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Aeromedical services in Kenya

Aeromedical services in Kenya

Aeromedical services in Kenya
The meaning of Aeromedical service in simple language is providing healthcare service by using helicopters and aircraft. Aeromedical service proves useful when a patient requires immediate medical care and time is crucial for the patient in deciding the destiny of a patient(s). Aero medical services play a vital role in countries having a diverse geographical condition. Reaching to the patient(s) who may be located in a remote location is challenging and in this case taking help of an Aeromedical service provider who are expert in flying critical patients to the destination hospital turns out to be fruitful and life-saving for the person.
Kenya is diverse w.r.t its geographical topography. Some regions are alluvial plains, some are hilly regions whereas some regions are deserted, where the only handful of civilians reside. Health emergency occurs at times due to a personal health condition or maybe due to any natural calamity, road accidents etc. In this case the patient may need to be flown down immediately to a healthcare center in care of a medical expert. In such cases, Aeromedical Services comes to the rescue of the person.
There are a few Aeromedical Services, those operate in Kenya. Hi-Flying service is an organization which operates vigilantly in Kenya and have expertise in patient repatriation from the past several years. Mostly helicopters are used to provide medical help, whereby a healthcare professional flies to the destination of the patient and then post evaluation, the patient is deported to the hospital.
Aero medical services, air ambulances travel faster and operate in a wider coverage area than the traditional land ambulance. They are particularly useful in less populated areas.
Aero medical services are advantageous for major trauma injuries. It is important to transfer the patients to a better healthcare center or a specialist trauma center.The medical practitioners in a helicopter can provide a high level of care after airlifting the patient from the site of an accident and immediate and faster transport to a trauma center. They also provide hypercritical care while repatriating patients from community hospitals to the nearest trauma centers. Helicopter services for trauma patients can be used effectively if the ground communicator determines whether the patient's condition is steady for air medical transport. The medical escorts and patient safety is the most important factor to be considered while deciding whether to transport a patient by helicopter. In case of a Medevac service, the most important factors to be considered are weather, air traffic, and the distance to be traveled.  
The Hi-flying team are experienced and have a dedicated team to handle the evacuation of the critical trauma patient. The plan of flying the patient is chalked down in advance and their special Air ambulance reaches the site with their medical experts and then  depending on the patient's condition and other flying conditions, patient repatriation is initiated.
Hi-Flying air ambulance is a specially designed helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft that transports injured or the sick patient in case of an emergency or transports patient's to another country as well. Helicopters are used mostly to fly within the country and fixed-wing aircraft are often used to expatriate patients over long distances and for repatriation from foreign countries. All these and affiliated operations are called aeromedical service. Their air ambulances are equipped with medical equipment those are important for monitoring and treating injured or ill patients. Common equipment for air ambulances includes stretchers, medications, and monitoring units, CPR equipment. Qualified medical staff and equipped air ambulance provides medical care in flight. There are non-medically equipped aircrafts too which comprises of medical escorts and they simply expatriate patients without the care in flight.   
Hi-Flying serves a wide range of clients from an individual person, to corporate business houses, and aviation associations as well. They are a certified service provider and provides round the clock Aero medical services to their clients. The helicopters and aircrafts used by Hi-Flying service are well equipped to handle any life threatening medical emergency. The costs for these services depend upon the type of aircraft used, distance to be covered, number and type of medical and para-medical associates  and type of medical help needed. Though at times the charges of this service may not be high, the importance of the co- existence of such a service during an emergency cannot be overlooked.
Jonathan, a person full of energy and fond of adventure sports, he is always excited whenever his boy's group plans for any event. It felt to him like a superhuman executing such daredevil move and he still felt invincible to explore the mountains. Mountaineering for human attempts to reach the highest peak of the big and unexplored mountains. There are different specializations of mountaineering that address different aspects of mountains, depending on whether the path chosen is ice, snow, rocks or on steep ground. It requires various degrees of technical ability, experience, athletic skills, and knowledge to maintain safety. There is a common practice to venture out and seek the summits of peaks, whether they are unexplored or not.

For the mountaineers, when it comes to exploring the mountains, there is one major attraction in Kenya: Mount. Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa. Mount Kenya is a giant mountain, and it shares the borders with a host of other demi-giants Ol Donyo Sabuk, Mt. Elgon, Mt. Longonot, and similar other small mountains. This year their group planned to explore Mount Kenya, and Jonathan readily agreed to be a part of the group. But this journey turned out to be sour for him. While descending, he met with an accident when he lost his balance and slipped down a few meters and suffered multiple fractures. His companions were clueless and were panicked, but their local guide, who was accompanying them suggested, to get in touch with the Air evacuation services urgently. They googled and found that Hi-Flying services are the fliers who operate in Kenya. The team of Hi-Flying took down the details of their location, patient details, his present health condition over the call and immediately arranged for a group of doctors to fly to the rescue of the patient. The team comprised of a doctor and a nurse along with the pilot and also carried a medical stretcher and emergency medicines. The team has expertise in flying trauma patients like a long bone fracture, a person meeting with accidents, climbers or cyclists meeting with a crash, primary chest trauma patients.
Fortunately, the weather was favorable, and the helicopter could locate the climbers at the location quickly.
Jonathan had suffered from a long bone fracture in his limbs. The medical team lifted the patient with care on the stretcher and then to the chopper with thorough professional skill. The evacuation was safely done and now it was time to fly the patient to the destination hospital for further treatment. He was flown down to Aga Khan hospital. The hospital authorities were given intimation about the patient while flying back and were asked to make arrangements for the patient in their trauma center. His family information was taken down as the patient was stable to provide this information. His parents were informed and were given information about the rescue operation. They were relieved to hear that he was in safe hands and immediately planned their flight to reach Kenya to be with him at the hospital.    

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