Air Ambulance services in ETHIOPIA
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Air Ambulance services in ETHIOPIA

Air Ambulance services in ETHIOPIA.

Why there is a need for air ambulance in Ethiopia? 
Ethiopia does not have the facilities, equipment, and human resources to promote an emergency medical care service and as such lacks the essential infrastructure to provide emergency care. Over the past two decades, Ethiopia has made significant improvements, particularly in the training of key emergency medical staff. There are several opportunities to make additional short- and long-term improvements. Emergency medicine systems across Ethiopia need to be developed to handle acute and chronic conditions, non-communicable disorders, and trauma in Ethiopia. Ethiopia lacking a responsive, time-sensitive medical emergency. Ethiopia is still a long way from having integrated emergency medical services, despite progress in developing some of the necessary components. Additionally, ambulances in Addis Ababa Red Cross have a stretcher and basic supplies but have no advanced life support equipment such as airway operating systems, defibrillators, suction machines.  This needs a pre-hospital coordination body with clear short- and long-term goals in tackling the current challenges facing Ethiopia and Addis Ababa.

What is the Health issue of Ethiopia?
The health care system in Ethiopia involves main health centers, hospitals, and clinics. Only main towns have full-time physician clinics, and most hospitals are located in Addis Ababa. Modern health care access is very restricted and is practically non-existent in many rural villages. The infant mortality rate is approximate twice the average in the globe. Lower respiratory infections, diarrhoeal illnesses, and HIV / AIDS are common medical issues. HIV / AIDS incidence in Ethiopia is higher than the world standard and partially higher than in neighboring nations, although it is smaller than in many other African nations. The country's medical colleges continue to generate general practitioners and a few experts, but the productivity scale does not meet the increasing demand. Equipment and drug shortages are ongoing issues in the nation. Widespread use of traditional healing remains to be vital, including specific occupations such as bone setting, obstetrics, and minor surgery. 

Location of Ethiopia and its importance. 
Ethiopia is the oldest autonomous nation in Africa and its second biggest in population terms. It has never been colonized apart from a five-year occupation by Mussolini's Italy. It served throughout the colonial period as a landmark of African independence and for many international organizations, it was a founding partner of the United Nations and the African base. Ethiopia has no access to the sea since the split from Eritrea in 1993. Rainfall is often highly focused, resulting in natural vegetation being steadily eroded. Climate change most affects drinking water, agriculture, and the health of the population. Ethiopia has 53 airports. It's per capita annual GDP was only around $650. Over 50% of the population lived below the worldwide poverty line, the world's largest poverty rate. Ethiopia was among the first autonomous countries to sign the United Nations Charter, providing moral and material support for Africa's decolonization and the development of pan-African collaboration. These activities culminated in the establishment of the African Unity Organization and the African Economic Commission of the United Nations, both headquartered in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia hosts a number of adjacent countries ' refugees.  The overwhelming majority of refugees are from Somalia, but Eritrea, Sudan, and South Sudan also have large numbers. Conversely, there is some Ethiopian refugee movement, most of which claims political persecution and is mainly destined for Kenya or the US. 

Some Amazing facts of ETHIOPIA.
Ethiopia, in Eastern Africa, is a landlocked country. It borders on Kenya, South Sudan, Djibouti, Somali, and Sudan. Ethiopia is Africa's second most populous nation, with a population of more than 90 million by 2015. In this nation, more than 80 languages are spoken. English is the language of instruction at higher learning institutions. Oromo, Amharic, Somali and Tigrinya are the most commonly spoken local languages. Early man's oldest fossil has been found here. Ethiopian Abebe Bikila won the first Olympic gold medal in Africa in 1960. Approximately 70 percent of Africa's hills are in this nation. It is interesting to note that, when the goats of the shepherd ate some leaves and become restless then he found a popular drink coffee.  Coffee was found in the Kaffa area of this nation. In Ethiopia, Lake Tana supplies the river Blue Nile, which feeds the river White Nile before entering the river Great Nile. To get you to any location within the nation, it has various airports. Addis Ababa Airport, also known as Bole International Airport, is one of these main access points. The Ethiopian Calendar is thirteen months behind the Gregorian calendar and seven and half years behind it. New Year begins in Ethiopia on September 11 and in a leap year a day later. Ethiopia is one of the most important tourist spots to explore the Horn of Africa. It has a lovely mix of cultures and exotic delicious dishes.  

Hi Flying Air Ambulance International services in Ethiopia. 
Hi flying Air Ambulance services in Ethiopia are very active and offers the best of their services. They are very efficient in domestic as well as international sectors with all most recent ICU facility.  Hi flying international air ambulance is well-equipped with modern technology apparatus which give relief to the sufferers. In many operations, namely disaster management, various rescue operations, and medivac in Ethiopia Hi flying air ambulance services are doing extremely best in their duties. Hi flying international air ambulance team members are really dedicated to saving the life of the patients. They are known to accept any challenging mission to save the life of people. Their medical and technical experts are professionals to handle any worst situation. Highly qualified staff and pilots with the help of ground staff only has one aim to serve the people in tough situations. Hi flying International Air ambulance in Ethiopia, are fully equipped with advanced cardiac life support systems, advanced trauma life support systems to save a life. Their medical team in Ethiopia is having a great experience in rescuing the people. Numerous Clients from different walks of life, of Hi flying air Ambulance International, are available across the world and their safety is the most immensely colossal priority. Hi flying air Ambulance International offers the excellence of comfort. Paramount to mention that they offer commiseration with consummate care. 

Ethiopia Launches First Air Ambulance
Ethiopia joins the crowd in launching its first emergency air transport services, thanks to the increasing popularity of medical flight services in various regions of the globe. While this service will help hundreds of people at the right time to receive high-level medical care, it will also be of great benefit to Ethiopia as a whole. East Africa Aviation also has an air charter service and an aviation school in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, in addition to offering air transport medical services. Around three years ago, East African Aviation became the first airline in the East African area to provide air ambulance transportation, flight training, and personal charter facilities all in one location. The company is owned by Capt. Mulat Lemlemayehu, a former Ethiopian commercial pilot who also owns an air school and an air charter service. East African Aviation launched Ethiopia's first air ambulance service with aircraft fitted with state-of-the-art medical facilities and licensed medically qualified staff to provide secure and effective air transport to those in East Africa who require timely medical attention. It is observed that the country's financial development has resulted in fresh investment in Ethiopia. There was no air ambulance in Ethiopia with over 90 million individuals, a tourist spot in the whole area of Africa and, moreover, a town like Addis Ababa which is Africa's diplomatic capital where they are having a large global community. East African Aviation has a team of experienced, skilled and qualified pilots who have served Ethiopian Airlines for many years.

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