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Medical Escort Services in South Africa

Medical Escort Services in South Africa


Ravi, is pursuing his MBA. This year, during his vacation, he decided to travel to South Africa along with his Mom Gayatri to visit his uncle's place in Cape Town. Ravi's uncle, Mr. Vraj was settled in South Africa from past many decades and he owned and ran a successful Indian restaurant business in Capetown.

Capetown, is the oldest city of South Africa and it is also the legislative capital of the country. The city is located on the border of Table Bay. The city was developed by the Dutch East India Company, as a supply station for the Dutch ships sailing to East , Africa, and the Far East countries. From the early years, many people sailed to the country especially from India for trade and business and some even settled in this country. It is estimated that about a million of Indian expats reside in the country.

The city is well known for its harbor, and its landmarks such as Cape Point and Table Mountain. It is a known fact that many immigrants from different part of the world have flown to South Africa and have adopted themselves in this country. Capetown itself is one of the multicultural cities in the world and plays a role as a significant destination for expatriates and immigrants to South Africa. Life in Cape Town is more of an art of leisure. Capetonians are known for having an appetite for the good life, and expats will find it difficult to resist the Mother City's indulgent pastimes for long.

Capetown has a cosmopolitan outlook, Cape Town offers a rich lifestyle and puts great emphasis on the great outdoors, and people appreciates art, entertainment, and culture. People enjoy climbing, sports, adventure games. It is possible for those who enjoy climbing to climb Table Mountain in the early morning, and also taste good food and wine after their adventure climbing in the day time. Great malls, boutiques are part and parcel of the country's lifestyle.

Ravi wanted to explore every bit of Cape Town and he planned to climb Table Mountain the next morning with his cousins. Cape Town has a noble and looming mountain ranges ideal for stimulating mountain climbing adventures. The city’s mountainous regions self-praise beautiful views of waterfalls, valleys and lush forests. It promises tourists with breathtaking mountain climbing adventures. Table Mountain is referred to as the cradle of rock climbing in South Africa. One can see the entire city from Table Mountain and the beaming ocean as far as one’s eyes can see through. Ravi, skid and met with an accident while climbing up and had to be hospitalized. He suffered a fracture in his spine.

Spinal fractures are different from the fracture of limbs like a broken arm or leg. A dislocation or fracture of a vertebra can cause bone fragments to hurt and damage the spinal nerves or the spinal cord as well. Depending on how severe is the injury is, one may experience severe pain, while walking, or may be unable to move arms or legs. If the chronic pain still persists despite taking rest, medication, back bracing, modification in routine activity, then further the doctor suggests going for surgery. Mostly the surgical procedures used in this case are Kyphoplasty, Vertebroplasty. Kyphoplasty is a noninvasive surgery used to treat a compression fracture of the spine.
Kyphoplasty surgical procedure is planned to stop the pain caused by a spinal fracture, to stabilize the bone, and to regenerate some or all of the lost vertebral body height due to the compression fracture. Kyphoplasty is a type of Vertebral augmentation for spinal compression fractures.

Ravi was admitted to a hospital in Cape Town. Scans were conducted for initial diagnosis and a Kyphoplasty was suggested. Ravi's mother wanted to take a second opinion before going for the surgical procedure and decided to fly him back to India. The reason of flying back to home country was, that even if the surgery is to be done, the recuperation time needed in this case is almost three months and it wasn't possible for them to stay back for such long term in South Africa as Gayatri had to join back to her office.

The family initiated the best possible option of flying the patient back to India. Hi-Flying Air Ambulance services are among the best in India, which was known to the family, so they contacted them to see whether they can repatriate the patient from South Africa. They were glad to know that Hi Flying provides its services in South Africa too.

The patient’s present condition was discussed with the medical team of Hi Flying and they suggested the option of flying the patient in an Air Ambulance with a team of Medical Escorts.

Medical escorts are trained medical and paramedics, which includes both doctors and nurses and who are trained specially to escort patients who may be in a critical or non-emergency condition. Their training is more vigilant as they have to attend patients in an air ambulance, where they have very less ground support. All the protocols related to flying the patient should be known to the team. This also includes the documentation procedure for flying patient from one country to another or sometimes even internally within the country. The person should be alert, should have strong decision making capability in case of an emergency, should be compassionate towards the patient and patience is the key aspect of the Medical escort.

Hi Flying team have many years of experience, the company has provided their excellent services in case of repatriating patients with complicated medical history, from South Africa to other parts of the world. Their medical escorts have repatriated many patients with disabilities, COPD history, burn accidents, severe trauma, neonatal and pediatric patients. Doctors, nurses, and paramedics those who have at least five years of experience are chosen by the company in their team.
Medical escorts accompany the patient in the business class or first class cabin of a significant commercial airline depending upon the medical condition of the patient. If the patient is immobile, it is suggested to fly in a business class or first class seat that offers a flexible movement of seats during their flight. In case the commercial flight option is not viable for flying the patient, private Air Ambulances are suggested. All the procedures required w.r.t medical clearances is coordinated well, and the team makes all ground and air transport arrangements. Specialized equipment needed for the transportation of the patient is arranged on board by the medical team in coordination with the flight engineers. The team is well equipped with modern and sophisticated equipment and trained to handle all the equipment. Their team arranges documentation related to discharge of the patient from the hospital, taking down the history of the patient and arrangement of the ground ambulance to the airport.

They carefully monitor the medical status right from the transit of the patient from the ground until reaching the destination. Under the supervision of the attending doctor of the health care facility, updated medical reports are received till the time of patient's departure to ensure that if any modification of flight plan needs to be done to secure a safe arrival. All treatment imparted to the patient in-flight is per the medical orders provided by the primary doctor of the attending hospital.
Upon arrival at the destination, the medical escort will provide detailed information to the receiving medical facility. If the patient is to be deported to his/her home the medical escort team will assist the patient and the family to make a conversant and comfortable adjustment based on the medical needs of the patient.

Ravi was transported on a stretcher, and from Cape Town airport they arrived at New Delhi. He reached India safely and was transported to his home first. The family has decided to take medical advice from a doctor of a renowned hospital in New Delhi and then initiate the further course of treatment.

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