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Medical flights services in India

Medical flights services in India

Medical flights services in India
An emergency arises without any warning many times and medical emergencies are the one which leaves the patient as well as the family members in dire consequences if not handled with clarity and professional help under severe condition.
Govind, an archaeologist, he use to travel to the remote places in India and he thoroughly enjoyed the work he was doing. Being an archaeologist, he was always engrossed in his work and was not very conscious with the diet and health related concerns. Mostly he was engrossed in his work, researching, reading. He traveled with his team far and wide, mostly away from home and family members. This time Govind was with his team in one of the remote villages of Rajasthan. Many a time for days he himself would not communicate with his family and his wife Rama, use to establish contact with his junior staff member, to stay in touch with Govind or to know about whether he ate his food, he is taking proper rest. This was his nature and Rama had accepted this well. Rama herself is a teacher in a public school and her day use to pass by in school. After returning home, she would make the call to her husband and in case he is responding, she would call his staff member Mayank to know about whether he ate, taking care of his health etc. Mayank a junior guy had joined Govind's team 2 years back and was very dedicated towards his work. His wittiness and caring nature had brought him very close to Govind and he was one of his favorite student and colleague.
One day was like any other normal day for Rama. She was in her school attending her students, when the peon called her that she has to attend an emergency call in the office. Her heart was pounding fast, she walked fast towards the office room and it was Mayank on the other side. He informed her that Govind had suffered from a cardiac arrest but he has managed to arrange for a doctor in the village who has given him CPR as an emergency treatment and he is admitted in a clinic in the village but there is lack of facilities in the clinic. There is a need to shift him to Delhi for better treatment urgently. Rama, a very simple person has never dealt with such an emergency at any point of time in her life and she was never prepared for such a situation.
Mayank a new generation guy, is technology savvy. He surfed through the internet and he got to know about the emergency evacuation services of Hi-flying services. They repatriate patient from the remotest place to the best and nearest hospitals. Rama, was in Delhi and she requested him to arrange the repatriation to Delhi if possible. Mayank, got in touch with the Hi- Flying team and he provided them the necessary information about the current situation of the patient and the location. The team got in action immediately and arranged for a jet service, accompanied by a doctor and a nurse at the location of the patient.
When someone has a heart attack, time is a very critical essence. Occurrence of a heart attack is when an artery that carries blood to the heart muscle gets blocked, usually by a clot. Every minute the heart muscle goes without oxygen, heart tissue is lost and cannot be regained.
The first emergency treatment in this case is CPR.
How is a CPR given?
The heel of the hand is placed on the center of the person's chest and the heel of the other hand is placed on the top of the first hand, lacing fingers together. The arms straight and your shoulders directly over your hands.The chest should be pressed at least 2 inches, pushing hard and fast.

Hi-Flying team, has a multi-disciplinary group of doctors who work together to attend the heart attack patient on a fast-track. This team works closely with the attending doctor to diagnose heart attacks from the field. When they reach the patients, the team follows protocols to confirm the diagnosis and treat patients with the appropriate medication immediately if required. Their services are available in almost all the states of India and their connectivity throughout the country makes it feasible to reach the patient in minimum time.
The team reached the destination and preliminary investigation suggested that the patient was stable. A ground ambulance was arranged by the team as soon as the call was received from Mayank and he was carried to the flying zone where already all arrangements were in place. The team of doctor and nurse were present in the ambulance to take care of the well being of the patient throughout the transportation process. 
The team has expertised in repatriating patient with Non trauma injuries involving Cardiac episodes – Unstable angina, Acute myocardial infarction.The Medical flight carrying the patient is supported by highly experienced and qualified doctors, trained nurses - and it is well equipped with full Advanced life-support medical equipment including Cardiac monitors, pulse oximeters, ventilators, infusion pumps, syringe pumps, oxygen concentrators, blood glucose monitors, suction machines and other accessories for safe transportation which is mandatory for the patient suffering from a cardiac ailment. When treated for a coronary emergency while traveling, especially when a person is away from home or abroad, air medical transport is needed to get the person back home. A fixed wing air ambulance is used in the process specializing in critical care transport and it is equipped to transfer the patient from one medical facility to another. The plane becomes a mobile intensive care unit, and a flight team of health-care experts will manage the patient in flight.
The team also established contact with a multi-speciality hospital in Delhi and had asked to make arrangements for the patient's treatment. Govind's wife was kept in the loop about the entire proceedings and was informed to reach the destination hospital and initiate the preliminary formalities for the admission. Arrangements were made for Mayank to fly along with the patient. All the medication was taken care of during the journey by the medical team. They landed in Delhi safely and the ground ambulance to transport the patient to the destination hospital was already arranged by the Hi Flying services.
Rama, was waiting in the hospital and was relieved to see that her husband has arrived at the hospital safely and further treatment was initiated in the hospital. She was unaware of such kind of services but thanks to the boy Mayank, who got in touch with the Hi- Flying team, they assisted and provided with such a fast service which is undefinable. Govind is recovering well in the hospital and Rama can't stop to praise the services provided by the Hi-Flying team because of which the medical treatment was initiated at a faster pace. 

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