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Medevac services in Singapore.
Pang is a young guy, around 24 who came to work in a restaurant in urban Singapore. He headed from a large family from a village in Singapore, Lorong Buangkok. He worked in the kitchen of a well known Chinese restaurant.
Singapore's Kampong Lorong Buangkok itself has a very interesting history. The village is considered as the last surviving village in Singapore - a traditional settlement that has remained untouched by time. Throughout Singapore, one will find high rise skyscrapers and shopping malls protruding toward the skyline. This village, however, refrained from modernization and provided a comparison of how significantly Singapore has transformed over the past few years, standing as the country's last living link to its past.
Kampong means village in Singapore, and interestingly it is believed the chronicle of the word ‘compound' came from the same word Kampong, which is a Malay word. A Kampong is a village which has a cluster of houses that are situated very close to each other and the people residing their form a community. Singapore until the recent past used to be made up of these Kampongs, when modernization took over in the country, and most of the Kampongs were brought down and were dismantled and replaced with concrete high rise buildings and shopping malls (HDBs) for which today's Singapore is so popular for. High rises allow better use of space and utilities, in an increasingly growing population and so these Kampong's had to give them way for the development of the country. The village has still managed to survive its existence; this is what fascinates many outsiders, mainly the tourists. The current Kampong currently houses approximately 30 families, a mix of Malay and Chinese. The interesting part is that modern life has barely touched them and all the families stay close-knit to each other. 
Now, coming back to Pang's family. They still manage to stay in Lorong Buangkok and the family has ten members all surviving under the same roof. Pang was grown up and he knew he has to to charge of his responsibilities, and for a better future, he decided to go out and work in the city. Pang had a good hand in Chinese cuisine. Staying in a joint family and watching the ladies of the family, his grandmother, and mother to cook the Chinese delicacies, he too developed a good sense of cooking Chinese food, and this is what helped him to bag a job in a good restaurant in the city. The owner and the manager were all happy about his work, and he was a very hard working guy. The restaurant wanted to expand its business in the eastern countries, particularly in India, he was offered an excellent pay package, and Pang readily agreed to migrate to Mumbai, India. Work front he was doing good, and he was adjusting slowly in his new world in Mumbai. He regularly called up at home and sent money back for their living.
One day his mother revealed that his father is not keeping well off late and has developed some symptoms like unusual weight loss, weariness, yellow discoloration has developed in his skin and eyes, and redness has developed on his palms, and he has completely lost appetite.
Pang told his mother to take him to a doctor in the city where one of his earlier colleague working in the Singapore hotel will assist her to take a doctor's appointment. After further doctors advise, he will decide on what to do. She agreed to do so and took her husband to the city hospital. The doctor advised to carry out a few tests, as he doubted that he was suffering from liver cirrhosis.
Cirrhosis of the liver occurs at a late stage. It is scarring (fibrosis) of the liver and is caused by one or many forms of liver diseases and conditions, which may include illness like hepatitis and chronic alcoholism.
Scar tissues are formed when the liver is injured maybe cause of any disease, excessive alcohol consumption or any other reason. The liver tries to repair itself in the process. As the disease progresses, more scar tissue is formed, and it becomes difficult for the liver to function correctly. This condition can be life-threatening when it reaches Advanced cirrhosis stage.
The liver damage done by cirrhosis generally is irreversible hence if the disease is diagnosed early and the treatment is initiated, further damage can be limited.
Diagnosis is carried out by the following method:
1. Liver biopsy: At an early stage, liver cirrhosis doesn't show up any specific symptoms. A blood test followed with a combination of imaging tests in the laboratory usually is suggested by the doctor to confirm the disease. Blood tests include checking for excess bilirubin, as well as certain other enzymes. Also, the blood test is conducted to check for creatinine, screening tests are done to check for hepatitis viruses.
2. Imaging tests. Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) is also recommended by the doctor what is called as a noninvasive advanced imaging test which detects the hardening or stiffening of the liver. Other imaging tests, such as ultrasound, MRI, CT scan may also be suggested for further confirmation.
3. Biopsy: This may not always be required but the doctor may recommend this test to identify the severity of cirrhosis and the extent of the damage caused to the liver.

The tests were conducted and the doctor confirmed that Pang’s father was suffering from liver cirrhosis. His father had a habit of alcohol dependency and this was the probable cause of the damage caused to the liver. 
One of his friend in India suggested Pang that there are many hospitals in Mumbai and the treatment shall be affordable and also will a chance for his parents to visit him in Mumbai. Pang discussed the reports with a doctor in Mumbai and the doctor gave him a positive hope that the patient can be cured to a large extent. One important task was to repatriate the patient in Mumbai, as his symptoms were critical. The doctor suggested him to contact Hi-Flying team as they have their base in Mumbai and they carry out patient transportation regularly from India to the Asian countries. Pang contacted the administrative staff of Hi-Flying and shared the details of his father. The team arranged for a Medical evacuation with the assistance of their team of doctor and nurse.
Pang's parent's reached Mumbai and the treatment was initiated.The doctor takes a call on the type of treatment for cirrhosis depending on the cause and the extent to which the liver damage has been damaged. The most important goal is to reduce the scaring process so that further damage is not caused and the patient can recover to the best possible extent.
In the early stage of cirrhosis, it may be possible to minimize damage to the liver by treating the underlying cause. The options include:
Since the patient had a history of alcohol dependency, the doctor recommended a treatment program for alcohol addiction since it was critical for him to stop drinking since any amount of alcohol is toxic to the liver. He was put on a low-sodium diet and medication to prevent fluid buildup in his body and to control swelling. 
Medication: Certain blood pressure medications was initiated to control his increased pressure in the veins that supply the liver (portal hypertension) and prevent any bleeding. Antibiotics were started in order to avoid further infection.
Pang's father cooperated with the doctor, and his treatment was showing a positive response. The family was happy to see him recovering well. They were happy with the services of Hi-Flying; they had only praises for the doctor and the Hi-Flying team for making the things possible so smoothly. They stayed in such a small village and were unaware of the external world, it was a massive relief to the entire family, and they also got a chance to visit India and are proud of their son’s accomplishment. 

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