Medical Escorts services in ETHIOPIA

Medical Escorts services in ETHIOPIA

Medical Escorts services in ETHIOPIA

What is an air medical escort?
If you're sick or disabled, but you don't need any critical air ambulance therapy, you can definitely travel on a business airline with help. A fully qualified doctor, registered nurse or paramedic will precede you on board to ensure that you receive additional care during travel. Not every patient needs to be moved through an air ambulance flight, there are some patients who need only additional care and are fit to fly with any business airline. The aid services they need when boarding the plane are known as medical escort services.

Why there is a need of medical escorts in ETHIOPIA?
There is a desperate need to develop health care in Ethiopia. Ethiopia does no longer have the facilities, equipment, and human resources to promote an emergency medical care provider and as such lacks the essential infrastructure to supply emergency care. The lack of attention to the health care system is due to the great efforts to culminate famine in the country. However, the country's regime is minimizing efforts to amend citizes' access to health care in Ethiopia. Over the past twenty years, Ethiopia has made important improvements, particularly within the training of key emergency medical staff. There are a number of opportunities to make further short- and long-term improvements. Emergency medines techniques throughout Ethiopia wish to be developed to deal with acute and persistent conditions, non-communicable disorders, and trauma in Ethiopia. Ethiopia lacking a responsive, time-sensitive clinical emergency. Ethiopia continues to be some distance from having built-in emergency clinical services, regardless of progress in developing one of the crucial necessary parts.

What are the best possible options of medical escorts in ETHIOPIA?
Ethiopian Airlines presents the latest medical escort services committed to providing its clients with secure, reliable and enjoyable service. Especially for the customers to/from the USA Ethiopian Airlines is having a separate plan which is absolutely more convenient the USA travelers.  The services outlined herein only apply to all Ethiopian flights to/from the USA. If any U.S. citizen moves from/to the U.S. from Ethiopia that may include other carriers and checks for your travel directly with that carrier that may require distinct policies and processes. 
Another option is available for medical escort help from  Getwell medical travels which is from Ethiopia. Patients can switch to Getwell for a medical escort service that you can count on. Whether you are arranging relocation for an elderly patient in Ethiopia, or you need aid for a patient with a wheelchair or oxygen supply during an international flight, Getwell's medical escort service is a protected and price-effective alternative. For further information, one can visit or can contact to Getwell Medical Travel and Health Consultancy Services P.L.C 
Bole Medhanialem Church, Hibret/ United Insurance Bldg 2nd Floor. P.O.Box 15/1065 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. These two important organizations are from Ethiopia. 
Medical Escorts and their process tasks at Ethiopia. 
The entire work of a clinical escort is tricky. They would in all probability shuttle from their hometown to the airport with sufferers in a non-emergency condition. They remain with them as they arrive at their door all through the airport, operating with workers on the airport to make them pass back and forth as simple as conceivable. This involves problems like early boarding and gets right of access to relaxed lounges if it takes an extended wait. They moreover help once they arrive at their vacation spot to disembark from the plane. In customary, the only actual duty of clinical escorts is to watch and care for the neatly being in their affected person. They care for drug administration and lend hand sufferers with issues like consuming or going to the toilet. All of this needs expertise and ability to take care of any emergency or medical situation that may happen. They additionally need to have skill in offering high-altitude hospital therapy and lift regardless of clinical equipment and medicine an affected individual would perhaps want while flying.

Why there is a great need for medical escorts during air travel?
Medical escorts, help individuals and are unable to move without help in non-emergency medical circumstances. Medical escorts typically use business airline services to accompany people to medical centers or a loved one's home who can provide the needed care.  For people who are taking long term treatment, injured or cognitively impaired, seriously wounded and traveling for long-distances for them. Medical escort company will be the best assistance. Medical escort companies can help ensure that people who need medical assistance are able to travel in comfort and safety with the help of careful planning. Medical escorts are usually nurses, physician assistants, or health care professionals who typically receive critical care or emergency care training. The training provides them the abilities they need to address a patient's future travel needs. For health-compromised people, medical escorts can make long distance journeys possible. Working with such escorts can considerably decrease the pressure of lengthy flights, arrange airport transport and airport safety. At the same moment, the greatest advantage of a medical escort is to make travel more tolerable and even pleasant for people with compromised health.

What does the patient expect during the flight?
During your flight, the attending escort will continually monitor you, providing oxygen, medication or other medical treatment options when needed. Each member of our clinical team is specially trained in out-of-hospital transport medicine and flight physiology, so you know you will be in the best hands possible.

What does the patient expect after the flight?
Once you have landed, your air medical escort will perform a detailed medical assessment to ensure there are no further complications. Then, the onboard clinician will fill out a report to hand over to the next healthcare team before you reach your final destination. When you need the very best in air medical escort service, trust Hi flying Air Ambulance International for all your air transportation needs.

How to obtain an air medical escort?
The first step to getting an air medical escort is to contact Hi flying Air Ambulance International. Their air medical case managers will go over the procedure with you and handle all the arrangements, from booking the flight to recuring wheelchairs and stretchers or other equipment you may need for ground transportation. You can contact directly to them. The address is as mentioned below. 
19 W 24th Street, New York, 10010, United States. 
756 Fairview Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, USA. INTERNATIONAL CONTACT TEL NO +1 646 480 6268 - 24/7
Operation center in INDIA  - A, Mangal Arambh, Kora Kendra, Borivali West, Mumbai 400092 India.
Can call any time                                        ADMIN                                email   
 + 91 98211 50                                        +1 412 567 2211       

Why choose Hi flying Air Ambulance and their services?
If the patient's transport services are a commercial airline escort, Hi Flying Air Ambulance is the choice. Your selection will ensure the patient's air travel is smooth and pleasant. Most importantly, their medical escort team will take care of the patient throughout the journey from start to finish. In addition, Hi-flying Air Ambulance will handle all other travel information, including airport transportation, ticketing, check-in, safety, baggage, boarding, and further preparation. They are really experts in managing medical situations such as the major neck, abdominal or cranial surgery, appendectomy or abdominal keyhole surgery, heart attack, chronic bronchitis, emphysema or other types of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, epilepsy, diabetes. We will take care of every single detail from ground transportation to wheelchair and ticketing to mobile oxygen to make your flight more pleasant and comfortable.  In some instances, patients need the airline's office to require a medical clearance certificate. Getting this certificate needs a tired long list of do's to be correctly followed in order to timely board the flight. Flying Air Ambulance knows all the procedures and paperwork you need to obtain clearance as fast as possible. We carry our own airline-approved oxygen concentrators that are secure for transportation. The patient, therefore, does not have to bring any bottled oxygen with him. The need for extra time to arrange mobile oxygen terminates with an oxygen concentrator on board. Flying Air Ambulance is a known medical escort leader and can take you and your loved one to any destination without any difficulty.  Hi flying Air Ambulance and medical escort provider is a bed-to-bed provider, that means that a healthcare professional can be there with the affected person all the way through every leg of their journey. Multilingual, visa-ready clinical escorts are to be had to guide patients on flights no longer simply inside the United States, however to locations around the world.

Who is benefitted from medical escort services?
Patients who are peregrinating into other cities and countries need medical escort services. There’s no prior denotement of any miss-transpiring. If you and any of your family member or friend fall ill during the peregrination or get in contact with an injury, they should opt for medical escort accommodations.

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