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Medical flights services in the Philippines

Medical flights services in the Philippines

Medical flights services in the Philippines
Samantha is a freelance journalist from the UK, who use to travel to the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries to cover news for an international news channel. The Philippines is known for the number of freelance journalists in the world, and it ranks third in the world listing. According to a survey, the Philippines has around 1.5 million, and it stands third after the United States and India, in online freelancing. Samantha's parents headed from the Philippines, and they settled in the UK some two decades back. Samantha was a bright student and took up journalism as her primary subject. After completing her studies, she opted to work for a news channel for a few years, and then after she started taking up freelance projects and mostly covered news for Southeast Asian countries, particularly the Philippines.
Elections at the national and local level commenced in the Philippines on the 13th of May 2019. Election time also brings in mass rallies and protest march too. The Government tries to take adequate measures such as security checks, roadblocks, police protection. The Philippines Bureau of Immigration issues special instructions for the foreign nationals to not participate in such rallies or to avoid moving in the regions were demonstration are held to avoid any uncanny situation to arise. During protests at times, the police carry out arrests of individuals if the condition turns violent. So it is advisable for foreign tourists to avoid to go to such places. 
Samantha was covering election news in Manila for a popular news channel of UK.
Few days before the election was to commence, she landed in the Philippines to cover the urban as well as the rural areas to include the opinion of people on several aspects including the nominated candidate, the infrastructural challenges, the expectations of the common public from their candidates, etc. One day she was covering the news of protest march at the Legazpi City in Albay, held by people against one of the candidates, and within minutes rally turned violent. Violence broke through, and people started running helter-skelter, the policeman opened water cannon and teargas to control the crowd. Several got injured, few people got killed in the incidence. Samantha got caught in the violence, and as she was trying to escape, she got stomped and was severely injured. The policemen rushed her to the local public hospital along with the other injured men. There the attending doctor and medical staff initiated her preliminary treatment. She received deep bruises on her hands and legs. Due to the stomping, she got back injury and had got severe pain in her spine. Samantha was alone in the city and also being in the remote region, the treatment facility was not up to mark. She requested the hospital authorities to establish contact with her family in the UK. Her parents contacted a few of her journalist friends to know how they can plan her evacuation at the earliest. One of Samantha's friend Joana had an idea of Medevac transport of a patient from one country to other with the aid of private air ambulance, choppers during an emergency or for transporting patients from one place to another. Joanna started searching on the web and found out about Hi Flying Air ambulance. They had repatriated several patients earlier from the Philippines and had several years of experience of transporting patients from the countries in South East Asia to the western countries.
The most important thing to consider while choosing a service provider for transporting injured, and or an ailing patient is how well they are acquainted with the geographical condition of that particular country. The experience of the staff and the medical facilities available with them is also a criterion which needs to be carefully considered.
Hi-Flying has made an enormous investment for the infrastructural facilities like the medical equipment, jets, airplane, and choppers. Also, the up-keep and revamping of these facilities are done from time to time to match the standards and the regulatory requirement of the industry. The staff, which includes the medical staff- doctors, nurses, paramedics undergo several training and certification courses to upgrade themselves with the requirements to handle patients with a different type of medical history. The staff is well trained to manage patients with a history of coronary heart trouble, COPD cases, trauma patients, aged people, patients those who have suffered from burnt cases, they have also transferred neonatal patients successfully from one country to another. They have made their mark globally and have their presence in most of the states. During emergencies like a flood, wars, or mishaps like massive landslides, the company has contributed to expatriate patients from one place to their home countries.
Samantha's friend Joana contacted the administrative staff of the company, and she was asked to provide the necessary information of the patient. The current location of the patient and her medical history. The administrative staff got in touch with the hospital authorities in the Philippines and inquired about her medical condition. The hospital informed them that the patient had received abrasion on her spine, and she needs to be stretcher bound for transportation from the hospital.
Post discussion about her medical condition it was finalized that Samantha should be air transported in an air ambulance in a stretcher bound condition. These stretchers are specially designed such that the patients are completely at ease, and the journey is comfortable. They are aligned such that a patient can be air lifted on an aircraft with the help of the medical professionals present in the air ambulance. Her parents finalized the hospital in the UK, and they contacted the doctor in the Philippines to arrange for her release so that with the aid of an Air ambulance she can repatriated. Samantha was transferred by a ground ambulance to the airport. All her current medication which was going on was arranged in the aircraft too. The medical escort team continuously coordinated with her family members and kept them informed about their status of travel. The documentation required for air transportation was handled by their team very efficiently. The medical clearance, ground clearance documentation were in place before transporting the patient to the aircraft.
Samantha was being transported by people whom she had not met or seen before, but the staff kept her in complete ease and kept her comfortable during the transit. She was delighted to see the professionalism along with the personal touch to their service. The patient reached the UK safely and was transported to the hospital in the UK. She needs further investigative procedures like CT Scan, MRI, and then the doctors will suggest the line of treatment. Amazingly, these kind of services are turning out to be a boon for patients who have fallen ill or met with an accident, and at times it's not possible for the family members to reach them personally due to some unavoidable circumstances. The family sent a "THANKYOU" note to the team for their care and service.
Samantha is undergoing treatment and is hopeful of recovering soon and starting working on her projects soon. Life gives a second chance to few, and Hi-Flying has time and again made it possible to be a partner to provide the second chance to the person who needs emergency medical attention.

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