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Medical Escort Services in Thailand

Medical Escort Services in Thailand

Medical Escort Services in Thailand.
Aged, ailing, or stable patients those need medical supervision in flight, are assisted by trained medical professionals like nurses, paramedics, and doctors. These qualified medical professionals are known as Medical Escorts.
In the age of globalization, people travel far and wide for medical treatment either due to reasons like their home country may not have the advanced medical facilities, surgery may be costlier, or some do travel to other places where their near-ones are residing, and they can avail for better medical aid there. Whatever could be the reason, but medical assistance in-flight is a necessity in today's world, and this helps to keep the patient comfortable, and the family members too can be in complete ease.
For stable patients, those still need medical supervision; the most cost-effective and viable option is to fly in a commercial under the control of medical escorts. Hi-Flying air ambulance service year after year has catered to hundreds of ailing, critically injured patients, patients those have undergone treatment in some country and need to fly back to the home country. They provide the best and economical option for the patients for safe medical transport. If the patient is stable, they make arrangements on a commercial flight, whereby the patient can be either seated or may travel stretched bound. The Air ambulance flights are suggested for patients who are critically ill, have limited mobility, or have undergone critical surgery; in such cases, they are accompanied by the medical staff. Transport of a patient on a commercial flight with the aid of a medical escort team is more economically viable, and many commercial fliers are available in most of the countries. Hi-Flying has extensive tie-ups with most of the airline service provider, and they take care of all the transport related formalities and details, all arrangement required for medical clearances and working with airline staff for ground transportation of the patient and making arrangement for the necessary medical equipment.
In case the patient is critically ill or may not be able to travel on commercial flights and need special and intensive care, Hi-Flying services arrange for the repatriation on their specially designed aircraft those are staffed with a team of expert physicians, nurses, and qualified respiratory therapists and two highly experienced pilots and a group of critical care physicians. The Air ambulance is well equipped and maintained from time to time. They utilize aircraft those are medically-configured, fully equipped with advanced life support systems, including ALS medication and equipment, Monitor, Pacer, Defibrillator, Mini-Med IV pumps, and Ventilator and monitors.
Hi-Flying repatriates patients from Thailand extensively on a commercial aircraft, provide the right medical escort to accompany them, taking into consideration the medical history of the patient. The patient either maybe seated or travel on a stretcher with the help of the medical escorts. Their service ranges from providing medical assistance to their clients, providing medical advice to patients family regarding the procedure when one has met with an unprecedented incidence in a foreign land like accidents, stroke, heart attacks, etc. or most importantly providing advice for medical insurance.
Ratan who is originally an Indian national migrated to Thailand for his business. He was a frequent visitor to Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand. Eventually, he developed a right circle of clientele in Thailand for his jewelry business and subsequently he migrated to Thailand. His parents although stayed back in India. Often they use to visit him, and even Ratan use to visit them in India at times with his wife and kids. After almost a year his parents decided to pay a visit to their son's house in Thailand and spend some time with them. Ratan's mother had recently undergone bypass surgery and was on medication. Although she was in a mobile condition, yet she required someone to help her with her medicines and for her various needs. Ratan's friend Abdullah, suggested him to take help of professional medical escort service provider who can accompany her in-flight and assist her for  her medical needs. He provided him the contact details of Hi-Flying Air ambulance and assured him that they would give the best medical escorts. Earlier his family  have availed the services of this organization to fly one of their ailing relatives from UAE to Thailand. The idea was more appealing.
Ratan got in touch with Hi-Flying air ambulance services and discussed his mother's medical history and the plan for transportation from Jaipur in India to Thailand. The administrative team assured him that they would provide their best medical professional who can also communicate with his parents in the local language. They briefed him about the exact process of patient repatriation on a commercial flight in assistance with the medical escorts. As his mother was stable and was in a mobile condition, they would arrange her transit on a commercial flight along with a doctor and a nurse to assist her on the flight. The documentation required for the medical clearance shall be handled by their team. The medical equipment needed for medical help of the patient shall be arranged by their side in coordination with the aircraft engineers by their medical team before the take-off of the flight in advance. The administrative team will communicate the medical team about all the medicines of the patient, and they will ensure to carry all the medicines including emergency medicines required for the smooth transport of the patient to the destination.
Also, they suggested carrying the patient in a ground ambulance on reaching the destination. This will ensure that the patient's exit from the airport to their residence is smooth as people, especially a patient get uneasy due to a flight journey. Also, patients are provided green corridor and priority in the airport for their exit. Ratan was assured by how the process of transportation of his parents was discussed, and he asked them to initiate the formalities for next week. The medical team of Hi-Flying is very professional, yet they cater to their clients with a personal touch. During the transit, the team monitors the condition of the patient continuously and ensures the comfort of the patient. Their client's satisfaction is their prime responsibility.
The entire process happened very smoothly, and his parents reached Thailand safely. Ratan was delighted to meet his Mom and Dad, and the family is thankful to the entire team of Hi-Flying for their best services.
At times when family members are away or due to personal commitments people can't travel with their loved ones, the professional services of a company like Hi-Flying proves very advantageous and the medical assistance provided by trained and qualified professionals is exemplary.

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