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We had a patient in Baroda who was sick with Malaria. The patient was not recovering from his illness. It has been almost 7 days and there was team of 7 different consultants who had tried treating the patient. The patient was a young man about 22 years - the sole bread winner of the family. 

It seems he had very low platelet counts. On Day 8 - he was placed on the ventilator machine in the ICU. On that day, we decided to shift him to a higher center in Mumbai - Lilavati hospital. 

We spoke to Dr Ansari at Lilavati hospital who advised to get in touch with Dr Nitin of Vibha Lifesavers - HI Flying aviation - Air Ambulance company who would make all the arrangements for a safe patient transfer to Mumbai.

The doctor exchanged medical papers. Dr Nitin spoke to the ICU doctor to get the patient vital parameters and the ventilator settings. He said this is important for the planning of the transfer of the patient.

The aircraft landed in Baroda airport. The medical team transferred the patient from the hospital to airport in a ICU Mobile ambulance. The patient was placed in the stretcher of the aircraft. They had ventilator, monitor and all ICU equipments on board the aircraft. The doctor was an Intensivist and the nurse looked very trained to handle the patient serious condition.

The plane flew from Baroda to land on the Charter flight division of Mumbai Domestic airport. From Gate no 8, the patient was transferred in ICU Mobile ambulance of Lilavati hospital to the ICU on the First floor.

The patient remained stable throughout the transportation.
Some parameters looked better after the transfer.

The patient over a period of one month recovered in the ICU and then was transferred to the ward. He walked out of Lilavati hospital.

Thanks to the Air Ambulance company, we could save the life of this young boy.

Our charitable organization paid for the transfer with some discounted cost given by the Air Ambulance service.

We thank all the people involved in the safe recovery of the patient.

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