Medical Escorts services in MAURITIUS

Medical Escorts services in MAURITIUS

Medical Escorts services in MAURITIUS. 

“We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love”

- MotherTeresa.

The Republic of Mauritius is a beautiful nation in the Indian Ocean, more than 2,000 kilometers from the southeastern coast of the African continent. Magnificent Mauritius involves Mauritius and Rodrigues islands, as well as the exterior islands. The Mauritian people are multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multicultural and multilingual. Mauritius ' Human Development Index is Africa's largest. The island is commonly regarded as the Dodo's home, together with several other species of avian species. The nearest genetic relation to the Dodo was the Rodrigues solitaire, also extinct. Mauritius is Africa's only nation where the largest religion is Hinduism. In terms of financial innovation, a favorable investment climate, good governance, and a free market economy, Mauritius is listed high. The 2018 Ease of Doing Business Index from the World Bank lists Mauritius 25th out of 190 countries globally. 
Mauritius is listed as the 8th largest free economy in the globe, according to the 2013 Economic Freedom Index.  However,  Mauritius is very much appealing country for the beach, and it's the special type of location that rewards Mauritius.  Mauritius ' characteristics make the island a distinctive place in the globe, and the individuals of Mauritius are known for their compassion and courtesy to all.  Mauritius is a wonderful destination where visually canvassing excellent wildlife is an awe-inspiring experience. Hiking is taking place in the wooded and mountainous interior and offshore diving and snorkeling of the world-class.  Even though English is the official language, a very tiny proportion of the population speaks English. The population density of Mauritius is highest among African countries and one of the highest in the world. 

A New Approach of Mauritius to Quality Health Care. 
An amount of Rs 12.2 billion has been assigned in Budget 2018-2019 to the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life to ' improve the health care system and create Mauritius a center of medical excellence. Recent Medical statistics indicate that diabetes, heart diseases, cancer & tumors, chronic respiratory diseases, and cerebrovascular diseases are in that order the principal causes of death in the country. Critical medical therapy such as heart surgery, dialysis, angioplasty, and stent positioning, neurosurgery,  such as MRI or CT tests, etc., which all cost enormously in personal hospitals, is provided by government resources. Mauritius advantages from a big health care infrastructure that includes general and specialized hospitals and health centers distributed across the nation, staffed by some 5,000 medical and paramedical staff. In Mauritius, where some 200,000 individuals are over 60 years of age, it is essential that the country's health facilities provide them and individuals in general with quality health care. If the healthcare industry is dedicated to offering high-tech medical services, then Mauritius can definitely build this sector into a major economic pillar. The same should be applicable for experts in the global medical sector, including cardiology, ophthalmology, nephrology, dentistry, cosmetic & plastic surgery, competitively-rated treatment.

Why medical escorts services is required in Mauritius?
Mauritius is one of Africa's fastest-growing economies and their health service is also improving over moment. Mauritius is the most well-known tourist destination. With their low-cost health care facilities, they also focus on inbound medical tourism. Many famous national and international companies are focusing this country for medical escorts services. Mauritius is in its epidemiological transition at a sophisticated stage. The population situation is characterized by fast aging, while the overall fertility rate is under substitution. Private services are largely separated from the public system and financed through out-of-pocket payment and somewhat through Voluntary Health Insurance schemes. 

A domestic company from Mauritius, MedicareMauritius is a global medical supplier having a strong base in Mauritius. They ensure that visitors, expatriates, businesses, visitors, workers, and staff are provided with immediate medical care. Their services cover emergency treatments of severe trauma and cardiovascular, liver and kidney, pelvic and circulatory conditions at all ages, including long-term care, from pediatric to the elderly. Throughout the areas of the Indian Ocean, the African Sub Saharan region and Australia MedicareMauritius offers professional health escort services. A brief notification is given for first class 24/7 medical therapy. Services MedicareMauritius guarantees convenience for you. It's one of Mauritius ' finest medical escorts providers along with a team of doctors. Dr. Aziz Foondun, Founder of MedicareMauritius, who is experienced in repatriating patients in different parts of the globe, organizes repatriation formalities and medical follow-up in Mauritius. 

How do Medical Escorts work in Mauritius?
Medical escort services significantly improve patient convenience during travel for patients who are fit enough to travel on business flights. For domestic and international travel, medical escorts are an outstanding service choice. Medical Escorts provide compassionate care to give patients peace of mind and ensure that they receive the highest level of medical assistance while making it as easy as possible to travel in their condition. Medical Escorts guarantee that patients receive careful service in accordance with their medical requirements throughout their travel. This care may include a commitment to medication and administration. The status and vital signs of the patient are carefully supervised during the entire journey. Patients are assisted with mobility to guarantee a trouble-free experience by maneuvering around the airline terminal via wheelchair, managing baggage, flight check-in, safety checkpoints and any other travel issues that may occur. A medical escort's assistance during travel may often eliminate the need for more costly forms of medical transportation, such as air ambulances. For those patients who require more sophisticated medical care during their travel, physician escorts can also be arranged. Specially qualified advance care medical personnel have comprehensive experience in air medical escorting and have finished countless journeys skillfully and successfully, providing patients with a comfortable, secure and worry-free travel experience.

Medical Escorts and their Job duties in Mauritius. 
The work of a medical escort is complicated. They may travel from their home to the airport with patients in a non-emergency condition. They remain with them as they arrive at their door through the airport, working with employees at the airport to make the trip as simple as possible. This involves problems like early boarding and access to cozy lounges if it takes a lengthy wait. They also help when they arrive at their destination to disembark from the aircraft. Medical escorts give an outstanding alternative service for prolonged hospital history, discharge with an open wound, discharge with a complicated medication regimen, bad adherence to medical and pharmacological therapy, any functional decrease in mental impairment, bad dietary status, hard to manage labile diabetes disorder, hypertension, and many more. 
In general, the sole responsibility of medical escorts is to monitor and maintain the health of their patient. They handle drug administration and help patients with problems like eating or going to the bathroom. All of this needs expertise and ability to handle any emergency or medical condition that may occur. They also need to have knowledge in offering high-altitude medical care and carry whatever medical equipment and medication a patient might need while flying.

Medical Escort Network and their assistance during travel especially in Mauritius. 
A medical escort has a network of physicians and medical experts from around the globe.  Medical escort service provides for paramedics, nurses and physicians to be escorted. The service arranges referrals for specialist consultants, appointments for doctors, specialist treatment and administering hospitals. Medical escorts are air ambulance specialists in the field of medical repatriation. The network of Medical escorts, provides quick alternatives for embassies, global repatriation firms, government, and private enterprises, insurance, private customers and the travel sector. An ambulance evacuation is a very delicate and complex issue. Financial pressures are not important when making choices to prevent an unnecessary aspect of danger. Medical reasons are the basis of all decisions that are made. Improperly structured or hurried ambulance evacuation can be uncoordinated and expensive to the detriment of a patient and family. 

Why you have the best option to choose the best Medical escort?
Hi flying Air Ambulance International is a prominent medical escort company that offers extremely affordable patient transfer services and good options for the air ambulance. Hi flying Air Ambulance International's provides unique circumstances and distinctive accommodations when medical travel is a necessity to make the business a preferred option. The company is offering clock-to-clock service to each and every nation's town and state. The service business has complete insurance and licensing. It is the world's leading service of medical transportation. Hi flying Air Ambulance International offers to revolutionize non-emergency medical transportation by using facilities and the most budget-efficient medical transportation utilities. 

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