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Funeral Shipping Service International Repatriation of Mortal remains Dead Body Transfers

Funeral Shipping Service International Repatriation of Mortal remains Dead Body Transfers

Funerals services are not a plain affair these days, with legislation governing many aspects of the process.  When it comes to the level of moving human remains internationally or nationally, we can be engulfed with the ‘red tape.'  The family member of the deceased frequently do not know where to start and can make the wrong decision of just relying upon their local funeral home who may not be conversant with the complications of mortuary shipping.  The outcome can be an unnecessary and overly costly additional cost.  The more you understand the policy and nomenclature of funeral shipping, the better informed you are and the more you can stay in complete control of the process. 
Domestic shipping can usually be prepared at a satisfactory cost if only a small ship out service is incurred for the dispatching funeral home. The International funeral shipping can work out more costly as additional paperwork, translations, and different air-tray shipping unit instrument. 

There are several numbers of funeral homes from the United States that are specialized in international funeral shipping service, and that offers a full end to end services. They have everything under control on your behalf, and with their knowledge, contacts, and expertise, they can assure you the safest and dignified transportation of your loved one at a cheaper amount. The standard amount for the funeral shipping services includes the collection and removal of the deceased, embalming, filing of documents, and also a combination shipping unit and delivery to the departure airport.  You will also need the services of a funeral home at the destination airport that can handle the collection of the deceased, the import protocol, as well as manage the ongoing funeral preparations. If you choose to work with a funeral home that is already well organized and has expertise in International mortuary shipping, the funeral home will have strategic funeral contacts across the world.

The amounts vary considerably relying on your choice of transportation.  Funeral shipping companies will offer you air transportation of human remains and land transportation, dependent of national or international repatriation.  There are also big differences relying on whether you choose to ship either non-cremated human remains or cremated remains.

Transporting human remains is the point where using an organization that is specialized in funeral shipping is important. It may cost roughly $10,000 to internationally ship in human remains, and this can be a hugely unanticipated and unplanned for expenses for the funeral.  Some of the funeral homes who engage specifically in human remains transportation can offer you a service that will cost you between $3800 -$5500 depending on the country they are transporting the human remains. So a total cost is likely to be more in the region of $5,000 - $8500.

Flying a dead body is very costly, so the another alternative way of flying a dead body is to ship the cremated remains.  Many of the funeral providers who particularize or specialize in funeral shipping service will also be able to help you with the alternative of setting up a direct cremation at the place of death, and then the transportation of the ashes sent back to the family. 

The funeral providers who specialize in funeral shipping will arrange everything for you.  Time is crucial if a body needs to be transported nationally or internationally. A call to an International Funeral Shipping Program Funeral Provider and they will quickly set the ball rolling. Preparations are made to retrieve the dead body from the place of death and move them to a funeral facility.  The funeral provider ensures the right preparation for transportation, including a sealer casket, and approved receiving country shipping container.  They also handle all the bureaucracy and coordinate all local, state, and receiving country consulate paperwork and also handle the booking of all international flights. As Known Shippers with major airlines, a Funeral Shipping Funeral Provider can confirm flight availability with comfort and frequently have discounted programs.  An experienced funeral shipper will be conversant with shipping windows and after some hours release processes, ensuring that they can transport your loved one home as soon as possible.

The specialized team controlling the funeral shipping will also liaise with the receiving country or state. Funeral provider will ensure a coherent transportation process. They also handle the delivery and supervision onto the deceased’s international or domestic flight.

The exportation/importation of human remains has to meet the rules and regulations of both the disembarking and receiving country. A standard English translation of the death certificate, written authorization from local authorities to remove the body, and a certificate of the embalming must escort the body.

If the expenses for transporting the body of the dead body seems too costly and you wish not to encounter that level of expense to restore your loved one’s remains, you may wish to think a cremation at the place of death.  The cremated remains can, after that be shipped back home at a minimum cost.   A direct cremation can often be arranged for around $1,000 (depending on the state/country of death), and the shipping of cremated remains costs much less as it is more economical to ship a smaller weight item.

Cremated remains can be moved on as a hand luggage on most airlines, although you do need to carefully ensure that you are willing to adhere to the transportation security administration guidelines.  Cremated remains must be transported in a temporary container that can pass through transportation security administration x-ray machines.  This should be a container constructed of wood, plastic, cardboard or any non-lead based ceramic.  The transportation security administration personnel are not permitted to open an urn to check the contents, therefore if a container does not pass through the x-ray, it will not be allowed as carry-on.  Most honorable funeral homes and cremation urn suppliers who are conversant with this legislation will be able to provide a known transportation security administration complaint container for the transportation. Cremated remains can be transported by the U.S. Postal Service so long as they are correctly packaged.
If a funeral is to be carried out in various cities to the place of death, or even in another state, you may need to consider your options to transport the deceased.  In the case of short distances, your funeral provider will often be able to offer their services, usually charged at an additional specified rate.  When the distance is beyond their travel range, the funeral service provider will employ a carrier that is specialized in transporting human remains a mortuary transport company. If the deceased will be embalmed in the destinated city, or will not be embalmed at all, an appropriate method of refrigeration will be necessary during transportation. The remains may be packed in ice or placed in a refrigerated container.  If the body has been embalmed in advance to transportation, refrigeration should not be necessary.  State legislation governing funerals homes can vary state to state, so the need for embalming may rely upon where the dead body is being transported from and to.

If you need to transport your loved one many miles, you may also wish to think the advantage of domestic air transportation of human remains.  This, again, is governed by airline regulations.

More information on Funeral shipping services can be provided by the Repat wing of HI Flying.

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Repat of mortal remains from the United states to different locations in Europe UK Middle east Africa Australia and Asia.

Mortal remains transportation can be undertaken from locations in India for Individuals, Families, Consulates, Corporates and Hospital.
All formalities including embalming coffin, consulate and airline formalities are completed by us.

Urns can be utilized for transportation of cremated remains and taken on commercial flights to home destination.

All formalities of transportation of mortal remains can be undertaken from GCC countries like UAE Bahrain Oman Saudi Arabia Kuwait Qatar to destinations in Asia India, Singapore, Australia, UK Europe, Africa and United states.

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