Air ambulance

Air Ambulance China

Air Ambulance China

What is an Air Ambulance?
A specially designed Aircraft or Helicopter fully equipped with a team of Doctor and Nurses to transport critical patients.

What is the cost for transporting a patient in an Air Ambulance?
Air Ambulance cost can vary depending on clinical status of patient - stable or critical, distance of transportation - domestic or international, mode of transport - Commercial or Charter Medevac flight, Medical team - Doctor, Nurse or Paramedic or a combination.

Why choose HI Flying - Air Ambulance International
HI Flying - Air Ambulance International established since 1991- fully approved, competitively priced and cover both Charter and Commercial flight options based on patient clinical status and can fly worldwide.

24/7/365 availability of dispatch staff to take your request, work out the best affordable plan of transfer and implement the same in a professional manner.
100% safety record - Our safety record in Asia is second to none in terms of aircrafts and medical personnel.
Unmatched Clinical proficiency - All Medical escorts are fully qualified and experienced in Advance Life support, Advanced Trauma Life support, Pediatric Advanced Life support and Neonatal patient transport.
State of the Art Medical equipments - Our Standard Medical kit includes Multiparameter monitors, Pulse oximeters, Ventilators, Infusion and syringe pumps, Suction machines, Baby Transport unit, Blood sugar monitors, Vacuum and Scoop  stretcher and other such equipments for a safe and comfortable transport for your patient.

We transport patient from major cities in China -
Hong Kong
to major locations in Asia Europe Middle East United States, UK Africa and Australia
Common transfers
Shanghai to Bangkok
Beijing to Singapore
Hong Kong to Manila
Macau to Los Angeles
Guangzhou to San Francisco
Tianjin to New York
Hong Kong to Mumbai
Delhi to Shanghai
Hong Kong to Dubai



国际空中救护服务公司(Air Ambulance International)专营商业与包机性质的病者运送服务,服务网络遍布全球。

新加坡航空公司空中救护 医疗后送新加坡 空中医疗机组新加坡 空中救护新加坡成本 空中救护新加坡职业生涯 紧急空中救护服务 空中救护费用

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