Medical escort

Aircraft for Medical transportation services in Singapore

Aircraft for Medical transportation services in Singapore

Aircraft for Medical transportation services in Singapore.
Adam Tan secured a job in Australia. The offer was very lucrative as he was offered the role of a Director in a big business corporate house. He conveyed his decision to his family that he was  migrating to Australia and after he settles down, he will plan his family migration to Australia. He left for Australia alone as his wife was heavily pregnant. So he made arrangements for her stay at his parent’s place in Singapore.
Adam, an enthusiastic, middle aged guy around 38-year-old, was fond of music, driving besides his work. His love for instrumental music, many times drew him to the countryside expat clubs where he made quiet few a friends as well. On a weekend when he was driving along the, it was a Sunday when his car met with an accident leaving him injured. The police arrived at the site of the accident and carried him to the hospital.
Adam's identity card which was recovered from his badly damaged car helped the police to track his identity, and they got in touch with the office where he was working. Adams, friend's Nathan and John who were also in the car, escaped with and minor injuries and were taken to Joondalup Health Campus.
Adam was transferred to Royal Perth Hospital, the hospital staff told that he suffered multiple fractures including grave injuries to his collarbone, skull, and backbone. The hospital authorities asked the police officials to get in touch with the family as they may require to conduct multiple surgeries.
The Australian police established contact with his family in Singapore and briefed them about the accident. They told him that he was visiting Perth and traveling in a sports utility vehicle when the accident took place in the afternoon along the Indian Ocean Drive, which is a tourist road.
Their vehicle collided with another four-wheel-drive vehicle towing a camper trailer that was driving towards the opposite direction.
The police informed them that the stretch in which the accident occurred has had four deaths and 77 injuries in the past 3-4 years, and a detailed report would be submitted soon.
Earlier too similar accidents have occurred and few Singaporaean’s have suffered accidents in Australia.
The family members were shattered, but Adam's father refrained from informing Kim, Adam's wife about the incidence to avoid giving her any kind of stress. Adam's father decided to travel to Australia with one of his family friends. He had discussed with his friend that he wants to get Adam back to Singapore and carry out the treatment here. This arrangement will be more convenient, and the family will be along with him during his hospitalization
Their family friend, Robin, had good contacts in some of the top-notch hospitals in Singapore, he is an expert trainer in one of the largest Pharmaceutical company in Singapore. Robin got in touch with the hospital and discussed the probable chances of air transporting the patient from Australia to Singapore. The hospital authorities told him that such kind of private facilities are operating worldwide and they have a tie-up with one of the best service provider in Singapore, Hi-Flying. The hospital administrative staff in Singapore got in touch with Hi-Flying authorities and made arrangements for the family members to coordinate with them. Adam's father established contact with the hospital in Australia and put forth his thoughts to the doctor for air-transporting Adam to Singapore. The doctor informed that his condition was stable now and they can make arrangements for flying him back under the medical supervision of the medical team.
Adam's father along with Robin was off to Australia in a medical Air Ambulance. These aircraft are uniquely designed to transport patient's in an emergency or non-emergency condition from one place to another. Most people prefer to utilize these services for transporting patient's to long distance as it saves on time. Also, the transportation is carried out in supervision of expert doctor's and nurses which makes the process smooth and safe. The patient reaches the destination hospital in lesser time and can avail the better medical facility. In this case, it was about the families decision to shift him to Singapore which will help them to be beside him and also it was not possible for the wife to travel. Secondly, her father-in-law didn't want to put stress on her as her delivery was due, so she was kept uninformed about the situation. Adam's mother stayed active as a pillar, and she managed the things in Singapore including Kim's routine doctor visits.
Hi-Flying arranged for an Air Ambulance, and they took off to Australia with the team and Adam's father Jonathan and Robin. Upon arrival at the hospital, their medical team evaluated the condition of the patient and took down the brief history of the patient, the paperwork was completed, and the repatriation procedure was initiated. There were two teams involved in the process. One team carried out the paperwork at the hospital and transportation of the patient in a ground ambulance to the airport and the other team managed the documentation at the airport. The procedure's happened smoothly and the patient was airlifted to Singapore safely.
The accident was severe but the repatriation of the patient to the hospital in Singapore was made safe and smooth because of the expertise and years of experience of the expert medical and administrative team of Hi-Flying. Adam reached the hospital where his surgeries have been initiated. 
Kim gave birth to a healthy child in the meantime and after a few days passed she was informed about the accident. She was emotional but relieved to hear that her husband is safe and out of danger. She sent a Thank you message to Hi-Flying team once Adam was back home. The family is grateful for the entire team.

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