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Air Ambulance services in SOMALIA

Air Ambulance services in SOMALIA

Air Ambulance services in SOMALIA. 
Somalia is a country that is politically unstable and poor. Somalia is a country in the Horn of Africa, officially the Federal Republic of Somalia. It is bordered in the west by Ethiopia, in the northwest by Djibouti, in the north by the Aden Gulf, in the east by the Guardafui Channel and in the east by the Somali Sea, and in the southwest by Kenya.
The Egyptians knew Somalia as the Land of Punt. Punt was renowned for the myrrh and the frankincense. In the 10th century, the Chinese traded with Somalia. Britain colonized Somalia's north-west to generate British food supplies in the port of Aden (Somalia ranks among the world's ten poorest nations). With a population of approximately 12.3 million, it is estimated that 43 percent of the population live in extreme poverty (less than $1 a day) and more than half of the workforce is unemployed. Somalia is categorized as the least developed country by the United Nations. Despite two decades of civil war, the country has kept the informal economy based primarily on livestock and transfer of funds from abroad. If you're in Somalia, go if you're safe. Terrorist attacks could happen anywhere and at any time in Somalia. Everywhere in Somalia, including Somaliland and Puntland, there is a very high threat of kidnapping.  According to worldwide macro models and analysts expectations, GDP Per Capita Ppp in Somalia is anticipated to reach USD 541.17 by the end of this quarter. In the long run, according to our econometric models, the Somalia GDP Per Capita Ppp is expected to trend around USD 479.81 in 2020. Somalia's president is head of state, and the prime minister is appointed by the president with the approval of the parliament, as head of government, according to the Somalia Constitution. According to the latest media report, the cost of the cheapest freshly constructed building constructed in Somalia by a builder is US$ 70,000 with double story buildings costing about US$ 130,000.  Under Article 97 of the Constitution, the majority of the Somali government's executive powers are entrusted to the Council of Ministers. Somalia's politics take place within the structure of the democratic republic of the federal parliamentary representative. 


What is Air ambulance services in Somalia?
Air Ambulance services in Somalia is an Important service provider that offers medically equipped aircraft that are used to transfer patients with medical emergencies. With world-class facilities, it is easier to relocate your patients from one region to another or sometimes even to another country. An Air Ambulance is an aircraft which is utilized for emergency medical assistance for more expeditious replication to areas where air convey facility is mostly non-available. The Government is working closely with private players to improve the service and is also adding new formats of transportation to aid emergency cases. One such initiative is the Air Ambulance service in Somalia. 


Why Air ambulance services in Somalia?
Owing to the socio-economic development leading to a better standard of living, there is an increase in the population and the number of vehicles owned by the citizens. This, in turn, is contributing to the rise in the number of road accidents, posing a threat to life. There are some places across many cities in our country that are not accessible to regular ambulance services because of a lack of development or space within that area. These areas may be remote areas or places that can't be reached quickly by a normal sized ambulance, like in case of urban towns. In these cases, it would be more opportune if we utilize an Air Ambulance.  Air ambulance service can be used widely for intercountry patient transport. 


The growing concept of worldwide Air Ambulance Services.
The concept of Air Ambulance is gaining immense popularity across the globe. Often the term "golden hour" is stated, "the first hour after injury will largely determine the chances of survival for a critically injured person”. Access to proper care during the golden hour increases patients ' chances of survival or better recovery significantly. Air Ambulance Service is a term that combines air transport such as an aircraft or helicopter with basic emergency medical services used to transport sick or injured patients to and from healthcare facilities such as a hospital. Air Ambulance services Medical Emergency Vehicle may not be equipped to operate as a regular ambulance, but it is perfect for airlifting patients in emergencies and reaching remote areas.  In recent days, the acceptance of the next generation ambulance facilities has been growing sharply. People are willing to take on the best-in-class healthcare, even if it goes at a little additional price. Many people living in Somalia and elsewhere can benefit from world-class patient air travel. Over the past decade, the emergency medical service (EMS) in Somalia has extended significantly owing to attempts by both national and government governments to improve facilities, and service suppliers to adopt the technology. At the same time, skilled paramedics are major supporters in this industry. 

How does Air ambulance work in Somalia?
Like ground ambulances, air ambulances are equipped with hi-tech medical types of equipment to monitor and for the treatment of injured or ill patients. Medical staff and equipped air ambulance provide medical care in flight, while a non-medically equipped staff aircraft simply transports patients without a care in flight. An air ambulance is used for long distances or at a remote place where a ground ambulance cannot reach easily.
All life-saving equipment should be available on board and even the most serious patients can be shifted using air ambulance services. Apart from mundane emergency patients, special organs transplant namely liver/heart/liver in a different location will be conveyed utilizing this air ambulance network. 


What are the Best Modern Air Ambulance Facilities?
Modern services are accessible in Air Ambulance Services In Somalia, such as a hi-tech and mobile ventilator, cardiovascular monitor, suction machine, infusion pump, nebulizer machine, oxygen tanks, pacemakers, defibrillator with all the fundamental and sophisticated life assistance for the severe ones accessible in the air ambulance. In addition, Experienced Medical Team, Certified Registered Nurses, Latest and Advanced Life Support Paramedics, Experienced Respiratory Therapists, Pediatric Medical Team, Neonatal Nurses, Critical Care Medicine Trained Physicians, Cardiologists, Neurologists are available for patient care. 


How air ambulance manages the risk of the patients?
Air Ambulance is a benefit to a patient who is suffering from a chronic disease. or maybe it’s a case of organ transplant. It also plays a crucial role in the life and death of a patient in case of an accident or a life-threatening medical emergency. Most of the patients of severe trauma or heart attack or life-threatening medical emergency die within the first one hour. The Air Ambulance can transport these patients to an advanced health care facility within this golden hour thus saving a life. The advantage of this is that it includes a higher level of care.  Many patients cannot deal with the discomfort of medical transportations and their conditions can worsen while transportation, especially in long-distance road journeys. Very often the moment scarcity turns out to be deadly, but a safe journey in air ambulances can assist a lot to mitigate this danger.

 Air Ambulance International team provides patient conveyance on Commercial and Charter flights across the globe. They are much prompt professional and giving many services with quick response to your request. They are having a team of erudite Medical escorts, medicos, nurses, paramedics and experienced pilots who fly  Air Ambulance aircraft with dedication and love. Furthermore, Flight stretcher transfer is an economical option is also available with  Air Ambulance flights. They possess the cognizance, judgment, adaptability, clinical skills, technical ken-how and personal characteristics ample to carry out the scope of patient care during peregrinate. For the Betterment of the patient, Safety, and the Service quality with a smile makes them famous in the globe. In highly critical conditions like Trauma Cases, Neurologic disorders, Abdominal and Pelvic injuries,  Orthopedic injury, burns, Infrequent Snake bites their guideline will make you more comfortable. They always care the patients having Non-trauma injuries which may involve Cardiac episodes namely Unstable angina, Acute myocardial infarction. Even in earnest conditions like Pulmonary quandaries- Pneumonia and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Astringent anemia, acute on chronic renal failure, acute pancreatitis, and other medical conditions their guidance are more valuable. Hi Flying – Since 1991, Hi Flying Air Ambulance International has been a world-renowned medical convey an air ambulance company. With its hubs in Asia-Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Nepal and the Middle East-Dubai, Kenya in Africa and Sydney in Australia, it is the U.S .- predicated company with an operating center in India and the UAE. Transfers from Medical Airport, Medical Case Management, International Patient Management, Patient Referral Hospital, Medical Repatriations, Commercial Flight Medical Assistance, Hi Flying Air Ambulance International is highly efficient in Aeromedical Accommodations and Voidances regions.  They are withal profoundly specialized in Escorting Minor Accommodations, Road and Rail Ambulance Accommodations, and Repatriation of Human Residues for Domestic and International Destinations. They receive requests for ground transportation, helicopter transportation, and long-range Fixed Wing Transportation aircraft round the clock.

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