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Positivism Research:
This study employs the onion research model proposed by Sauder and uses the positivism element of its research philosophy layer. An approach where positive measurable observations are relied upon to draw conclusions is a positive approach. This eliminates the need for unfounded speculation, bias and intuitional conjectures. This approach depends a lot on experiment and extrapolation of observed phenomena (Cooper & Schindler, 2006). This approach helps in eliminating personal bias of a researcher to establish reality and helps to establish a hypothesis and test it thereby proving or even disproving the foundations of the hypothesis. 

Data collection
Through the use of questionnaires in surveys to collect data from a representative sample population is commonly used while going about collection of key information. The data collection can be done through the telephone or postal surveys, or interviews carried on a one are to one basis or through other media in common use. Sample surveys are undertaken as the method used to frame models for a targeted population and are deemed reliable due to elimination of personal bias in data collection and data analysis (Cooper & Schindler, 2006).

Primary Data Collection
The quantitative research study is employed by conducting a survey of a group of Taiwanese participants. A survey questionnaire was designed comprising the questions related to factors influencing brain drain and its impacts. There were total 110 participants overall mostly students and working professionals. The survey questionnaire was hosted in a popular social network site with a request for participation by describing the study purpose.

Secondary Data Collection
This method will make use of data published in books, journals and magazines.

Why Survey?
During a survey where data is collected there is every possibility for errors to creep in inadvertently. Errors can be of different kinds and to get the most accurate generalisations from the collected data these errors have to be avoided. The person carrying out the research must be aware of these errors that creep in and try to lessen their occurrence. The method used for data collection in this survey the main information will be collected using an online form which will be voluntarily filled up be the people. Data collected using this method has both advantages and disadvantages (Kumar & Kapil, 2009).
These surveys save a lot of costs and can target a huge sample size. Time is saved as response is instantaneous. Savings in terms of printing and distribution is substantial. Reminders can be posted whenever it is felt necessary. In addition, as the target population is a supervisory cadre no overseeing activity will be necessary. Illegal answers can be screened at the data collection source where program defaults will not accept any unlawful answer. The participant will also be able to answer at his leisure and this will eliminate researcher bias (Saunders & Lewis, 2009)

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