Medevac services in the Philippines

Medevac services in the Philippines

Medevac services in the Philippines.
Nisha is from Mumbai. She got married at the age of 22 and got blessed with twins soon. Her husband Anand worked for a digital marketing company and they traveled throughout India before they settled in Mumbai. Life was now on a smooth track with small challenges, juggling to manage both the kids alone. In the meanwhile, she regularly started developing symptoms like fatigue, severe cramps in the abdomen, indigestion, burning sensation in the GI tract, loss of appetite, and inability to eat her food properly. Initially, they thought that these could be due to untimely sleeping habits after the babies or may be as she kept up till late nights or maybe these symptoms are due to the disturbance in her time-table of having her food. So she kept on neglecting to visit a doctor, but after a few days, the symptoms just got aggravated, and it became unbearable for her to tolerate the pain and she also got burning sensation at times. They visited a doctor in their nearby location. Since the symptoms are commonly observed during acidity, indigestion and other common diseases too, the doctor didn't suspect something very chronic, but just for confirmation, he asked her to conduct few tests like blood tests, fecal occult blood test, and a CT scan.
Blood tests are conducted to check for anemia i.e., to check whether there are enough red blood vessels to carry oxygen to the tissues. Also, the blood tests are done to check for any infection in the blood.
A CT scan of the colon is conducted. This technique is a unique X-ray technique and compared to a routine X-ray provides better details than the X-ray does. This test helps to get better information about the entire bowel and also the tissues outside the colon.
After carrying out these tests, the doctor concluded that Nisha was suffering from Crohn’s disease.

What is Crohn’s disease?

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory disease of the bowel. It causes severe inflammation of the digestive tract and leads to severe abdominal pain, weight loss, loss of appetite, severe diarrhea, fatigue, fevers, etc. Different people show inflammation in the different areas of the digestive tract; those are infected by Crohn's disease.
The exact reasons for Crohn's disease remain unknown. Earlier it was doubted that the disease is caused due to improper diet pattern, stress or lifestyle disorder but now these reason have been ruled out to an extent and doctors suspect that the condition could be due to heredity reasons or could be due to immune-related issue(infection can be caused when the immune system of the body tries to fight the bacterium, and due to low immunity, Crohn's disease can be triggered. In this case, the bacteria inflammation caused by Crohn's disease spreads deep into the layers of the bowel tissue, and sometimes it can lead to complications which can be life-threatening.
There is no cure for this disease as of date, but doctors suggest medication and therapies, that can eventually reduce the inflammation, and the signs and symptoms are significantly reduced. Treatment can thus help the person suffering from the disease to function well.
Nisha's doctor prescribed her with medications and suggested her to take a healthy and nutritious diet. Nisha was advised to take up less spicy food. Post medication, her condition improved, and she started feeling better. Things were far better now. In the meanwhile Anand, got an opportunity to travel to the Philippines for a business tour. He decided to club this visit with a family holiday. He flew first to the Philippines to finish off his meetings and conferences and Nisha, and the kids joined him later. They all were enjoying and were in an excellent mood when suddenly Nisha started developing Crohn's flare-ups.
Crohn's Flare-ups. When a patient experiences a Crohn's flare-up, suddenly the symptoms return and intensifies. The disease spreads in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract causing severe inflammation, and that may lead to having frequent or severe bowel movements leading to bloody stool, diarrhea, and severe abdominal cramps.
It is advisable to avoid ingesting Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as this may temporarily relieve the pain but can further increase the discomfort and pain. They can also irritate the stomach and small intestine, and the symptoms may worsen at times. Treatment should be initiated immediately as with every flare-up the condition may lead to ulcerative colitis, and that does not get a cure on its own. The inflammation may further spread within the colon. There is also a risk of damage to the lining of the colon with every flare-up.
Eating the right and nutritious foods can help manage and relieve these flare-ups. It is advisable to avoid more spicy and oily food, and the medication should be ingested for an extended period. Crohn's disease (CD) is a disease which is a lifelong condition that causes inflammation and irritation, along with parts of the digestive tract. In this condition the person gets pain that feels like cramps in the middle of the abdomen or the lower right quadrant is typical of the types of Crohn's disease known as ileocolitis and ileitis.
Nisha had skipped her medicines for days as she was feeling better and also had outside food during the trip. Suddenly she developed chronic symptoms of the disease and had to be hospitalized in a local medical center in the Philippines. She was vomiting, and suffered from severe diarrhoea, and stools with blood in the stools. The doctors started her preliminary treatment, but her husband Anand was keen to get her air transported to India, as her doctor  was in Mumbai was aware of her medical history. Also, to manage the hospital stay with both the kids would be difficult. Anand spoke to the doctor back in Mumbai and asked for his advise. The doctor asked him to contact Hi-Flying air Ambulance as it is actively operational in the Philippines as well. Also, the doctor vouched for their services as previously they have repatriated a few of his patients successfully from different countries. Anand got in touch with the administrative team of Hi-Flying, and they advised him to use a Medevac service by an Air Ambulance. They explained him the detailed procedure regarding the repatriation process and also assured that they would arrange to accommodate the family members on the same flight. A team of doctors and nurses would accompany to take care of the patient and the kids.
During critical time and significant accident or illness, availing services like a Medevac service helps to sustain an individual's life. Hi-Flying Air ambulance cares for every single case, and hence they have invested heavily for keeping up with the latest technology and their Air ambulances upgraded. Their crews' and the medical staff have the technical expertise, and the medical staff is selected who those have at least five years of experience and knowledge to handle the patients. The pilots, doctors, nurses, paramedics are highly skilled and undergo training from time to time for their upgrade. The team is dynamic and have a mix of young and enthusiastic staff as well as highly experienced staff to guide the entire procedure.
The arrangements of repatriation of the patient, ground ambulance arrangement, documentation, etc. are taken care of by their team efficiently be it a home country or from international countries. They have several tie-ups with the primary airline service provider and the hospitals, which makes the process smooth and effective.
Nisha was transported safely to Mumbai from the Philippines, and the repatriation was smooth. The medical escort took care of the babies during the transit, which was a massive relief to the family. She is recuperating well now.

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