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Medical Escorts services in KENYA

Medical Escorts services in KENYA

Medical Escorts services in KENYA.

Kenya as a country.
Kenya has huge wildlife herds. It is almost on the equator the snow-capped mountain and insight of the rough deserts. Along the seaside, which contains some of Africa's best beaches, are mainly Muslim Swahili towns like Mombasa, a historic center that has contributed a great deal to the country's artistic and cultural heritage. The enormous amount of wildlife in Kenya owes everything to one of the most effective and innovative conservation communities in Africa. Kenya enjoys a wealthy tradition of verbal and nonverbal literature, including numerous myths that talk to the virtues of determination and perseverance, meaningful and extensively shared values given the experience of the country during the struggle for freedom. Kenyan's dynamic wildlife and scenic geography attract large numbers of visitors from Europe and North America, and tourism is a significant contributor to the economy of Kenya. Kenyans are proud to accept their unique cultures and traditions, yet they are also aware of the significance of regional solidarity; Kenya's government has emphasized a slogan of "Harambee" (Swahili: "Pulling together") since independence.

Kenyan Health system and Hospitals. 
Kenya is still struggling for health systems. Kenya has three national hospitals, namely Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, National Spinal Injury and Referral Hospital and National Hospital of Kenyatta. In Kenya, for every ten thousand people, there is one doctor. Most of Kenya's health care facilities are below global norms with restricted funds and insufficient capacity. Public hospitals are underpowered, badly equipped, lacking supplies. Private clinics with restricted capacity for hospitalization are operating in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Diani and Malindi beach resort regions. Nairobi-based private AGA Khan hospital operates at a Western standard of care. Yellow fever and Malaria are the danger that exists throughout the nation, throughout the year. They also highlight bad health system governance and management, a critical construction block for effective and inclusive health systems. Kenya is one of the nations with a critical shortage of health care workers. In addition, insufficient attempts have been made to address the social determinants that lead to bad health results such as unsafe water and sanitation, unhealthy urbanization, gender inequality, and low education. Approximately 40% of doctors who graduate go to other countries each year due to lack of opportunities for growth. The Kenyan government will step up and take over the situation in order to avoid further suffering, death, and inequity. All such conditions are creating the need for highly educated and highly skilled medical staff. Medical Escorts are qualified experts who move around the globe as if they were a wallless hospital that tends toward patients in overseas towns, forests, and deserts. 

Why there is an always need for medical escorts during air travel in Kenya?
When a medical emergency occurs in a foreign country, air ambulance repatriation is really the most immediate and convenient way to get you or a loved one for crucial therapy. Medical escorts, help individuals and are unable to move without help in non-emergency medical circumstances. Medical escorts typically use business airline services to accompany people to medical centers or a loved one's home who can provide the needed care.  For people who are taking long term treatment, injured or cognitively impaired, seriously wounded and traveling for long-distances for them. Medical escort company will be the best assistance. Medical escort companies can help ensure that people who need medical assistance are able to travel in comfort and safety with the help of careful planning. Medical escorts are usually nurses, physician assistants, or health care professionals who typically receive critical care or emergency care training. The training provides them to develop abilities which they need to address a patient's future travel needs. For health-compromised people, medical escorts can make long distance journeys possible. Working with such escorts can considerably decrease the pressure of lengthy flights, arrange airport transport and airport safety. At the same moment, the greatest advantage of a medical escort is to make travel more tolerable and even pleasant for people with compromised health.  When you grow older, you will find yourself going to the doctor's clinic and various specialists. Due to a medical condition, you may also lose your driving capacity. Some people think they're going to be put in an assisted living home when that happens, but that doesn't have to be the fact. If you live by yourself and are unable to get medical appointments, you can get escort services from Specialty Care Services. You can't always depend on cabs and public transportation. Also, there is no medical training for cab drivers. 

The Medical escort company's lightning response.
Each air ambulance operation is a tailor-made service tailored to the patient's individual requirements. But everything begins with a phone call. They will instantly connect you to an experienced medical coordinator when you dial 24/7 inquiry line. They will discuss your condition and bring your information down. They'll then advise you on the best repatriation alternatives. In some circumstances, this may involve transiting with an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) by road ambulance instead, or on a commercial flight accompanied by a qualified medical escort.

What is an air medical escort?
If you've had a medical emergency overseas, it could be a challenge to get home. You may need medical expert transportation. When individuals consider medical repatriation, they often believe with onboard medical assistance of an air ambulance or a long-distance road ambulance. But sometimes on a periodic flight, accompanied by a medical professional, it is possible to return home. This is called medical escort repatriation. For emergencies where there is no instant risk to life such as ortho injury, chest infection, ski injury or broken limbs and other non-emergency medical conditions the plan offers a safe, cost-effective way to quickly return to your hometown for home care. When a traveler gets sick, the escort flies to the side of that person and helps with care and home transportation. Most escorts are approved nurses, paramedics or doctors working for an air ambulance or emergency medical transportation service that will be contracted by an insurance company to repatriate an injured or disabled client. Medical escorts are accountable for the patient's bedside-to-bedding care. Once the main contact is made, each detail of medical care is finalized throughout the transport, namely medication schedules, wound care, difficulties of mobility, nutritional needs. Medical accompaniments are generally experienced in languages. Physicians and nurses who speak English to accompany patients globally on commercial flights. Medical escort services include airline medical clearance arrangements, airport aid, ground transportation and other logistics such as coordinating hospital admission and contact with the receiving physician. 

What does the patient expect during the flight?
During your flight, the attending escort will continually monitor you, providing oxygen, medication or other medical treatment options when needed. Each member of the clinical team is specially trained in out-of-hospital transport medicine and flight physiology, so you know you will be in the best hands possible.

What does the patient expect after the flight?
Once you have landed, your air medical escort will perform a detailed medical assessment to ensure there are no further complications. Then, the onboard clinician will fill out a report to hand over to the next healthcare team before you reach your final destination. When you need the very best in air medical escort service, trust Hi flying Air Ambulance International for all your air transportation needs. 

Why select Wold popular company in Medical Escorts?
Hi Flying-Air Ambulance International provides an economical alternative to chartered air ambulance transport services through medical escort. When traveling in the business class, first class and extension class on any commercial airline, patients can select the services of a medical escort. When there's no need for emergency transportation such as an air ambulance, patients need a more cost-effective yet secure travel preference. This service is reserved for patients who, while traveling, are medically stable and unlikely to need emergency medical care. The patient will still have access to essential medical equipment and medicines, including oxygen and basic medical surveillance, while on the flight. Patients will be transported safely and conveniently on aeromedical stretchers when booking a Stretcher Class flight. Normally, They carry their own oxygen concentrators that are approved by the airlines and are safe for transportation.
HiFlying-The medical escort service of Air Ambulance International is extensive. During each phase of the booking and planning phase, patients and their loved one or caregiver will receive help with a medical escort. Their experts receive a complete medical report for each patient before any planning starts to guarantee that they are completely conscious of their particular care requirements. Their officers and medical experts are also responsible for acquiring all required airport documents, medical clearances, medical equipment clearances, and clearances for customs and immigration. HiFlying-Air Ambulance International takes away the stress from loved ones and always care about the stress of planning and coordinating travel. Medical escort service for commercial airlines is a safe and cost-effective way of traveling for the right patient. HiFlying Air Ambulance is well aware of all the processes and documentation you need to get the clearance at the earliest. 

During any medical emergency when you are in desideratum of a trusted name in air ambulance accommodations across the world, munificently contact to + 91 98211 50889. Because your one call can preserve the precious life of the beloved one.

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