, and transferred the injured crew members to Vincent Pallotti hospital and the other members were also safely transported to the nearest civilian location.
The crew members, those who were injured had suffered from a fracture of which one of them had got a possible spine fracture whereas the other members were stable and had suffered from minor to minimal bruising and injuries. The injured members were transported in a stretcher bound condition.
As the other members were in a stable condition, they were transported by road ambulance to Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic for their treatment. Fortunately none of them had grievous injuries.

This location is accident prone and many accidents and unfortunate deaths have occurred in the region in the past and the recurrence is almost there every alternate month. Many helicopter crash has also been reported in the region and the survival chances of the people are also very negligible. Many times trained divers are deputed to the location for locating the deceased.

In such severity of incidents like accidents, natural calamities and many such emergencies, the  services of Medical Air Ambulance prove to be life-saving. Also there are cases whereby the geographical location does not support road transportation, in such cases these kinds of services prove to be beneficial and also saves in lots of time and effort.

Medical Air Ambulance services of Hi-Flying comes in various packages depending upon the need of the hour and the emergency of the situation. Hi-Flying arranges for patient repatriation via fixed wing Air Ambulance, helicopters, commercial flight stretchers in care of a medical team.The advantages of using this service are, the time factor which is a very important criteria in such type of accidents, is substantially reduced leading to decrease in the impact of the severity of the cases maybe the person maybe suffering from chronic disease or an accident prone person, the patient gets faster medical help, and the risk associated in case of a life-threatening condition is reduced. The family members are at ease as the case is handled by qualified medical team those are expert in patient transportation on a routine basis.

Air ambulance services act as savior under circumstances whereby the person has to reach within minutes for medical care. Besides the medical attention provided by the medical team on board also acts as a support for the patient struggling between life and death.

Cases whereby multiple people are in an injured state, and a rescue operation is required, in such cases the medical flights' services prove as a boon.
An emergency can occur anytime and anywhere and with the rising traffic congestion, the need of the hour is "Right in Time, from location to Destination". These facilities were earlier available only for military and armed forces evacuation but with the rising demand and more trained professionals being available, common people are reaching out for these services. Hi-Flying caters to the demand of a varied group of people from individuals to corporate clients, business group and also the government officials of many countries.


Hi Flying provides various services which include Air Ambulance, Medevac, Medical stretcher service on the commercial flight, Aeromedical services are some of the facilities available with them. Based on how critical is the condition of the patient, where is the patient located; they decide on what kind of service is to be provided to the patient. 

The procedure of availing their service for repatriation of the patient is relatively simple:     

  1. Contact the team on their official site or call on their number. 
  2. Provide the basic information of the patient and the team gets in touch with you.
  3. Based on the present condition of the patient, the team suggests the service be availed for faster and better patient transfer.
  4. Hi Flying team prepares the best possible plan w.r.t the budget for the transfer of the patient.
  5. Ground ambulance for transports from the location to the airport is arranged by Hi Flying.
  6. A team of the medical and paramedical team is arranged during patient transportation depending on the condition of the patient the team is chosen. Normally the team comprises of a doctor and a nurse.
  7. The documentation process for ground clearance, booking of tickets in case the patient is repatriated on a commercial flight, tickets for the patient's companion etc is arranged by their administrative team.
  8. Each case, the appointed Medical director, monitors the case individually from ground clearance to transporting the patient to the location.


In this case, the sailors and the crew could reach for the medical attention safely, and under the guidance of the expert team members of Hi Flying. The site of the accident was extremely hazardous but their journey to the hospital could be made safe because of the medical team's expertise and experience.       

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