Commercial Airline stretcher services in Hong Kong
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Commercial Airline stretcher services in Hong Kong

Commercial Airline stretcher services in Hong Kong.
Neena works in UAE with her husband. She is primarily from India, and after her marriage, she shifted to UAE for work. Neena's husband Roy has his extended family members staying in the Hong Kong. Both were fond of traveling and exploring new places. Every year during the summer vacation of their kids, the couple ensured to plan a trip to India or Hong Kong or sometimes maybe in the Middle East countries.
This year it was select for Neena's Mom, as she was turning 75, and she planned to surprise her Mom by visiting India and then taking her along with her to Hong Kong to visit the country, meet family members and explore the beauty of the country. Her mother, Irawati, was delighted by the unexpected visit of her daughter, son-in-law and her grand-children's. The joy doubled up when she came to know that she would be traveling with them to Hong Kong and ring her birthday there.
Things went as per plan, and after completing formalities of visa, they all flew to Hong Kong. They all checked in a hotel as they were many members and visited their relatives on a day. Roy's cousin, Sameer, had made arrangements for their local site seeing and shopping spree. The family together visited places like Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, Tian Tan Buddha, and Victoria Park. They all were enjoying their stay and sightseeing. The kids were all excited about their day to day visit and were waiting to return to school to share their experience with their friend's back in Oman.
Irawati too was happy as after a long time she was touring with her family out of India. In the past, Irawati had suffered from a cardiac arrest and had undergone open heart surgery. She was a conscious lady and managed her diet and food well. She was on regular medication and would eat, exercise, and sleep proportionately. During the trip, at times, she skipped her medicine or maybe forgot to take her medicine properly. Also, her diet had gone on a toss. She suffered from a mild attack, and she was rushed to the hospital.
Sameer had contacts in a healthcare facility in Hong Kong, and so the arrangements were made on priority. Sameer was staying in Hong Kong for the past twenty years, and he knew most part and policies of the country well. Hong Kong has both private and public health care facilities running. The health care services provided by the Government in the public hospitals are free of charge, the private health care centers are world class, but they are very expensive, and if the tourists are traveling without insurance then the bills can be unexpectedly high. The infrastructure of Hong Kong has mixed medical facility comprising of Government as well as private hospitals. There are about 11 private and 43 public hospitals in the country, and the country has contributed to a greater extent in the field of medical science on a global scale. Hong Kong developed the technology of live liver transplant technology and was the first to carry out an adult to adult liver transplantation in the year 1993. The eleven private hospitals those runs in Hong Kong have all partnered with the United Kingdom for an international healthcare enfranchisement, and all the hospitals are Trent accredited. The statutory power to monitor, approve, organize, and assess all medical training is held by the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. The private and public sector hospitals are well equipped and can cater to the best services. The public sector hospitals are crowded and require long waiting time as compared to the private sector hospitals.
Irawati was insured, and so it didn't pose much of a financial disadvantage for the family. Her preliminary medical investigation, Angiography test was conducted, and the doctor revealed there was a block and suggested Angioplasty.
Angiography is a different medical procedure as compared to Angioplasty. They are two distinct medical procedures that are related to the blood vessels, more specifically of the heart. In an angiography, tests are conducted to investigate or examine the blood vessels for a potential heart condition; Angioplasty involves widening the narrowed arteries to treat the condition.
Irawati was reluctant to carry out the procedure in Hong Kong, and she asked her daughter to consult with her doctor in India who had operated her earlier. Belief and confidence are the factors which govern when one opts for advanced medical treatment, and this was the reason, the patient got adamant and wanted to fly back to the home country. The family consulted the doctor in India, and he suggested to repatriate the patient under the medical supervision of the medical professional to India. The family was clueless before about such facilities. Their doctor provided them the contact details of Hi-Flying services as they are expert in expatriating patient with cardiac history. They have worked in close coordination with the hospital in India on several occasion and have successfully deported many ailing patients from different part of the world.
Roy and Neena contacted Hi-Flying team. Their administrative department took down a brief about the current condition of the patient.  As per the doctor's suggestion, they asked them to arrange the deportation of the patient on a commercial flight and to arrange for medical escorts on board. They assured them that their best team would assist Irawati on board, and they will monitor the medical condition of the patient in-flight. All the necessary medical equipment and medication will be arranged in-flight, and the arrangements will be made well in advance before the take-off of the flight. The medical clearance, documentation for approval of transportation will be handled by their administrative team. The discussion was fruitful, but still, they were in a dilemma about how things would happen eventually. Their team made excellent arrangements for the transportation of the patient, and the patient arrived safely in India. The family members too traveled on the same flight.
The medical equipment for monitoring the condition of the patient was arranged by the medical team in close coordination with the engineering team of the commercial flier. The doctor and nurses monitored the health of Irawati throughout the flight. A report was built and submitted to the doctor of the receiving hospital on arrival. A ground ambulance was already arranged when they landed in the airport in India, and the patient was immediately transported to the hospital.
Irawati's procedure was planned soon after, and she responded well to the treatment. The family was pleased and astonished by the professionalism of the team of Hi-Flying. Earlier they were unsure as to how the process will be taken care off. The entire procedure was handled with much detailing and care. The Hi-Flying staff was obligated and very much responsible. Irawati's family has sent a “Thank you” note to the team. 

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