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Aeromedical Services in Thailand

Aeromedical services in Thailand

Thailand is one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world. The maximum number of tourists those who visit Thailand are mainly from Malaysia, China, and Russia more than any other country in the world. Now many Indian tourists too have started visiting from the past many years. In the year 2018, around 1.6 million Indian tourists traveled to Thailand, and it has been estimated that they spent close to 70 billion Baht. Thailand has developed into a popular tourist destination. It is one of the leading tourist destinations among the Southeast Asian countries. Thailand's tourism industry dates back to almost 70 years. The tourism industry in Thailand contributes to 12 percent to Thailand's gross domestic product(GDP). Thailand's capital Bangkok is one of the world's favorite tourist destinations. The growing number of tourist are coming to the city itself proves that it is a real tourist paradise. Apart from the city itself, Bangkok is surrounded by many exciting provinces that are worth visiting. Bangkok is also known popularly as the "City of Angels".

There are great varieties of tourist attractions in Bangkok. So the city attracts tourists of different eccentricity and taste. There are mostly historical attractions which include temples with luxuriant architectures and arts. The most famous temples include Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Wat Phu Khao Thong, Wat Ratchanadda, Wat Traimit, Wat Benchamabophit, Wat Bowon, and Wat Sutat.

There are many palaces, museums, parks, and an array of shopping centers, from luxury malls to street markets and flee markets too. The most popular such markets are Chatuchak Weekend Market, Sampeng Market, and Pahurat Textile Market. The shopping malls in Bangkok offers an interesting experience of both old-world charm and modern-day convenience and luxury.

The nightlife of Bangkok is another major highlight that has attracted many tourists from all over the world. People who enjoy spending on pubs and clubs too have many options to explore in the city.

Sanjeev and Hema were soon going to ring in their 25th wedding anniversary. They took off to Bangkok for celebrating this special day with few of their close family members and their son, Rakesh. The idea came from one of their close family friend's who had been to Bangkok recently with his family and they just loved the warmth and aura of the city. Their family friend splurged themselves into visiting the most happening places in Bangkok, they tremendously spend on shopping in the town too. They described the beauty of the city so much so that Sanjeev got convinced that this is the place he would like to go for the special day of his life.

They all took off to the city of Bangkok. Total of 10 members accompanied them. They checked in one of the hotels in Bangkok and had already made their plans in advance as to which places they will be covering in the next five days. The ladies in the group had an idea to go for a separate shopping spree before winding up their trip. Rakesh had decided to go with the young members of their group to a club in the town. Madhura a lady in her 50's was also part of this group. She accompanied the ladies to the shopping mall. During shopping, Madhura met with a severe accident when she accidentally fell from an elevator of the mall and got severely injured. She was bleeding profusely. There was panic among the ladies. The mall administration arranged for an ambulance and rushed her to the hospital. Hema called up her husband and son to inform about the incidence. They all rushed to the hospital. The doctor said that she had suffered from deep injuries on her head and internal bleeding too because of which the patient has gone in a coma. They all were shattered to hear this. The doctor advised to keep her under observation for a few days and then further decide on the next action plan. In the meanwhile, the doctors initiated an array of test like blood tests, brain MRI, CT scan, etc.


A coma is a state of prolonged unconsciousness, it can be caused due to several reasons like — painful head injury, brain tumor, stroke, drug or alcohol intoxication, or even it can be caused due to illness like diabetes or an infection in the brain in the spinal cord.

A coma is a serious medical emergency, and very swift action is required to save the life of the patient and to restore brain function. A coma is a condition which seldom lasts longer than a few weeks(4-5 weeks). But a person who remains unconscious for a longer period mostly go into a vegetated state and eventually dies. 

What are the causes of Coma?

There are many causes of coma, few of which are listed below:

Traumatic brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries, often caused by traffic collisions or acts of violence, are common causes of comas.

Infections. Infections such as encephalitis and meningitis cause swelling (inflammation) of the brain, spinal cord or the tissues that surround the brain. Severe cases of these infections can result in brain damage or a coma.

Stroke. Reduced or interrupted blood supply to the brain (stroke), which may be caused by blocked arteries or a burst a blood vessel, can result in a coma.

Diabetes. People with diabetes, whose blood sugar levels become too high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia) can cause a coma.


Tumors. If there are tumors in the brain, it can cause a coma.

Lack of oxygen. A person who has drowned and has been rescued can go to coma due to lack of oxygen to the brain cells, or a person who has been resuscitated after a heart attack can also suffer from a coma due to lack of oxygen to the brain.

Seizures. A patient who is suffering from regular seizures may lead to a coma.

Toxins. A person who gets exposed to toxic chemicals, such as carbon monoxide or lead, can result in brain damage and a coma.

Drugs and alcohol. Overdosing on drugs or alcohol can result in a coma.

The family was disturbed and were indecisive as to what should be done next as it was unpredictable that when the patient shall recover from the coma. Her husband called up a neurosurgeon back in India, who was their family friend. The doctor advised them to maintain calm and cooperate with the medical team in Bangkok. He further told them that the tests should be continued and then the reports should be shared with him. After 24 hours when the reports were out, they mailed the report to their doctor in India. From the scans conducted, the doctor gave them hopes that her condition shall improve and she could be repatriated to India by using Aeromedical services such as an Air Ambulance. The doctor shared the details of Hi-Flying Air ambulance and assured them that that they are best in the industry who can handle the repatriation of even patient having the neurological condition of Glasgow coma scale less than 10.

The other family members returned to India on the planned date. Hema and Sanjeev stayed back with Harish and Madhura to take care of their medical needs and for their emotional support. Harish in the meanwhile got in touch with Hi-Flying air Ambulance and shared the details of the patient. The team assured them that their patient would be repatriated safely to India. As the patient was in an unconscious state, and she required hi-tech monitoring device, it was advised that the patient should be transported by an Air Ambulance as the medical equipment necessary for monitoring the condition of the patient is mantled in the aircraft. Ventilation, oxygen cylinders, and monitoring equipment are installed within the plane, and a dedicated team of medical escort will be accompanying. The other family members reached Mumbai and arranged for the procedure of hospitalization in Mumbai.

The patient was transported by a Learjet aircraft accompanied by her husband. They arrived in Mumbai and was transferred to the Mumbai hospital whereby her further medical treatment was initiated. Madhura recovered from coma miraculously within two weeks, and the family was delighted and happy to have her back. She will take time for a full recovery. The family has lots of praises for Hi-Flying team for arranging the transit smoothly and getting the patient right on time to India. 

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