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Invest in your Health not Rent It

Invest in your Health not Rent It

The problem with the U.S. healthcare system is it makes more money when people are sick and the purpose of the Accountable Care Act long term is to have the healthcare system make more moneywhen people are healthy. (upbeat music) Not just for themselves, but also as a model for the rest of the world. Why are we spending so much on healthcare? Why aren't we just keeping people healthy? So the big problem we're facing, even though many of us don't recognize it, is global sickening.

People are eating bad food, they're being marketed to, not by evil marketers, but because someone wants them to eat more and it's got this horrible side effect. They're spending too much time on their devices, they don't have the time or resources to cook healthy food, kids are being lost in the system,and then they're becoming parents and their kids are getting lost. I wanted to change that. Whether you're a leader in business or government or a particular community, I want you to understand that it's important to invest in your health, not just rent it.

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