Medical flights services in Thailand
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Medical flights services in Thailand

Medical flights services in Thailand
Thailand is a country visited by many tourists around the world and is one the most popular holiday, tourist, couple as well as students visit destination. The country is lively and attracts tourist from all around the world. Huge shopping malls, beaches, serene islands, cultural places offers tourists with different variety in the country. 
Along with the charm of traveling to a new destination, there also exists the risk of getting injured, sick, accidents, or chronic ailment at times. One has to be alert and informed whenever some untoward incident occurs, particularly in a foreign land and should take the right suggestion and approach when the incidence is related to health.
Hi-Flying Air ambulance is an organization which has repatriated patients actively since years from different parts of the world. Their services are customized as per the requirement and budget of the patient. They evaluate the situation and condition of the patient beforehand; a detailed evaluation of the medical condition of the patient is carried out before planning the repatriation of the patient.
Hi-Flying has a range of aircraft for patient repatriation. Depending upon the critical condition of the patient, need of the hour and the distance that has to be covered by the plane; they are deputed for a particular patient transfer. The Learjet aircraft are the Jet class category and are the most popular jet air ambulance. People who plan to fly their near ones with better in-flight medical facilities to other destination for medical treatment prefer the Learjet models as the aircraft in these ranges can perform better under turbulent and challenging condition. The aircraft is more popular as it is comfortable and quiet and can transport a different number of patient with the co-passengers along with the crew members. Some of the advanced flying jets that the company provides for patient transfer are Learjet 35, Learjet 45, Learjet 60, and Gulfstream 150. These models of the aircraft are most reliable, has proven reliability, and it has superb navigation facilities. It gives the pilot the extra boost and advantage to transport a patient who needs emergency medical attention. The speed of these aircraft is unmatched with any other aircraft of this range. The aircraft is designed and equipped with the most sophisticated medical equipment required for the transit of a patient.
The company also has a facility of Gulfstream Air ambulance, which is more massive and can accommodate more number of patient and the family members those who prefer to fly along with the patient. The advantage of using this aircraft is that it can be used for carrying a group of people, during emergency Medevac service, whenever an accident has occurred in any particular location.
One of the High-school group traveled from the US to Thailand, and the group met with a road accident. Few members were severely injured, and emergency help arrived at the location. They were hospitalized and were undergoing emergency treatment. Their parents back in the US were worried and preferred to fly back their kids to the US for treatment. The school management arranged for the transportation of their administrative staff to Thailand to evaluate the condition of the students and the feasibility of flying them back to the US under the current health condition. Few of the parents too chose to fly. Upon reaching Thailand, the staff discussed with the doctors and enquire as to how they can repatriate all the injured students together. The hospital authorities informed them about the Air ambulance services of HI-Flying. They operate vigilantly in Thailand; is headquartered in the US.

The school administration got in touch with the team of Hi Flying and explained to them about the situation and the number of students required to be transported back to the home country. The administrative team of Hi-Flying assured them that the repatriation would be arranged very smoothly and systematically. They also briefed them about the medical staff, which will be designated in the process. During the transport of a patient in an air ambulance, it is essential to have the best and qualified medical professionals and those who have undergone rigorous training and have years of experience on board. Handling of patient in-flight is an altogether different experience as compared to ground service. Also, when the situation arises to carry multiple patients on-board, the parameters are far more distinct and challenging. Hi-Flying has a team of trained nurses, paramedics, doctors who have undergone training in aeromedical services and can attend to patient in-flight, one who may be critically ill, neonatal patient, burnt patient or severe trauma patient.

The team has a therapist and doctors who are expert in the following fields:

  •  Respiratory Therapists
  •  Pediatric Medical Team & Neonatal Nurses
  •  Physicians Trained in Critical Care Medicine
  •  Advanced Life Support Paramedics
  •  Cardiologists
  •  Neurologists
  •  Orthopedists

The medical flight crew members will thoroughly review the patient’s medical history before transferring the patient on an Air ambulance. Protocols are strictly followed by the crew members.
In case the patient is critically ill and is on a ventilator, then the company will make provision to depute a paramedic such as a respiratory therapist. He/she will attend the patient along with a crew of a doctor or nurse. The medical team undergoes training and qualification from time to time for their up-keep with the latest development in the technology. Safety training for handling patients and other crew members is also provided from time to time.
The Air ambulance is equipped with the following facilities
FAA Approved Stretcher System on Board, Defibrillators, Cardiac Monitors, ECG, invasive and non-invasive blood pressure, Infusion Pumps, Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen supplies, regulators and gauges, Mask, Clean Linens, Emergency Drug Box, Blankets and Pillows
The medical equipment is checked from time to time, and a quarantine is always maintained.
In a neonatal case, additional care is taken. Other medical equipment required for Pediatric transfer is available on board. The Ventilator and Transport Incubator specially designed for the purpose is used.

In this case, the team reached Thailand and evaluated the condition of the injured students and arranged for their transfer in a ground ambulance to the airport. Two teams worked in coordination in this case. One team reached the hospital for carrying the patient to the airport. The other team was on standby and made all arrangements for the ground clearance. The medical stretchers were used to transfer the patients on board, and the family members too accompanied them. Few students who sustained minor bruises were discharged by the hospital, and they traveled on a commercial flight with the administrative members of the school. The flight took off for the US. The crew made a great arrangement, and a well-laid plan helped for a smooth transit. The paramedics and nurses monitored the condition of the patient throughout the travel. The team is experienced in the expatriation of patients from the past many years; the process becomes easy. Coordination among the crew members in every case they handle is a mark of the team members professionalism. The patients arrived in the US safely and were carried in a ground ambulance to a medical facility in the US. 

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