Medical Escort Services in the Philippines

Medical Escort Services in the Philippines

Medical Escort Services in the Philippines.
Nafeez traveled to the Philippines from India as he secured a job in Manila. He obtained a job in an intercontinental hotel as a Hindi translator. Back in his hometown in Lucknow his parents were happy about the new beginnings of his career. Nafeez was doing good in his job. Life was moving on, and Nafeez got married, and his wife shifted with him in Manila.
It's been observed that a massive population is transiting in the Southeast Asian countries in the last 10-15 years. The expats mainly prefer to spend their retired life in peaceful islands. Notably, the Philippines is popular among the expats as the country comprises of several small and serene islands, with white clean sandy beaches. Due to the same reason, the demand for health care facilities too has increased in the Philippines. The expats check for the availability of best health care facilities and accessibility before migrating to these countries.
Expats are generally able to avail excellent and affordable health-care as most of them prefer to settle in and around Manila. The standard of health-care facilities is much higher than in the rest of the Philippines. The number of medical practitioners has increased those who have studied abroad particularly in the top universities of the the US and the UK before returning to the Philippines. The Philippines has both type of medical health-care centers, private and public health-care facilities. In general, private hospitals tend to be rated higher in terms of facilities and technologies offered; they are also more expensive. The government hospitals don't charge any fees. It's important to note that some of the country's best doctors serve in the public sector.
The leading hospitals in the Philippines are mostly located in Manila, and all are primarily private hospitals. Few of them are listed below – The Asian Hospital and Medical Center, Alabang Medical Center, Makati Medical Center, The Asian Hospital and Medical Center, St. Luke's Medical Center – Quezon City.
The health-care centers in Manila are world class, and they are economically more feasible as compared to the western countries. Another added advantage is that the medical professionals in the Philippines speak English, and thus, the expats do not find any trouble in communication while availing treatment in the hospitals.
The Philippines Government run a universal health coverage system called PhilHealth, which is a government program run by the organization attached to the Department of Health. The agency’s mandate is “to provide health insurance coverage and ensure affordable, acceptable, available and accessible health-care services for all citizens of the Philippines.” The system is designed to be a way for the healthy to help pay for the care of the sick, and for those who can afford medical care to subsidize those who can’t.  Premiums vary based on age and income.
The foreign nationals can also get coverage under the Philhealth program under certain circumstances. A person married to a Philippine national can get coverage as a dependent. However, the majority of expats prefer to get coverage by private health insurance policies. Depending on the health situation, and comfort level with the healthcare centers in the Philippines, one might consider adding a system that will help them evacuation to their home country of choice, such as Thailand, Malaysia, or Singapore – the countries with better medical tourism industries.
Nafeez's parents were getting old, and his mother was suffering from a coronary heart ailment, and she was suggested by doctors to undergo by-pass surgery. He was thinking to get his parent's here in the Philippines and initiate her treatment. In the meanwhile, his mother Saira suffered from a minor heart attack, and she was rushed to the nearest hospital. The doctors suggested surgery. Back in the Philippines, his wife was pregnant too, and so Nafeez decided to go with his plan of expatriating his mother in the Philippines and initiate her treatment there. He began the procedure; first of all, he contacted a hospital in Manila and shared his mother's reports. The doctor said that surgery would be required and the patient can be brought here in Manila with the aid of Air ambulance services or she can fly on a commercial flight with the assistance of medical escorts. Nafeez never had an idea about such services. The hospital authorities shared the contact details of Hi-Flying Air ambulance services, as they had previously worked with them closely.
He contacted the administrative team of Hi-Flying, and they explained to him the whole procedure of patient repatriation. Nafeez got convinced by the idea of transferring his mother under the supervision of medical escorts; it's a team comprising of a doctor, nurses, paramedics, etc. This arrangement would also reduce any burden on his father, who shall be accompanying her, to handle any documentation or to attend her medical requirements.
The administrative team asked Nafeez to login to their website and share his mother's necessary details. The medical history of the patient and her current medical situation was provided to the team; the plan for transporting the patient was discussed with the family. The date for expatriating the patient was fixed. The team got in touch with the receiving hospital and the patient's medical condition was taken down, the medicines which were prescribed by the doctor in the receiving facility was noted down. It was decided that the patient shall be transported by a commercial flight with the assistance of the medical escorts. The team was selected those who had experience and expertise of flying patient with a history of heart ailments.
In a commercial flight ticket were booked by the Hi-Flying team, in this case, three to four seats are blocked for making arrangements of fitting for a medical stretcher. The necessary medical equipment is fitted within the aircraft, which includes an arrangement for oxygen supply, monitoring device, medicines required for the patient, etc. The medical escorts those accompany the patient vigilantly monitor the condition of the patient. Saira was transported from the hospital in Lucknow to the airport by a ground ambulance. The medical team had made all arrangements for fitting the medical equipment inside the flight before the take-off. They reached Manila safely. A ground ambulance was already arranged at Manila airport. Nafeez was also present at the airport. He was overwhelmed to see his parents after longtime and relieved that they have arrived safely to Manila.
The hospital in Manila was intimated upon landing about the arrival of the patient. She was immediately transported to the hospital by ground ambulance. Nafeez was staying in the Philippines for quite a long time, and he had availed for health insurance here which covered his family. He had already intimated the insurance company for initiating the procedure.
They reached the hospital and briefed about the condition of the patient to the doctor in Manila about the patient's condition during the journey. Nafeez was impressed by the professionalism of the team and with their expertise of the entire team. The surgery was accomplished, and Saira is recovering in the hospital.
In this case, Nafeez was unable to go to India personally due to his personal commitments, but the entire process happened smoothly without his presence during the transit. He thus saved on time and money of traveling. Also, since the process is carried out by an expert medical team, so the family was at ease.

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