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Importance of Medevac in India

Importance of Medevac in India

Importance of Medevac in India.

What is the concept of Medevac?

Human life is highly valuable in the globe and above all else. During medical emergencies, one can understand the value
of human life. It is always better to understand the paramount importance of preserving human life in times of need.
Medical evacuation can be of a group of individuals or a person, generally by air transport to a location where medical
care can be received. Medevac is the medical evacuation's minimized name. It refers to the safe transportation of injured
patients to a hospital where they can receive additional medical treatment. In a simple language, It is a process in which a
group of people is conveyed by air route to a hospital or clinic where they can receive immediate medical care and
attention. The odds of securing certain sicknesses or having a mishap while voyaging, depend to a great extent on where
you travel and what you do while voyaging. A minimum of, a life-threatening illness, injury, or coincidence requiring a
medical evacuation can happen everywhere and at any time.
From food contamination to auto collisions, an apparently little circumstance can rapidly end up genuine, particularly in
case you are in a remote area or an outside nation where you don't talk the local language.
For any traveler, it is very important to know, what is a medical evacuation and how to prepare for the same. Not every
traveler and hopefully very few will encounter a traumatic or life-threatening event while away from home. At the same
time, not every situation requires medical evacuation. Illnesses or injuries that trigger medical evacuation are typically
cases where the traveler's health would be detrimental to the location where the incident occurred. Eventually, severe
conditions that can not be properly handled at the site or require timely hospitalization of the patient may also involve
medical evacuation. An emergency requiring medical evacuation can also occur at any moment and tourists are
well-served to fully comprehend what are the best possible alternatives are accessible so they can prevent adding
additional items to the to-do list and prepared travel.

What is the history of Medevac?
Medical evacuation is a quicker, more effective way to move wounded soldiers from a battlefield for military personnel. It
is also ideal for transportation, from the accident scene to a medical facility, of critically injured patients. In the early
twenties, Medevac began in Australia to take physicians from distant desert to patients and patients in hospitals. The idea
became popular with the United States. During World War II, when field hospitals were being set up just outside the front
lines, the idea was popular with the U.S. army so that injured troops could be flown by helicopter for treatment.

What are the different utilities of Medevac?
They are used as air ambulances – flying critically injured passengers to hospitals at the scenes of terrible vehicle
crashes. If someone suddenly falls ill in a tiny town or a distant location, they are often treated as quickly as possible by a
well-equipped hospital. After a major crisis, Medevac support has given rebirth to many travelers or patients. Worldwide,
there are plenty of medevac aircraft in service and operating very effectively, with fully staffed and equipped. The
transport of a person via an ambulance to the ground often takes more time, so a medical air response team is called up.
There are doctors, nurses and other emergency medical technicians on board each flight who do everything they can to
maintain the health of the transported patient.
Medvac is also used for processes for organ transplantation. When someone is waiting for a fresh organ and one
becomes accessible far from where the sick individual is situated, a transplant team will rapidly arrive at the location
where the organ is situated so that it can be hurried to the patient who requires the transplant. For organ transplant
process quick action is required. A separate freezing system and a team of doctors are constantly working in such flying
hospitals. An organ can be maintained for so many hours only once taken out of a human body, and Medevac experts can
handle such a difficult scenario well. It is predicted that a medevac plane will leave the ground every few minutes around
the world, hurry to rescue the lives of the sick and wounded. Thanks to many Medevac teams, many lives have been saved
during the last few years.

What are the most critical conditions are handled by Medevac?
Cardiac patients OR Seriously injured patients and any life-threatening situations.

What are the modern facilities are available in the Medevac plane?
All the life-saving types of equipment, such as Neonatal Ventilators to Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps, is of high quality and
calibrated one. Each of these devices is customized specifically for use on board at elevated altitudes. A specialized team
of physicians and nurses is required which may be based on an evaluation of the patient's situation. A patient-specific
team of experts namely cardiologists for patients with severe cardiac emergencies together with critical care. In addition,
cardiac and anesthetic doctors are available and can provide data on specialized care even before the patient arrives at
the hospital. A team of experienced perfusionists, critical care specialist, specialized doctor-in-charge, emergency trauma
doctor, anesthesiologists, paramedics are always required to help patients in the plane. At the same moment, through
extremely secure communication facilities, the onboard medical team should be in contact with the base medical team on
the floor. This helps prepare the ground team to receive the patient and immediately start therapy.

Why Medevac is required in India?
India is having all recent medical facilities varying from sophisticated to the basic minimum. The population of India is
growing with many challenges. Many industries in many sectors namely agriculture, chemicals, fertilizers, infrastructure,
housing and many more. A medical emergency can happen at any stage. When the patient is in a critical condition or
seriously injured and is a fair distance away from medical assistance then air ambulance is especially helpful. An air
ambulance is a helicopter fitted with an authorized aircraft stretcher, medical devices specialized in treating a patient and
medication. It is staffed with a fully-trained medical team to handle the specific needs of a patient who needs to be
transported by air. Many time patients require surgery or specialized the care and have to be transferred to a hospital with
adequate facilities for their condition. Time is an important factor in these cases and rapid, professional care and transfer
of such patients.

What are the current trends and Market reports highlight Medevac?
Very recent market research reports predict the global air ambulance market to grow at a CAGR of almost by 10percent in
next five years. Due to its ability to land in distant regions, air ambulance services primarily employ helicopters for
evacuation and emergency medical services. The helicopter Air ambulances are enough capable of transporting patients
directly from the accident site or residence of a patient to a healthcare facility. Incoming five years period, high
investments in sophisticated medical assistance and enhanced air transport medical infrastructure will increase growth
opportunities for the air ambulance industry. The market is influenced by variables such as increased healthcare
spending, increased per capita revenue, increased incidence of life-threatening illnesses requiring an emergency medical
response, and advances in technology in these utilities. Lucrative growth rates witnessed by the U.S. air ambulance
services market in the past. In order to provide better and quicker services in emergency circumstances, market vendors
are constantly concentrating on product innovation and technological advances. They have developed helicopters and
fixed-wing aircraft that are properly equipped to provide time-sensitive care for chronic disease sufferers.

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