The main objective of this chapter is to describe the findings obtained from the primary research of this study by conducting a survey of Taiwanese students and professionals on the phenomenon of brain drain. The chapter discusses the findings obtained from this study and examines the views of the participants. Based on the findings the discussion is drawn and finally the conclusion is composed. 

1.2.Participant Details 
The survey included total of 110 participants who were approached online via social networks. There were total 45 females and 65 males and are of different background. The participants were informed about the study purpose and the main goal. 

When the participants were asked if he/she agree that Brain Drain phenomenon can cause significant lost of valuable Taiwanese professionals to other countries, around 44% of the participants strongly agreed with it and 31% opted for option agree. 

It is very obvious that a lot of people agree that Brain Drain can cause significant lost of valuable skilled Taiwanese to other counties. When skilled and talented citizens opt to use their expertise to serve other countries, their country of origin and its people misses out on gaining the advantage of being served professionally by these experts. Skills and talents are personal valuable assets, and the professionals are valuable manpower that shouldn’t leave their mother land. Brain Drain should be stopped because it may eventually deprive developing countries of opportunities to continue with their development plans. The more professionals decide to work and live abroad, the more economic damage the country will suffer from (Carrington & Detragiache, 1988).
As per the findings obtained when participants were asked ‘Taiwanese professionals leave their country to work and live abroad, the country’s economy is harmed significantly. Do you think there is truth in that?’ according to majority of the participants it is true that when Taiwanese professionals leave to work and migrate abroad, the country’s economy is harmed significantly. There are two main reasons for this, first is because expertise is surely gone with each migrant, which notably diminishes the continuing supply of the skilled and talented professions. Second, the economy of the country is harmed because each expert represents additional spending units. Professional people usually earn huge salaries, this means that their departure from the country removes considerable consumer spending from Taiwan. When big earning people are living and spending abroad, their mother country will be robbed of improved economy. This is because the professionals are patronizing foreign products and services instead of their own countries’ productions.
Also the findings obtained from the survey assert that there is not just one valid reason why the government of Taiwan should stop the progress of the damaging Brain Drain phenomenon, there are many reasons actually and they are all valid. The first reason is the need to keep the professionals from serving other people. Why should they work for other countries when their own country needs them? Another reason is because the expertise of these professionals is needed by the young generation. They should stay home in order to give back what they have learned. It is also important for the Taiwanese government to suppress this damaging phenomenon because they are losing not just their professionals but also their future leaders (Sukhatme, 1994).
The majority of the participants strongly agree that one of the main reasons why Taiwanese professionals are migrating to other countries is because there are better opportunities for them and 37% of them agree with it. 

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