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Medical Escorts services in NIGERIA

Medical Escorts services in NIGERIA

Medical Escorts services in NIGERIA.

Need for professional Medical escort services in Nigeria.
Now, the rise in Government interest is anticipated to form fresh difficulties ahead and eventually eliminate previous procedures such as inappropriate communication, hiring nurses from wards to the ambulance, relegating training and continuing medical education. However, by using untrained staff and limited EMS funding, it will be a thing of the past, and ineffective EMS in Nigeria will disappear. In addition to the shortage of skilled staff, professionals and appropriate facilities for air ambulance, development is a problem. Air ambulance services in Nigeria, started and quickly collapsed when the government was unable to continue to inject funds into the system. Besides the shortage of qualified employees, professionals and adequate air ambulance equipment, growth is an issue. At the same time, they were lacking to generate revenue. In the latest study conducted in Nigeria, with Government-owned EMS, it showed that most people do not understand the emergency number to call, what data to relay and actions they can take to maintain the life of a patient while waiting for EMS to arrive. In April 2016, six medical doctors traveling to a meeting lost their lives in a bus accident, bringing to light the invaluable need for efficient EMS in Nigeria.


What is Medical Escort?
Medical escort is a commercial service for patients who are good enough to fly on a commercial flight, but who still need medical attention. It may be applicable for national and international purposes. This is ideal for a family member who needs medical assistance but may not be sick enough to travel in a private air ambulance. Some may also find the medical escort option a more cost-effective option. The case manager will review the condition of the patient and make the finding. Once the case manager clears the patient for a medical escort, they will then manage all commercial medical escort agreements including scheduling a flight, buying tickets, arranging ground transportation, and filing the documentation with the airlines. The patient is followed by one on the medical crew on the business flight. It needs critical care flight nurses and flight medics who are extremely qualified and experienced. If you are interested in a medical escort, or your patient or loved one, then a team of medical escorts will help. Medical escort services are a cost-effective option to costly air ambulance transportation for patients requiring hospital medical transportation after surgery, accidents, and certain diseases.


How do Medical Escorts work in Nigeria. 
Medical escort services significantly improve patient convenience during travel for patients who are fit enough to travel on business flights. For domestic and international travel, medical escorts are an outstanding service choice. Medical Escorts provide compassionate care to give patients peace of mind and ensure that they receive the highest level of medical assistance while making it as easy as possible to travel in their condition. Medical Escorts guarantee that patients receive careful service in accordance with their medical requirements throughout their travel. This care may include a commitment to medication and administration. The status and vital signs of the patient are carefully supervised during the entire journey. Patients are assisted with mobility to guarantee a trouble-free experience by maneuvering around the airline terminal via wheelchair, managing baggage, flight check-in, safety checkpoints and any other travel issues that may occur. A medical escort's assistance during travel may often eliminate the need for more costly forms of medical transportation, such as air ambulances. For those patients who require more sophisticated medical care during their travel, physician escorts can also be arranged. Specially qualified advance care medical personnel have comprehensive experience in air medical escorting and have finished countless journeys skillfully and successfully, providing patients with a comfortable, secure and worry-free travel experience.


Medical Escorts and their Job duties in Nigeria. 
The work of a medical escort is complicated. They may travel from their home to the airport with patients in a non-emergency condition. They remain with them as they arrive at their door through the airport, working with employees at the airport to make the trip as simple as possible. This involves problems like early boarding and access to cozy lounges if it takes a lengthy wait. They also help when they arrive at their destination to disembark from the aircraft. Medical escorts give an outstanding alternative service for prolonged hospital history, discharge with an open wound, discharge with a complicated medication regimen, bad adherence to medical and pharmacological therapy, any functional decrease in mental impairment, bad dietary status, hard to manage labile diabetes disorder, hypertension, and many more. In general, the sole responsibility of medical escorts is to monitor and maintain the health of their patient. They handle drug administration and help patients with problems like eating or going to the bathroom. All of this needs expertise and ability to handle any emergency or medical condition that may occur. They also need to have knowledge in offering high-altitude medical care and carry whatever medical equipment and medication a patient might need while flying. 


Experience is the Key factor to become a professional Medical Escort In Nigeria.
Language can become an important hurdle to become a Medical Escort In Nigeria. For medical escorts, both the above-mentioned education and certifications as well as a wealth of experience are the real key to success. A medical escort typically requires a minimum of three years of experience working in an intensive care unit or emergency room. Five years of experience is needed in the case of medical escorts.  To become a skilled trusted medical escort, such experience is essential. Nurses working in acute care learn critical thinking skills, how to deal with many patients, improve their triage skills and improve their ability to make good evaluations and decisions in a fast-paced environment.  It is both a difficult and rewarding experience to become a medical escort. It is the ideal task for qualified professionals who want to use their professional skills to provide medical help. 


Challenges in front of Nigeria for Medical Escort profession. 
The world-renowned and established company namely HI FLYING - Air Ambulance International is giving the best accommodations in Nigeria and across the globe. Furthermore, they are engendering a platform for many Nigerians. Handful few Nigerian origin companies are giving the best for this sector, naturally for many great opportunities will be available for Nigerian aptitude. The concept of Medical tourism is growing in Nigeria.  Furthermore, Nigeria is having sizeable aptitude in the medical field. Many good companies are active in this sector. Nigeria is a  voluminous magnet for magnetizing peregrine patients for medical treatments. This sector is giving many opportunities for Nigerians. 

Why select Medical escort services of Hi flying air ambulance in Nigeria?
HI Flying-Air Ambulance International provides an economical alternative to chartered air ambulance transport services through medical escort. When traveling in the business class, first class and extension class on any commercial airline, patients can select the services of a medical escort. When there's no need for emergency transportation such as an air ambulance, patients need a more cost-effective yet secure travel preference. This service is reserved for patients who, while traveling, are medically stable and unlikely to need emergency medical care. The patient will still have access to essential medical equipment and medicines, including oxygen and basic medical surveillance, while on the flight. Patients will be transported safely and conveniently on aeromedical stretchers when booking a Stretcher Class flight. Normally, They carry their own oxygen concentrators that are approved by the airlines and are safe for transportation.
HiFlying-The medical escort service of Air Ambulance International is a really exceptional one. During each phase of the booking and planning phase, patients and their loved one or caregiver will receive help with a medical escort. Their experts receive a complete medical report for each patient before any planning starts to guarantee that they are completely conscious of their particular care requirements. Their officers and medical experts are also responsible for acquiring all required airport documents, medical clearances, medical equipment clearances, and clearances for customs and immigration. HiFlying-Air Ambulance International takes away the stress from loved ones and always care about the stress of planning and coordinating travel. Medical escort service for commercial airlines is a safe and cost-effective way of traveling for the right patient. HiFlying Air Ambulance is well aware of all the processes and documentation you need to get the clearance at the earliest. 

During any medical emergency when you are in desideratum of a trusted name in air ambulance accommodations across the world, munificently contact to + 91 98211 50889. Because your one call can preserve the precious life of the beloved one. 

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