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Medevac services in India

Medevac services in India

Medevac services in India.
This incidence happened in Kerela, during the floods. A sixty-seven-year-old lady, Marium was sinking at the Ernakkulam district hospital. She was moved there from a relief camp as she  suffered a severe heart attack on Tuesday.
She was in need of specialised and intensive care as Marium was very dehydrated, she had low blood pressure and her lungs were filled with water (pulmonary oedema) because of the heart failure. The attending doctor's in the relief camp could realise the critical situation of Marium and established contact with her son, who was in Mumbai. Due to the bad weather and severity of the floods, her son Sameer didn't want to rely on Government agencies and he got in touch withthe Hi- Flying authorities to repatriate his ailing mother from the relief camp to a multispeciality hospital in Mumbai.
The expert team of Hi-Flying comprising of doctors, paramedics reached the destination in a chopper equipped with a medical stretcher and the intensive care equipment. Medevac services are essentially and extensively used during such emergency or natural calamities. The intensive care unit fitted on the wings with state-of-the- art equipment, helps stabilise the patient for a long period during the transit. Marium was stabilised and was airlifted to the Hospital in Mumbai, for advance treatment.
Marium is now making a good recovery after her encounter with the near-death situation.
Hi-Flying air ambulance services which was established some 2 decades ago,  have a trained and efficient team in the aerial transfer of patients and intensive care of patients on wings. Till date they have transfered many patients in critical conditions during natural calamities like floods, rail accidents, crashes etc.
They had brought along with their chopper a three member team comprising of a paramedic,  anaesthetist and intensivist, all of them had years of experience in aeromedical and rapid response in pre-hospital trauma management by helicopters.
Sameer was unaware of such services till date but as is said, experience makes a man wise. He started looking for various options to repatriate his mother from the relief camp when recommended by his office colleague.During the discussion, his colleague suggested taking the help of Medevac services. Medevac, is basically used to expatriate patient during emergency or soldiers from the war zone. But in case of emergency, people use it for the evacuation of locals for evacuation. Hi Flying commercial services are renowned in many countries worldwide for patient expatriation as well as the emergency evacuation of citizens. They provide services like Air Ambulance, Medevac, patient expatriation on commercial flights and private air ambulance as well.
They provide these services on International,and Domestic Air Ambulance flights as well. The team comprises of doctors, critical care paramedics, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, specialized pediatric doctors. Hi Flying offers multiple options w.r.t aircraft on commercial flights to cater the individual needs and considering their budget. All the Air Ambulance are well equipped with state-of-the-art life support equipment to meet the critical care needs of the patient. The flights used for evacuation are private jets, including Learjet and Gulfstream. Each plane is well equipped with the latest medical equipment and is schemed to respond quickly to the patients' needs. The aircrafts are regularly maintained and inspected regularly. They ensure complete safety of the patient and their staff as well.
When it is critical to fly a patient to long distances, specially to other countries, it is better to fly with the assistance of qualified medical staff. This is particularly important for international air ambulance transports. Hi-Flying have trained team, the most sophisticated air ambulance equipment, ensure complete and competent care for the most critically ill patient as well as the non-emergency patient.  
Based on the condition of the patient and the medical attention required for the patient i.e whether the patient is on Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support, or with Acute Respiratory disorder patient or a Trauma patient, they support with the appropriate medical team.
All the members of their air medical unit have a minimum of five years of on-job work experience in critical care. All the team members have to compulsorily participate in  annual training programs to upgrade their skills and to absorb new technologies and techniques to handle the patient. They have complete information on aero-medical procedures and protocols. An exhaustive physical examination of the patient is done to ensure that he/she is in a physical condition to fly safely.
Coordination between the destination of the patient from where the patient is deported to the receiving facilities is managed by their efficient team to ensure seamless transportation.
All the documentation procedure is managed thoroughly by their administrative staff and ground travel to and from the airport is also carefully handled.
Medical care during transportation in flight is taken care of by the medical team.
Receiving facility is kept in the loop throughout the procedure so that they keep all arrangements ready to initiate further treatment.
Each case study by itself is an experience for the team. The patient and the family members financial condition is taken into consideration while offering them packages.
Hi- Flying team has years of experience to handle expatriation of pediatric cases, neonatal cases, trauma patients, burn patients, patients suffering from respiratory disorders.
Their Medical Director monitors the entire process personally and is in touch with the medical team during the procedure.
Air ambulance flight, Gulfstream jet is most widely used for Medevac services. The flight range is between 3,600 and 4,100 miles at a speed of 560 miles/ hour. Gulfstreams are large aircraft that can conform to 15 passengers. In case only 1 or 2 people need to be evacuated, Learjet is preferred. It has a range of 1,500-3,000 miles at a speed of 533 miles/hour.
The weather was also harsh. Laying down a full-proof plan was the first priority of Hi-Flying team. 
Once the weather was favorable to fly, the flight took off to Kerela. It took around 2 hours and 30 minutes which was slightly more than the usual time of 2 hours to reach the destination due to slight lousy weather. During the transportation process Sameer was in touch with the rescue team. The plan was chalked very wisely by the team of the Hi-Flying experts which included the minuscule detailed strategy of landing, landing time, the rescue of the patient on the stretcher and repatriating the patient from Kerela to Mumbai. The paramedics took complete care of the patient during transportation. All the necessary medication required to transport the patient was carried as an emergency precaution. 
The patient reached the Mumbai hospital safely and was admitted to the ICU. 
Marium recuperated after 2 weeks and is happy that life gave her a second chance and Hi-Flying team assistance will be appreciated by them throughout their life. 

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