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Commercial Airline Stretchers in India

Commercial Airline Stretchers in India

Commercial Airline Stretchers in India.
A growing number of tourists are visiting India for the superior medical treatment that is being provided by the medical professionals, doctors, cosmetic and dental experts. This is the reason which has led India to grow as an important destination for the medical tourists every year. The major reason is that the cost of medical treatment in India is way cheaper when compared to countries in Western Europe, North America and some Southeast Asian countries. India is earning a good revenue turnover from its medical tourism from the past few years.
There is a prediction of the experts in the industry, that the turnover will increase manifold in the coming years. The treatment here in India being affordable and many state-of-art hospitals being available, many people can afford to get medical treatment in India which may be either not available or maybe people cannot afford it back in their home country.
Following are some of the major factors which make India an ideal medical tourism destination.
Cheaper cost of treatment when compared to the western and advanced countries like Europe, the US and UK.
Government of India are making visa for a medical purpose much easier than the earlier times.
Faster medical services are accessible to avail and this is what appeals to the foreign medical tourists.
The doctors and surgeons are highly qualified and have exposure to a larger number of medical cases as India being a densely populated country, India is still rated as a developing country, but the treatment in the country is world-class and latest technology and standardized medical services are available in the hospitals in India.  
Many foreigners also turn towards India for medical services as much alternative therapy medication, post treatment for recovery is provided to the patients like  Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, and Yoga.
India is also blessed with many beautiful,scenic places to visit so many tourists club their holidays along with the treatment.
Also one of the major reason which attracts tourist is that India has a good populace of English speaking doctors, nurses and medical staff which makes it easier for the foreign tourists to correlate well to Indian doctors and communicate in the country. 
With the growth in the several wellness centers being starting up in India, tourists are getting attracted from foreign lands for medical treatments, which includes the adjoining Asian countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and many western and African nations. With general medical tourism to rise worldwide in the coming years, it is estimated that the medical tourists' numbers in India will rise manifold, attracting more visitors to the country.
Wellness centers provide specialized treatment like skin, dental, hair therapy, etc and people from across the globe travel to India to get medical, dental and surgical care, and some people also club their holidays along with the treatment. 
The market is open for the secondary business who get greatly benefited from the tourism industry. According to the latest government estimate, it is predicted that the growth of healthcare-related services will be more than 5-10 percent for the next ten years and that should further attract more such visitors.
Many private organizations are investing in the healthcare industry and opening specialty treatment centers in the country which is also promoting medical tourism in India.
Huma, a young professional from Bangladesh recently met with a road accident and her face was distorted and sustained a hip injury due to the severity of the crash. She was suggested cosmetic surgery by her doctor in Bangladesh. Huma's parents consulted with their relatives in India who are based in Mumbai. They suggested to airlift Huma to Mumbai where they can avail for the best of the medical treatment, also stay and accommodation for them wouldn't be a problem as the relatives are here in Mumbai. Huma's Uncle Alam, got in touch with a doctor in the best city hospital, and the doctor went through her reports. The doctor suggested that she would require a hip surgery which would be followed by a cosmetic treatment in their hospital itself, this was good news for the family. But the next question was about the transportation of the patient as she was not in a mobile condition. The doctor came out with an excellent suggestion of air transporting the patient on a commercial airline stretcher, which can be availed from a service provider, Hi Flying Air ambulance services. The family had no idea about such service but were delighted to know about the same. Since the hospital had a tie-up with the Hi Flying services, they provided them their contact details and asked them to initiate the further procedure.
The family contacted the administrative team of Hi-Flying and shared the medical condition of the patient. The team got in touch with the hospital authorities in Bangladesh and after getting the complete patient profile, suggested that the patient can be airlifted in a commercial flight employing a medical stretcher facility. Taking into consideration the financial part and the patient’s condition, they provide the best suggestion. In a commercial medical stretcher, they arrange to block few seats for expatriating the patient with a family member and a medical team comprising of a doctor and a nurse. The medical team monitors the condition of the patient throughout the flight and also the medication is taken care off during the entire transportation procedure.
Entire documentation procedure,ground clearance for transporting the patient from ground to the flight is arranged by the administrative team in case of air transportation by means of a commercial flight. The patient’s family is absolutely at ease and have least botheration about the paperwork , documentation related to the air transfer. The doctor’s and the nurses of Hi-Flying team selected by the authorities have minimum 5 years of experience, so each and every patient is handled sensitively and with uttermost responsibility by the team of Hi-Flying.  
The repatriation procedure for Huma was seamless, and the patient reached India safely. She was carried by a ground ambulance from the airport to the hospital. Upon arrival the doctor’s were briefed about the medical condition of the patient. The family members lauded Hi-Flying and the medical team for their thorough professionalism. Huma is undergoing her treatment and her surgical treatment was successful. Her cosmetic treatment will initiate soon.

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