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​The Rapid Evolution of New Technologies Initiated in response to Social Media, Has Changed the Entire Paradigm of Business, Marketing, and Professional development.
The rapid pace of technological development and related pressures on business development and maintenance have businesses outsourcing Jobs for Qualified Workers.  Here’s why:
During the past 4 years the rapid development of new technology has given everyone, from small business startups to established corporate providers, the capacity to develop and evolve an amazingly competitive on-line business presence.
Our Fast 50 survey of 280,000 online jobs shows that small businesses are rapidly developing e-commerce sites reveals’s largest online jobs survey found that the number of businesses outsourcing jobs for staff qualified to create ecommerce sites was up 19% in the first three months of 2013. These results reveal that German small businesses are moving online in order to become more competitive and signals even greater competition for high street retailers. Orders for Magento and shopping carts were up as well, seeing 14% and 18% increases respectively.
User access to the internet initiated by Social Media has been a priority requiring new technologies that are more intuitive and less provider dependent than ever before.  Where programming skills were once required, a single individual can now utilize WordPressor purchase Magento. Then, after utilizing a tutorial (WP) or the Theming Cookbook and user guides in the case of Magento, they can create individualized theme or store sites to meet their needs.  Many people around the world are acquiring these skills and bidding for jobs through
Across the internet users at all levels are moving towards the ideal of a universally fluent interface for commercial and personal communication.  Open source offerings like AJAX and the availability of programs like RubyOnRails and Wordpress has allowed users to operate with a minimal knowledge of programming code and still achieve an attractive, functional and flexible result.  While individual Owners or administrative staff may not have the time or interest to learn program functions, there are many individuals around the world available to provide the necessary skills to bring these programs on-line for business operators.
The changes necessary to allow small business owners to hire locally are significant.  Changes intactics and the promotion of the technology necessary for German businesses to gain and retain market share in commercial enterprise encompass nearly every area of every area of life including the implementation of internet technology in areas including; education,  finance, retail, and government.  The implementation of high speed, reliable access for residential, business or academic uses is essential to prepare workers for jobs in commercial and industrial design, modeling, marketing, sales, BTB communication and cooperation or almost any other area you can name.  
The rapid growth of income related to internet technology is founded on the integration of the internet into daily living.  The internet is far less integrated in the daily life of Germany’s people since it is useful for far less.  The governments lagging utilization creates a disincentive for businesses to utilize the technology.   In turn fewer educational resources are allocated to IT.   This creates a lack of familiarity with it in creating barriers for new members of the workforce and problems continue.  While these limitations continue there is far less incentive or pressure to provide or pay for high speed connectivity.  In addition the communications network supporting information transfer (that most will pay for) is far slower and more costly than it is in places like the US where consumer demand is higher due to increased familiarity and supported by the fact that federal and state subsidies have supported the creation of access even in rural areas making the U.S. effectively a wired entity.
Entrepreneurs, aware of the direction worldwide business is taking are understandably responding to these deficits by looking elsewhere for help. 
Matt Barrie, C E O  of noted recently that a “A recent National Opinion poll of 2000 German small businesses determined that  52% would be outsourcing even more work to freelancers next year.  An additional 30% indicated that they would not decrease the number outsourced freelancers.  With almost all estimates of IT employment and income production falling short of actual outcomes this underscores the need for change. 
The lack of available staff trained to utilize essential new technologies on their behalf is a key issue for small business and one more difficult to solve than might be initially apparent.  
1.  Programs like CSS, Magento, Wordpress, HTML5, CSS, PHP, jQuery, Zen Cart and others have made the technology necessary to assemble an attractive and functional business interface accessible to many people with brief training.  This will prove to be of little use if the educational environment does not target education to prepare individuals for work in the related fields. 
2.  The changing job market has caused many to seek training and employment in internet technologies yet; these same individuals are compelled to look outside of the country for resources to accomplish this. 
3.  The number of jobs created by innovative technological developments has grown rapidly and trained individuals are finding themselves highly sought after.
4. As large numbers of people are coming into the work force unprepared to access the jobs relate to internet technology, employers are increasingly turning to firms like Freelancer.deto acquire people with the skills they require for assistance with web site creation or modification, blog or article writing, SEO, SMO, application creation or modification, the implementation of analytics or other skills.  
3. Internet marketing is impacting almost all marketing areas. Highly scalable online marketing strategies based on email, SEM, and social media marketing, it is no surprise that B2C (business to consumer) online transactions rose to over a trillion US dollars in 2012, (Data, Matt Barrie).
4. The survey of 280,000 online jobs found that businesses hiring experts to create an ecommerce site was up 19% in the first three months of 2013.
Outsourcing through the internet is now playing an important role in the growth of many small businesses.   Many businesses say that without workers obtained from companies like they would not have been able to initiate a successful start-up. 
A review of the creation and rapid ascendancy of companies like Amazon, Zalando, and others provides a clear view of the opportunities created Social Media and on-line activity. was started by a conversation in a garage, Facebook by students at Harvard University and Twitter by an undergraduate at New York University.   Each of these has become a major force in Social media.  Yet, without the prevalence of computer technology that existed in educational settings, these firms might never have been created.  The fascination with and focus on internet potential has been the primary factor in US internet business contributing billions to the GDP. 
Businesses in every market segment are being impacted by the virtual re-design of and globalization of the competitive marketplace. 
Consumers are moving toward on-line purchasing and taking sales from high street retailers who, in turn, are looking for ways to develop their own internet presence to remain viable. 
There are a number of developments that have fueled the rapid economic transformation of the marketplace, changing the selling and buying habits of Companies and consumers alike.
The transformation of the entertainment, music, advertising and marketing industries has already eliminated the viability of video rentals and record stores and, with the advent of cloud based systems will likely obsolete many additional physical media completely replacing them with service based and cloud based technologies.
The priority given to the development of the capacity for effective utilization of the internet in Germany will be a key determinant of economic outcomes over the next decade. 

The McKinsey global Institute reported recently that online search provided 242 Billion dollars to the US economy and 42 Billion to the German economy in 2009.   Estimates for 2011 predict that the worldwide contribution will be $780 Billion USD with $540 Billon of that amount contributing directly to GDP.  Most research indicates that these figures are likely to be conservative.  (McKinsey & co.) In order for German firms to harvest their share of the growing global economy workers will continue to be outsourced until market needs can be met by the local workforce
The successful development of internet technology is rooted in the adoption of that technology by the government and the social infrastructure of the host country.  This having occurred, market pressures will drive technological advancement, business efficiency and profitability improving job growth and improving economic growth.     Germany currently places 7th in the number of internet users (2012 data) above the UK the public contribution to Germany’s GDP was 3.2% compared to %5.4 for the UK.  While penetration is high a large percentage of users are still utilizing dial-up technology and although higher speed connectivity is available it is frequently not utilized by residents.  Attitudes toward the expense of high speed internet reflect the idea that $30-$50 is an unreasonable rate.To reiterates the adoption of Internet as a business and educational priority will improve the climate for business usage on a widespread basis.
Today SME’s continue to employ approximately 70% of Germany’s workforce.  They historically utilize lean manufacturing processes to maintain profitability and focus on export.   While this is healthy for Germany’s trade balance there is a downside to this paradigm where the integration of Internet technology and the transition to a global market are involved.  The separation of the university system into Universities for research (theoretical and investigative) study and those for applied sciences hinders the synergy between theorists and hardware experts that seems to be at work in much of the innovation involved in the internet marketing arena.  Some of the current limitations on professional develop seem to be derivatives of Facts related to the origins of German SME’s or Mittelstand.
A review of possible changes in the educational structure relating specifically to the roles that top level IT staff may hold in the management structure.   A design focused on the learning necessary for managing the complexity of and multidimensional nature of a job encompassing the utilization of Computer related equipment for everything from design capacity to marketing and production.   One possible solution might be to offer a degree equivalent to that of an American CTO. 

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