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Medical Escorts Services in Afganistan

Medical Escorts Services in Afganistan

Medical Escorts Services in Afganistan
Afghanistan is a highly unstable country. There are countless political, natural, medical, economic and internal difficulties facing Afghanistan as it fights the uprising. Afghanistan has a history of fighting for authority, brutal revolutions, and unrest. Kabul is the Afghan capital. The British fought three wars in Afghanistan over an 80-year period.  In which they lost tens of thousands of deaths. The Empire Graveyard was known to Afghanistan for many years. Afghanistan, formally the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a landlocked nation situated in South Central Asia. Afghanistan is surrounded on the south and east by Pakistan, on the west by Iran, on the north by Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan, and on the far north by China. The ongoing direct US-Taliban peace talks have raised hope for intra-Afghan peace negotiations and peaceful settlement of the 40-year-long war, but they have also added uncertainty and concern among the Afghan people.  Afghanistan relies on US assistance infusions of several trillion dollars. Also, big donors are Canada, France, the UK, Australia, and Germany. It is located along significant trade paths between Europe and the Middle East and South and East Asia. Economic recovery is slow as ongoing insecurity slows down personal investment and demand from consumers. Agricultural growth has been constrained by unfavorable weather conditions in the past years. The fiscal position has remained strong, driven by improvements in revenue performance, although the government remains heavily reliant on donor grants. Poverty has risen with slow development, service safety disruptions and bad agricultural performance owing to serious drought The severe drought resulted in lower income for rural households and large internal displacement in the country. The rate of economic growth is slowing down behind population growth, leading to declining incomes per capita. The drought negatively impacted livelihoods of many of the 82 percent of the poor living in rural areas, including those reliant on poppy cultivation. Any rapid decline in international aid flows may drive to more difficult situations. 

The Healthcare system of Afghanistan.
Everyone seems to be concerned about the situation of the health care system in Afghanistan. There is no doubt that the health industry has always encountered quandaries in Afghanistan. The industry has not received adequate attention and, as a consequence, many individuals are suffering. The unavailability of medicine and the quality of accessible medicine is one of the main quandaries in the industry. There have been many instances in which the quality of various medicines in the nation has been found to be of normal standard and they have even found expiry in some instances. It should be observed that 95% of medication consumed in Afghanistan is imported from Pakistan, Iran, China, Turkey, India, the United Arab Emirates, and certain European nations. Of these drugs, 40 to 55 percent are illegally and smuggled into Afghanistan. It is of utmost importance to realize that a great deal of attention and dedication is required to elevate the standard of health facilities in the country as a whole. There are many health cases that never reach the medico, and in different components of the country, many patients can not find enough medicos or hospitals. It is genuinely hapless to recollect that in Afganistan the amount of individuals dying as a result of treatable illnesses is more than the individuals dying as a result of terrorist activities. Minor illnesses that can yarely be remedied become a matter of people's lives and death due to the lack of adequate facilities. For severe health issues, people mostly choose to go to neighboring nations. For better medical equipment, there are many individuals visiting Pakistan and India each year. This may be useful for those who are financially stable and are able to afford, but those who are unable to afford to go to other nations stay untreated and largely ignored. Albeit there are regime hospitals in the country as well, the quality of accommodations provided by regime hospitals is genuinely very low, their number is not enough and they are not established in most remote areas, so most people don't have access to them. This is a very serious condition of any country and requires immediate attention. 

What is an Air Medical escort in Afghanistan?
If you're sick or disabled, but you don't need any critical air ambulance therapy, you can definitely travel on a business airline with help. A fully qualified doctor, registered nurse or paramedic will precede you on board to ensure that you receive additional care during travel. Not every patient needs to be moved through an air ambulance flight, there are some patients who need only additional care and are fit to fly with any business airline. The aid services they need when boarding the plane are known as medical escort services. 

Medical Escorts and their process tasks at Afganistan. 
The entire work of a clinical escort is tricky. They would in all probability shuttle from their hometown to the airport with sufferers in a non-emergency condition. They remain with them as they arrive at their door all through the airport, operating with workers on the airport to make them pass back and forth as simple as conceivable. This involves problems like early boarding and gets right of access to relaxed lounges if it takes an extended wait. They moreover help once they arrive at their vacation spot to disembark from the plane. In customary, the only actual duty of clinical escorts is to watch and care for the neatly being in their affected person. They care for drug administration and lend hand sufferers with issues like consuming or going to the toilet. All of this needs expertise and ability to take care of any emergency or medical situation that may happen. 

Why there is a need for medical escorts in Afganistan?
There is a desperate need to develop health care in Afganistan. Afganistan does no longer have the facilities, equipment, and human resources to promote an emergency medical care provider and as such lacks the essential infrastructure to supply emergency care. The lack of attention to the health care system is due to the great efforts to culminate famine in the country. However, the country's regime is minimizing efforts to amend citizens' access to health care in Afganistan. Over the past twenty years, Afganistan has made important improvements, particularly within the training of key emergency medical staff. There are a number of opportunities to make further short- and long-term improvements. Afganistan lacking a responsive, time-sensitive clinical emergency. Afganistan continues to be some distance from having built-in emergency clinical services, regardless of progress in developing one of the crucial necessary parts. 

What are the best possible options of medical escorts in Afganistan?
India is a perfect choice for many Afghans who seek advanced treatment for various health issues because of excellent treatment. low costs, fewer hassles and shorter waiting lists for elective surgery. Medical surgeries that usually take overseas patients to India include, among others, bypass heart surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, hip replacement, plastic surgery, infertility therapy, and dental implants. These procedures, according to Health Digital Systems report, costs half as much in India compared with the US, UK, and Europe. More than 100,000 medical visas have been awarded over the last three years, according to the Indian Embassy in Kabul. "Most visa requests are for medical reasons, which demonstrates that Indian hospitals are a preferred option for Afghan patients," tells an official at the embassy who is not allowed to talk to the press. It provides a boost to medical tourism in India, according to many Afghani individuals, and helps Afghans get the finest medical therapy at an inexpensive cost. 

Fereshta Jameel, a student at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, says it is a win-win situation for both Indian and Afghanistan. Maryam, 3, can't talk consistently. She's on her feet, but she's falling. She mumbles and fumbles like any three-year-old soul. She finds herself as a bundle of joys, but inside the little child nurses excruciating pain. She was diagnosed with severe heart disease. Her dad, a small-time businessman in the province of Western Herat, Sahil, instantly flew her for therapy to India. Sahil decided to bring her for therapy in Delhi because he was unwilling to take an opportunity in Afghanistan with hospitals and physicians. After her dad managed to bring together the quantity required for surgery, Maryam was effectively performed at the Escorts Heart Institute in South Delhi. A few weeks later, she went back, with excellent health and totally fit.

Why choose Hi flying Air Ambulance and their services in Afiganistan? 
If the patient's transport services are a commercial airline escort, Hi Flying Air Ambulance is the choice. Your selection will ensure the patient's air travel is smooth and pleasant. Most importantly, their medical escort team will take care of the patient throughout the journey from start to finish. In addition, Hi-flying Air Ambulance will handle all other travel information, including airport transportation, ticketing, check-in, safety, baggage, boarding, and further preparation. They are really experts in managing medical situations such as the major neck, abdominal or cranial surgery, appendectomy or abdominal keyhole surgery, heart attack, chronic bronchitis, emphysema or other types of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, epilepsy, diabetes. We will take care of every single detail from ground transportation to wheelchair and ticketing to mobile oxygen to make your flight more pleasant and comfortable.  In some instances, patients need the airline's office to require a medical clearance certificate. Getting this certificate needs a tired long list of do's to be correctly followed in order to timely board the flight. Flying Air Ambulance knows all the procedures and paperwork you need to obtain clearance as fast as possible. We carry our own airline-approved oxygen concentrators that are secure for transportation. The patient, therefore, does not have to bring any bottled oxygen with him. The need for extra time to arrange mobile oxygen terminates with an oxygen concentrator on board. Flying Air Ambulance is a known medical escort leader and can take you and your loved one to any destination without any difficulty. Hi flying Air Ambulance and medical escort provider is a bed-to-bed provider, that means that a healthcare professional can be there with the affected person all the way through every leg of their journey. Multilingual, visa-ready clinical escorts are to be had to guide patients on flights no longer simply inside the United States, however to locations around the world.

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