Air Ambulance services in Singapore
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Air Ambulance services in Singapore

Air Ambulance services in Singapore

Singapore is a multilingual and multicultural country. It has a rich heritage of culture, art, language. It is one of the countries which has developed fast in all sectors including but not limited to tourism, business, economics, finance, education, and health-care sectors.The population distribution of Singapore includes Chinese(76.2%), Malays(15.0%) and Indians(7.4%). There are mainly four official languages in Singapore: Malay, Mandarin, English, and Tamil. Having said that there is a routine transit of people from different countries to Singapore. Tourists from the western countries and locals of the neighboring countries regularly travel to and from Singapore for various reasons like trade, business, to avail health care facilities, higher education etc. to Singapore.

Many people routinely travel between Singapore and Malaysia for work-related purpose. You don't need a visa if you're to be in Malaysia for 30 days or less as there is the Visa-on-Arrival facility. There is also a train service running between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore managed by the KTM, the one, and only Malaysian train company. The train is more relaxing transportation method of traveling from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (or KL to Singapore). The train departs three times a day from Singapore. The trip will take about 5-6 hours. There are two daily trains and one night train. The road travelr journey from Singapore-KL takes about 5 hours. From Malacca it is around 4 hours and from Kuala Lumpur around 6 hours to Singapore. If one prefers to travel by road, bus services are available from Queen Street Bus Terminal (Ban San Bus Terminal) to Larkin Terminal in Johor Bahru in Malaysia. There one can transfer to an express coach bound for different Malaysian states, including Kuala Lumpur. The trip can take 40 minutes to 2 hours, and the fares applicable are nominal, based on distance.

Bryan traveled from India to Singapore for a better work opportunity. His wife was pregnant and he was expecting to travel to India soon to meet them soon. He was a motorcyclist and enjoyed driving on his motorcycle. He often traveled from Singapore to Malaysia with his friends. Back in March when he was traveling to Malaysia, he met with an accident and was transferred to a hospital in Malaysia. Bryan, was heading towards Malaysia for breakfast with his colleagues. Bryan is just 29 years old. He enjoyed such short trips quite often. This time they had plans for breakfast in one of the most famous eating joints in Malaysia but the experience turned bitter.

Bryan worked as a public servant and was heading north with his group when the accident occurred on these Causeway sides of Malaysia. All of them were riding alone on their bikes. Bryan was riding on a faster speed, and he lost his control and hit another vehicle. At around, 8.30 am the incident occurred, he was immediately rushed to the hospital. The accident took place at the Johor-Singapore Causeway. This causeway is about 1056 meters in length, and it links the city of Woodlands in Singapore and Johor Bahru in Malaysia. The police were immediately alerted, and an ambulance was summoned. He had suffered from a spine injury. The ambulance upon arrival had him stretcher-bound. The patient was in deep pain and was immovable. He was rushed to a hospital in Malaysia and his preliminary treatment was initiated. Bryan's family was intimated about the accident. Back home in India, he was survived by his old parents, wife and their newborn son. It was very difficult for anyone to travel to Malaysia in such condition.

The family asked for help to air transfer the patient from Malaysia to India. Traveling would be very hectic and time consuming for the family members. So they preferred to air transfer, Bryan. One of Bryan's friend Alex was also there in the hospital who was handling the situation.

The family called up Alex for his assistance in repatriating Bryan from the hospital to India. Alex co-ordinated with the hospital authorities, and they conveyed that this is possible using an Air Ambulance service. They gave him the contact details of Hi-Flying air ambulance service who operate vigilantly in the south-east countries particularly Singapore, Malaysia. Indonesia etc.

Alex got in touch with the authorities of Hi-Flying. The administrative staff asked for the necessary information of the patient and the hospital details. The team got in touch with the hospital staff and took information about the condition of the patient and the requirements for transferring the patient.

The family had decided to get the patient transported to Mumbai, India and get him treated there. Hi- Flying team had a complete plan chalked out for this case. Once the request and details of the patient were confirmed, the medical expert team got in touch with the patient whereby he was located.

The medical team conducted the initial assessment of the patient and the operation's team arranged for the scheduling of deportation of the patient by an Air Ambulance. Air ambulances are aircraft's specially designed and equipped with the medical equipment which are required to assist the patient for smooth and safe transfer from bed to bed. These services save time required for transferring the patient which is an important essence for saving the life of critical patients or transferring patients who may be seriously injured and transporting these patients to the hospital which are better equipped helps to recover the patient faster.

Also, air ambulance flies along with the medical escort who are trained and can handle the medical emergency better than the other general hospital attendants.

The team reached the hospital in Malaysia and were fully equipped with medical equipment and the emergency medication required. The team of doctor's attending the patient were experienced to handle patient's who had suffered from spinal injuries. They took down the medical history of the patient, and he was transferred by ground ambulance to the airport. The administrative staff managed ground clearance and the repatriation of the patient was smooth from Malaysia to India. Alex was a great help to the family. He was there with Bryan all the time in the hospital. Hi-Flying also arranged for Alex to fly along with Bryan so that in the absence of his family members he could provide moral support to the patient.

The hospital in India finalized by the family were co-ordinated and the medical history of the patient was shared. The exact time of transportation, arrival time of the patient to the hospital and all crucial details were shared. The family members were in close contact with the medical team of Hi-Flier.

In this case, a medical stretcher was used for mobilizing the patient. Trained physician and nurse accompanied the patient and were monitoring the condition of the patient continuously. Boarding of the patient, security clearance and the necessary documentation clearance was taken care of by their administrative staff.

Upon reaching India, the medical escorts accompanied the patient to the receiving facility and provided a detailed report to the medical team of the receiving facility.

The required papers were handed over to the medical team.

The patient was smoothly facilitated to the receiving facility of his families choice and on time. The family members were happy with their experience of Hi-Flying. Most importantly, the patient reached his destination safely.





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