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Commercial Airline Stretcher Services in the Philippines

Commercial Airline Stretcher Services in the Philippines

Commercial Airline Stretcher Services in the Philippines.

Jon Young is an avid traveler, he loves to explore different countries and underwater sports in particular. Young is from Hong Kong. This year he decided to travel to the Philippines with his family - wife Alicia and two kids, for holidaying and spending some quality time with his family. Alicia is a teacher by profession. She too off-late had developed a hobby of underwater diving, scuba diving. They traveled from Hong Kong to Philippines, Manila Airport. The journey is around 2 hours by air to Manila airport from Hong Kong and then after by road they reached their hotel, located near the Apo Reef Island which is a popular holiday destination for the tourist particularly the divers. It is also known as the paradise for the divers.
Apo Reef Natural Park is a wonderful site for those who are obsessed about sea diving and its spread across an area of 15,792 hectares which includes both land and water areas. It is a beautiful place and people travel here for snorkeling and scuba diving. The water here is crystal blue and covered with the coral region with an abundant variety of marine life. The region is home to more than 350 species of colorful marine fishes, tropical fishes, sharks, stingrays, etc. This also includes the endangered species of turtle namely Green Sea and Hawksbill turtles. There are about five hundred different species of soft corals and branching types of hard corals. The park hosts nearly forty-seven species of migratory and resident birds. The Apo Reef island best feature is that it comprises of islands with white beaches and clear and blue water. This is the reason that Apo Marine Park is famous and most popular among the divers across the world.
The next morning they all went to the Apo Marine Park to enjoy diving. Jon had a habit of reading reviews of a place before visiting. He had come across constant good reviews about the place and they were all very excited to experience diving. That day their boat got broke down and had to be towed into Apo Island by the Philippine Navy. They missed their chance to go diving that day as they ran behind the scheduled time. They planned to come early the next day and fulfill their plans. They returned back to their hotel and enjoyed their food. Next day morning, Jon went back to revisit the place with his wife and kids. Alicia took a dive and was there for some time. A boat was passing by when she was in the water. Unfortunately, the boat's propeller hit her and she got severely injured with blood all over. The captain of the boat dived into the water and he arranged to rush the injured and the family to the shore and then to the nearby hospital. The police arrived at the hospital as it was an accidental case and the boat’s captain was detained. Jon did not want the man to be arrested as it was an accident and the captain provided them all possible assistance to rush Alicia to the hospital.
Alicia Young was in the water only about 100-150 meters off Apo Island's in the area were turtles are seen. The passing boat could not judge that Alicia would surface up and accidentally she got hit by the propeller of the boat. The hospital authorities got into immediate action. She had suffered from deep injuries on her head and had to undergo surgery. The patient was unconscious and was profusely bleeding. Jon was shattered, never in his wildest dreams, he thought such an incident would happen, and in a foreign land he was feeling helpless. Jon called his in-laws and parents back home and informed them about the accident. All were worried, Jon's in-laws decided to fly to the Philippines to take care of the kids. In the meanwhile, Jon's father decided to discuss the case with the doctor's in Hong Kong and how to arrange to get the patient back in Hong Kong. This idea seemed to be sound to all of them. Alicia's attending doctor was an expert in his field and he made all possible attempts to recover the patient. Miraculously, Alicia survived and was out of danger. Jon's in-laws reached the Philippines the next day.
They discussed with the doctor about their plans to repatriate the patient back to their home country for further medical treatment. The doctor suggested them to allow the condition of the patient to stabilize for some more time and to keep her under observation in the hospital and then they can make arrangements to fly her back on a commercial stretcher. The family can fly together back on a commercial flight and it would be a better and more viable option. Going by the doctor's advise  they decided to follow the plans. The hospital authorities suggested them to contact Hi-Flying team and to initiate their formalities for repatriating the patient to Hong Kong.
Hi-Flying provides its services in the Philippines and Hong Kong as well. They received the call from Jon and initiated the documentation for transportation of the patient. As per the doctors advise they had decided to fly after 5 days, so bookings were made in flights accordingly. Also, his in-laws and kids were to fly on the same flight. A team of doctor, nurse was also booked on the flight for providing medical assistance to the patient in-flight. This kind of arrangement of flying a patient on a commercial flight helps to save on money and it is a more preferred option when the condition of the patient is stable.
The Hi-Flying service provider takes care of the medical clearance paperwork and all the documentation related to formalities related to flying the patient from one country to another. Thus the process becomes seamless and the relatives are at ease and stress-free from managing all the formalities associated with flying a patient. Back home Jon's father had discussed Alicia's case in a hospital in Hong Kong. The doctor said that since the patient is recovering and stable, they can go ahead with their plan to fly her back and get her admitted in the hospital in Hong Kong for further treatment.
After the clearance and go ahead of the attending doctor, they all were set to fly back to Hong Kong on a commercial flight. In a commercial flight, few seats are booked and arrangements are made by the team of Hi-Flying doctor, for the commercial stretcher, all arrangements for monitoring the condition of the patient in-flight is done. The attending doctor and nurses continuously monitor the condition of the patient. On reaching Hong Kong, a ground ambulance was already arranged to transport the patient to the hospital in Hong Kong. The hostility of the family had reduced to an extent, as now they were in their homeland.
The family was happy that Alicia is out of danger and soon she will recover. It will take time for things to come on a normal track but they are feeling blessed to get medical help on time, a good doctor and the best team of Hi-Flying to get their patient back home safely.  






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