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Aircraft for Medical Transportation in Bangkok Thailand

Aircraft for Medical Transportation in Bangkok Thailand

Aircraft for Medical transportation services in Thailand.

Thailand is also known as the ”heart” of Southeast Asia. The country is bordered with Myanmar  in the northwest, Cambodia in the east and Laos border the country to the northeast. Also, the   Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand lies to the western borders of the country. Thailand has strong influence of Chinese and Indian culture, particularly when talks about food. The most conspicuous geographical feature of Thailand's terrain are high mountains, a central plain, and an alpine plateau. Thus the country has multiple shades and features w.r.t to its geographical location. Thailand mostly has a mid weather, tropical wet and dry or savanna climate.

Thailand's climate is mainly tropical and more or less similar to the Indian subcontinent. It has a  mean annual temperature of 82°F and high humidity. There are mainly three distinct seasons – the hot season from March to May, the cool season from November to February and the rainy season from about June to October.

With the vivid geographical conditions and climatic changes, the country also faces many health related issues like Malaria, Dengue, Leptospirosis,Japanese Encephalitis. Also common infectious diseases prevalent in the country are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, Flu, Water borne diseases, HIV etc. 

Tim is a forest traveler and has traveled along many countries of the world. He is a professional photographer and he covers these forest and shots videos for a travel program. This time he was covering the forests of Thailand and the shot was to commence in a couple of days. The team accompanying him comprised of two Thai nationals who were their guide during the tour. Things were going as planned and the team was all charged up for the shoot. Tim is a very warm person and he easily made friends everywhere he went. The locals had given them certain guidelines while traveling in the woods, the precautionary measures. Travelers most commonly get infected by the diseases borne by mosquitoes and most commonly the tourists and expats who spend time in the forests get infected. Among these the most commonly spread mosquito borne diseases are Malaria, Dengue, Japanese Encephalitis. The shoot began and the team was all excited. At night they would camp in the tents,cook, sing and make fun. The camp was about to last for more than 10 days but Tim got infected with Japanese Encephalitis and had to be hospitalized. The disease onset is with sudden fever, neurological signs like altered mental status, sensory and motor deficit and in extreme case even seizures are set.

More about the disease is briefed below to understand the risk, prevalence,treatment and prevention of the disease :

Japanese Encephalitis

It is a mosquito borne virus infection and it is most common vaccine-preventable cause of encephalitis in the Asian sub-continent. The disease in acute condition, shows Acute syndrome which is accompanied with sudden onset of fever and neurological signs such as altered mental status, motor deficit, sensory deficit, and even seizures.

Risk and prevalence: Outbreaks occur mostly in the northern region of Thailand- Chiang Mai Valley with seasonal peaks from May to October.


Treatment and prevention: There is no particular or efficient anti-viral treatment available. Travelers and locals are advised to take adequate protection from mosquito bites and vaccination. Travelers and expatriates are suggested to take vaccination before they travel to the country and are planning to stay in rural endemic areas, forest regions for at least one month mostly during the rainy season.

The team accompanying Tim, established contact with the Air Ambulance services of Hi-Flying, Being a emergency case they decided not to waste further time as in such cases it is advisable to transfer the patient immediately to a healthcare center. The Hi-Flying authorities arranged for a chopper, as their location was remote and in deep woods,reaching by other means would have been challenging. Choppers require less landing space and can reach within shorter period of time. Particularly in regions like forests, mountains, etc choppers prove to be extremely helpful. In these choppers, stretchers are arranged so that the patient can be comfortably transferred in a stretcher bound condition. Thailand is a developing country, despite that it is considered relatively safe, hygienic and hospitals and healthcare system here is extremely professional and good. The services provided in the hospitals is of a world-class standard particularly the private hospitals. Expats and tourists can get suitable services and relief if one might fall ill here. Thailand has world class international standard hospitals in the larger cities, the rural hospitals may not be of the best standard and the public sector hospitals mostly are crowded with patients as the Government offers free services. 

Tim’s wife was informed about his illness. She flew from UK to Thailand. He suffered from acute symptom of the disease and had grown weak but was recovering. Thanks to his teammate and efficient service of Hi-Flying he could reach the hospital right on time. His wife Amelie, decided to repatriate him back to UK for further recovery. She consulted the doctor’s in the hospital and they advised her to fly with the aid of an Air ambulance as he was still weak and would need medical assistance. Amelie connected with the Hi-Flying administrative team and asked them to arrange for an Air ambulance flight to UK.  

Hi-Flying repatriate patients globally and as far as Thailand is concern they can transport patient from all major airports in Thailand. They frequently provide air ambulances in the country as well as all the major Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines etc. 

All one has to do is to get in touch with their administrative team and provide the basic information, health condition, location of the patient. They provide customized services as per the requirement of the patient, fully extensive bed-to-bed service. Their aim is to minimize the stress of the family members and to care for the patient safety during the transportation. 

The team will arrange for all the formalities involved during the transit including but not limited to collecting the patient from the hospital and transferring by ground ambulance to the airport, getting the patient’s medical history from the hospital authorities, translating the notes in English if it’s required, arranging for the visa and medical clearance, etc. This helps the patient and the family to be at ease and completely relieved from stress for arranging for all the documentation. The company understands the value of need of the hour and also the mental condition of the patient’s family when it comes to transferring a patient from miles to their home country. The medical aircraft used for repatriating a patient is fully equipped. The medical team accompanying the patient are highly trained medics. On reaching the home country, they  organize the patient’s admission to an NHS or private hospital whatever has been selected by the family in the destination country.

Our air ambulance aircraft

The aircraft used for the process of transferring the patient varies depending upon the condition of the patient and the number of members require to fly with the patient including the medics, paramedics and the relative/companion of the patient is also accommodated  

Typically the following aircraft are used for the air transport: 

LearJet 35

LearJet 45

LearJet 55

Tim and his wife arrived in UK safely and are relieved to reach their home. He is recovering well and is thankful to Hi-Flying for their best services which could save his life. 

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