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Medevac services in Hong Kong

Medevac services in Hong Kong
The name “Hong Kong" is a linguistic translation of the city's title. It is a Cantonese pronunciation, and the name means "Spice harbor" or "fragrant harbor." There are different stories associated with the name. Local people say that the stream was full of fragrance and hence the name "fragrant harbor." Few interesting facts about the city are that it is renowned worldwide for its deep natural harbor, and its jungle of glass and stones.
Hong Kong is a special administrative region which lies on the eastern side of the Pearl River body of water in southern China. The land mass of Hong Kong is 1,104-square-kilometre, and more than 7.4 million people belonging to various nationalities reside in this territory. Hong Kong is the second most densely populated region, with about 1 million population living in the defined area.
There is a long history behind the formation of Hong Kong. But to put forth in short,  Qing China surrendered the colony to the British Empire in 1842, after the First Opium War came to an end and then after the kingdom was expanded to the Kowloon Peninsula after the second opium war in 1860. The British also obtained a lease of 99 years in 1898. Finally, Hong Kong got transferred to China in 1997. Hong Kong being a special administrative region, it maintains separate economic, governing systems of its own from that of mainland China. The people of Hong Kong takes pride to identify themselves as Hongkongers rather than Chinese. Hong Kong was originally a very sparsely populated area, and the region was known for farming and fishing villages, but it has grown with a boom over the years. The territory of Hong Kong has become one of the world's most important commercial harbor and financial centers. The currency of Hong Kong is the thirteenth most potent and traded currency. Hong Kong rates the charts within the first few influential countries for its trade, economy, and finance. It takes pride in hosting the largest concentration of ultra-high-net-worth residents and individuals of any city in the world residing here. Even though the per capita income of Hong Kong is one of the highest, but there is severe income inequality.
In the light of the given background of the region, there was a recent protest in Hong Kong, which was called by the protesters of Hong Kong. They protested around the Legislative council building, and there was severe tension in and around the area where the protest was held. The pressure rose more and more, and few protesters tried to ram the glass doors of the building with the aid of metal trolley and metal bars, etc. There were dozens of police officers deputed for maintaining the situation and avoid any disruption of law and order. However, as the tension grew, police had to use measures like arrests and handling of the protesters. Hong Kongers came out on the streets for marking their protests on the 22nd anniversary of the handover  Hong Kong, the former colony of the British toChina.
On Monday morning, protesters were out on the street from the early hours, blocking the roads around the critical administrative buildings. There were violent clashes between the police and the protesters. Batons, sprays were being used to disperse the crowd and to avoid any uncanny incidence further, and this lead to people running here and there.
A group of tourists from Thailand was in Hong Kong, and unfortunately, they got caught in the protest march. They were near the administrative building for some official work, and when the sudden chaos begins. Two of them were severely injured, with multiple injuries on the chest and head. Due to the disorder and running of people here and there, people got stabbed and in the incidence two of the Thai tourists were stabbed brutally. They were rushed to the hospital and were rendered preliminary treatment.
The group members those who escaped with minor injuries received first aid and established contact with a hospital in their home country. The hospital authorities suggested using Medevac service for the evacuation of the patient. The medical facilities in Hong Kong hospitals too are at par. The families of the injured were tensed and preferred to fly their people back. Also, the growing tension in the region was another cause that forced them to decide to expatriate the patient using Medevac service. The hospital authorities suggested Hi-Flying Medevac service as they fly in these countries on a routine basis.
Medevac services are emergency medical services used during a situation like war, natural calamities, etc. But in recent years this service is used for evacuation of citizens and patients on a routine basis too. The Medevac service helps faster deportation of people stuck in some situation in a foreign land or transit of a patient faster, one who needs urgent medical help.
One of their group member Zahid got in touch with the Hi-Flying service team and explained them the situation. The condition of the patients was briefed; the team asked them about the necessary information of the patient and took down the inputs in their system. The case was locked, and arrangements were initiated to evacuate the injured patients with the aid of a Learjet aircraft. The documentation got started by the Hi-Flying authorities, and the necessary clearance for the transit of the patients at the airport was taken care of by the administrative staff of Hi-Flying.
A ground ambulance was activated at Hong Kong for transporting the patient from the hospital to the airport in Hong Kong. The team involved doctors, nurses, and paramedics in taking care of the patients during transportation on the flight. The patients arrived at the airport and were carried to the aircraft utilizing a medical stretcher. Medicines required for pain-care and anti-inflammatory drugs were ready on board. The immediate intravenous medication was started for pain management. One of the members from their team who was uninjured accompanied them. The flight took off from Hong Kong and arrived at Thailand in about 3 hours 15 minutes. Ground ambulance in Thailand airport was on a stand by to carry the patients to the hospital in Thailand. The family members of the injured people were waiting too and were relieved at the sight of their people back in their country. 
The ground ambulance carried them directly to the Thailand hospital, and the family members accompanied them too by road. It was a relief for the family members to have their people safe in the home country and they were thankful to the Hi-Flying team for their fast and professional approach, proper planning and execution for expatriating the patients back. 

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