Air ambulance

Aircraft for Medical transportation services in India

Aircraft for Medical transportation services in India

Aircraft for Medical transportation services in India.

India is a land of mountain beauty and home to vivid landscapes and terrains that attract thousands of  adventure enthusiasts from different parts of the world to come here and satisfy their adrenaline desire. For the trekkers, especially, India is a country like a paradise to have unparalleled experiences of high-altitude trekking and to unfold the mysteries hidden in the  Himalayan peaks. Also, with a variety of trekking options ranging from easy, moderate to challenging grades, it attracts trekkers of different categories. There is an opportunity for every type of trekker, may be a beginner or an intermediate or maybe an expert, to satisfy his craving for a thrilling trekking experience.
Its natural and scenic beauty is splendid. Trekkers prefer to trek in the Indian Himalayas not only for satisfying their quest for a mountaineering experience but also it is also about admiring the art of the nature's work. Every lane and bylane is an experience worth satiating the adrenaline. The snow-capped peaks and the awe-inspiring Himalayan peaks, the beautiful glaciers,milky-white streams, stunning waterfalls, clear and beautiful lakes, flowing rivers will  accompany the trekkers throughout their expedition. All this and many more like the beauty of the high-altitude based villages, flower laden carpet of alpine flowers and the view of rare Himalayan birds and animals are also something that can be witnessed and remains in the memories of the tourists forever. This is the reason to attract, wild-life photographers, bird watchers, nature-lovers and tourists, mountain trekking in India. And it is for sure to leave them asking them for returning to the ranges again and again.
Many witness the climbers trekking in small groups in the Himalayan ranges. One has to be mentally prepared to pass through narrow and steep ranges, chilling water streams, gurgling water bodies, glaciers and at times moraines which can be dangerous.
Trekking in India offers an enriching and diversified cultural experience to the trekkers. In parts of Leh, Ladakh and Sikkim, one experiences the Buddist culture and one gets to absorb the different cultural heritage and enriched art and heritage of the place. In the regions of Garhwal, Kumaon and Himachal , one can experience the ancient Hindu culture. Different ways of celebrating the festivals,cuisine made from the local produce, taste of their distinct simple  living style and cuisine of all these regions are also quite special and stands out distinct and will definitely give one a glimpse of cultural diversities that India is known for. Thus it is an assortment of vivid culture, religion and heritage for the multiple communities in India and is a very unique and rare contrast that can only be witnessed on Himalayan trekking holidays.
Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh are some of the popular trekking destinations. The youngsters in India are increasingly participating in the adventure sports like trekking. Summer vacation is the favorite time when the students prefer to go out for trekking, to get relaxed from their routine schedules and also it has become a favorite hobby of many youngsters in India today.
Mithilesh, around the age f 20's went out on trekking with his friends. If one asks about the best  trekking places in India, the destination which will top the list of the adventurers are  definitely the mystical land of Ladakh, Himachal, Sikkim, with Ladakh being the most popular amongst the youngsters. It is the home to some of the high mountain passes of the world, trekking in the regions of Ladakh is a dream come true for several aspiring and experienced trekkers. The most loved destination in Ladakh for the trekkers are the frozen 'Chadar Trek' in the Zanskar valley in and the 'Markha Valley' trek is one of the most sought after treks for all avid trekkers across the globe. Mithilesh a newbie in trekking to the Himalayas, was very excited and was looking forward for the same since months. It was a week long trekking plan and things were going pretty much as planned. But things went bad as destiny had planned something else and an accident happened during the trip. Mithilesh was trekking to Stok Kangri Peak and things went awry, he met with an accident, he felled down from a height. The other team members were at a distance, so no one initially realized that he was missing. After sometime his team mates realized his absence and then they started their search. After almost an hour of searching, they found him lying injured. The team established contact with the local hospital and with the help of the hospital authorities, they establised contact with the Hi-Flying team who are expert in air-lifting such patients under critical weather conditions too.  

Hi Flying provides various services which includes Air Ambulance, Medevac, Medical stretcher service on the commercial flight, Aeromedical services are some of the facilities available with them. Based on how critical is the condition of the patient, where is the patient located; they decide on what kind of service is to be provided to the patient.  
The weather condition was very poor. In this case, it was decided to airlift the patient by using a medical stretcher service accompanied with a medical team comprising a doctor and a nurse. Due to bad weather conditions,it took sometime to reach the location. The condition of the patient was critical, so it was decided to initially get some medical assistance in the local hospital in Ladakh itself in order to stabilize the condition of the patient. Mithilesh was admitted to the local hospital and emergency treatment was initiated. His family members were contacted and his health condition was discussed. The doctor’s said that his condition is slightly stabilized but there was no major improvement. They suggested to transfer him to a better facility as the hospital was located in a higher altitude, so it could be possible that his condition is deteriorating. The family was disturbed but they were also relieved that Mithilesh was atleast safe and has received medical help. The family members wanted him to shift him to Mumbai hospital at the earliest. The team of Hi-Flying initiated their next action plan of carrying the patient from the local hospital in Ladakh to Mumbai. The air ambulance was equipped with all the medical equipment required for safe transfer of the patient. Oxygen cylinders, pressure monitoring, heart rate monitoring machines, required medication as suggested by the doctor were carried during the transportation process. Medical stretcher was used to air lift the patient. One of his team members accompanied him during the travel. The family was advised to stay back in Mumbai rather than traveling all the way to Ladakh which would be cumbersome for them and the weather conditions was also not favorable. The family members initiated their arrangement in the Mumbai hospital and the doctor in the receiving hospital were updated about the condition of the patient and the exact time they would arrive in the hospital by the Hi-Flying team.
The accident was extremely risky but the journey of the patient to the hospital could be made safe because of the expertise and years of experience of the expert medical team of Hi-Flying. Mithilesh reached the hospital safely and is undergoing treatment. Hopefully he will recuperate soon. His family members are relieved to have him back in the town and they have loads of praise for the team effort of Hi-Flying team members.       

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