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Medical Escorts Services in Uganda

Medical Escorts Services in Uganda

Medical Escorts Services in Uganda. 

"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop."
- Mother Teresa

African Pearl (UGANDA) in Brief. 
Beautiful Country, Uganda packs a lot into a tiny nation with a tapestry of scenery, great wildlife viewing, and welcoming locals. It is home to Africa's highest hill range, the source of the Nile, the world's longest river, and the continent's biggest lake. Rafting the Nile presents a world-class adrenaline adventure, but tracking mountain gorillas in their nebulous surroundings is the most classic experience in the region. Uganda was independent of the United Kingdom in 1962. Uganda is an African eastern country. Uganda's official surname is the' Pearl of Africa,' the Republic of Uganda's official name. Five nations border on the landlocked country. The nation is the 35th biggest nation in the globe, with a population of almost 38 million. It is the 81st biggest nation in the globe by zone with a region of 93,000 square Miles. Kampala is the capital city, and it is also Uganda's biggest town. With a president, vice president, and prime minister, it has a dominant semi-presidential republic government. The motto of the country is "For God and My Country," and the Ugandan shilling is its currency. Uganda is the perfect state for visitors interested in these creatures, containing half of the world's mountain gorillas population. 
Uganda has one of the largest levels of traffic deaths per car in the globe, according to the World Health Organization. Roads are poorly maintained, poorly labeled and poorly illuminated in Uganda. During the day, road travel to other towns outside Kampala is hazardous and risky at night.  The country of Uganda has a GDP of 23.67 billion dollars. The warmth and hospitality of Ugandans are renowned. The African Economist actually called Uganda one of the most friendly nations in Africa. Lake Victoria is Africa's biggest lake, situated in Uganda. This lake is linked to the river of the Nile. Despite being a landlocked country, there are many big Lakes in Uganda. The country's south is highly influenced by Lake Victoria, one of the world's largest Lakes, which includes many islands. The primary towns of Uganda are situated in the south, close to this lake, including Kampala's capital. In addition, to Lake Victoria, Lake Albert, Lake Edward, and the lower Lake George are to be found. In the middle of the nation, Lake Kyoga is encircled by vast forested Fields. 

Air ambulance services of HiFlying From UGANDA to the UNITED STATES.
A Real story of Mr. James. (Name changed)A traumatic journey with HiFlying air Ambulance.

This was a case of a senior American citizen, who had an accident in Uganda and a spinal injury in Uganda. He was taken to the U.S. with the aid of medical escort services after initial therapy. 

A senior citizen from the US has recently saved his valuable life thanks to HiFlying Air Ambulance and team-mates from medical escorts. For a week, Mr. James, a successful U.S. citizen, planned his trip from the United States to Entebbe with his family. Nevertheless, because of his personality, he is enthusiastic. The cab was on their way to Kampala. They landed in Entebbe. He was in the taxi, which generally does not have seat belts in Uganda and the highways are rough. They had a serious accident, which caused serious spinal injury to him. They came to the International Hospital of Kampala and he was admitted in a state of shock. He was unable to move because of severe spinal injury. His headache was serious and he was completely disoriented. In the hospital, he realized that the spinal cord is dislocated. His limbs were paralyzed, traveling back to the United States was hard for him. The doctor said that they could give the best treatment as well, but it might take months, so he wants to come back to his country (USA) so he can get proper treatment there.  
But what was the burning problem? The doctors told him that, with the help of an air ambulance, it would be feasible for him to come home without trouble. His spouse called the International Patient Department to contact the Air Ambulance Company-HI Flying. His U.S. family spoke to them about the services they were providing. The air ambulance, along with an intensivist and a trauma expert with a ventilator, sent their dedicated team of physicians. They also handle all the facilities. All facilities were necessary for the patient being wounded by a spinal cord. After looking at the kind of setup they had, the patient and his wife were relaxed. In the United States, they safely reached Pittsburgh and had their local ambulance, which was waiting for them. Finally, they took him to UPMC hospitals in the United States. Nowadays he is absolutely comfortable and enjoying his family life.


Why medical escorts are required in Uganda?
Major outbreaks, epidemics, natural catastrophe, emergency medical, lack of advanced medical expertise and therapy are some of the factors that create the necessity for Air ambulance options. Uganda has one of the worst health records in the globe, but the growth of local amenities and youth coaching will provide thousands of individuals with life-saving services. The health care system in Uganda operates on a referral basis. The smaller health centers refer patients to larger health centers that they can not treat, referring patients to regional clinics. Access to medical therapy in rural Uganda is a difficult challenge. Without organized transportation to a health center for medical emergencies often means many hours of walking or riding a bicycle. Even if a patient enters a health center effectively, there is no assurance that the health center will be able to provide medicine or services. The EMS in Uganda is presently dependent on assistance from poorly funded NGOs. Trained medical technicians do not employ most ground ambulances in Uganda. There is no guarantee that the patient will receive the required medical intervention if someone is taken to the hospital in a timely way. With government funding already limited for healthcare targeted at treating infectious diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV, there is nothing left to improve any emergency medicine phase. Poorly trained staff in the Medical field, Poor infrastructure, Lack of proper knowledge, Lack of sophisticated medical types of equipment, are some variables which create the need for medical escorts in Uganda. 
What is an air medical escort at Uganda?
If you're sick or disabled, but you don't need any critical air ambulance therapy, you can definitely travel on a business airline with help. A fully qualified doctor, registered nurse or paramedic will precede you on board to ensure that you receive additional care during travel. Not every patient needs to be moved through an air ambulance flight, there are some patients who need only additional care and are fit to fly with any business airline. The aid services they need when boarding the plane are known as medical escort services. 

Medical Escorts and their process tasks at Uganda.  
The entire work of a medical escort is a challenging one. They would in all probability shuttle from their hometown to the airport with sufferers in a non-emergency condition. They remain with them as they arrive at their door all through the airport, operating with workers on the airport to make them pass back and forth as simple as conceivable. This involves problems like early boarding and gets right of access to relaxed lounges if it takes an extended wait. They moreover help once they arrive at their vacation spot to disembark from the plane. In customary, the only actual duty of clinical escorts is to watch and care for the neatly being in their affected person. They care for drug administration and lend hand sufferers with issues like consuming or going to the toilet. All of this needs expertise and ability to take care of any emergency or medical situation that may happen. They additionally need to have skill in offering high-altitude hospital therapy and lift regardless of clinical equipment and medicine an affected individual would perhaps want while flying.


Why do you choose Wold's popular Medical Escorts company?
HiFlying-Air Ambulance International provides an economical alternative to chartered air ambulance transport services through medical escort. When traveling in the business class, first class and extension class on any commercial airline, patients can select the services of a medical escort.
When there's no need for emergency transportation such as an air ambulance, patients need a more cost-effective yet secure travel preference. This service is reserved for patients who, while traveling, are medically stable and unlikely to need emergency medical care. The patient will still have access to essential medical equipment and medicines, including oxygen and basic medical surveillance, while on the flight. Patients will be transported safely and conveniently on aeromedical stretchers when booking a Stretcher Class flight. Normally, They carry their own oxygen concentrators that are approved by the airlines and are safe for transportation. HiFlying-The medical escort service of Air Ambulance International is extensive. During each phase of the booking and planning phase, patients and their loved one or caregiver will receive help with a medical escort. Their experts receive a complete medical report for each patient before any planning starts to guarantee that they are completely conscious of their particular care requirements. Their officers and medical experts are also responsible for acquiring all required airport documents, medical clearances, medical equipment clearances, and clearances for customs and immigration. HiFlying-Air Ambulance International takes away the stress from loved ones and always care about the stress of planning and coordinating travel. Medical escort service for commercial airlines is a safe and cost-effective way of traveling for the right patient. HiFlying Air Ambulance is well aware of all the processes and documentation you need to get the clearance at the earliest. 
During any medical emergency when you are in desideratum of a trusted name in air ambulance accommodations across the world, munificently contact to + 91 98211 50889. 
Because your one phone call can preserve the precious life of the beloved one. 

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