Commercial Airlines Stretcher Services by HI Flying


Commercial Airlines Stretcher Services by HI Flying

Commercial Airlines Stretcher Travel by HI Flying

HI Flying Air Ambulance International has its expertise in the field of Commercial Airline Stretcher transfer.  
Customized for a patient who are critical but recovered and need lying down arrangements on an affordable stretcher option on select Airlines, with whom, HI Flying - Air Ambulance is affiliated with which includes Emirates Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Thai Airways, Air India, Singapore Airlines, Philippines Airlines, Lufthansa flights and many more.

The stretcher is an arrangement whereby the seats at the back of a flight is replaced by a stretcher which is curtained to maintain privacy.

There is oxygen arranged on the flight calculated based on the distance of travel and the oxygen flow rate needed for the patient.

There is arrangements made for all Advance Lifesupport medical equipment which include Cardiac monitors, pulse oximeter, ventilator, syringe pumps, IV fluids which is supported by enough battery to work for the long duration of a flight.

We common locations where we use stretcher for patient transport includes -

  • Asia to the United States
  • India to the USA
  • Singapore to the USA
  • Thailand to the USA
  • Indonesia to the USA
  • Malaysia to the USA
  • Nepal to the USA
  • China to the USA
  • The Philippines to the USA

The Middle East to the United States

  • UAE- Dubai and Abu Dhabi to the USA
  • Saudi Arabia - Riyadh Dammam Jeddah Makkah to the USA
  • Bahrain to the USA
  • Qatar to the USA
  • Oman to the USA
  • Kuwait to the USA

Europe to the United States

  • Germany to the USA
  • Italy to the USA
  • Spain to the USA
  • Switzerland to the USA
  • Austria to the USA

Africa to the United States

  • Kenya to the USA
  • S Africa to the USA
  • Ethiopia to the USA
  • Tanzania to the USA
  • Uganda to the USA

Australia to the United States

  • Melbourne to the USA
  • Sydney to the USA
  • Brisbane to the USA
  • Perth to the USA

This service is currently not available on any of the USA or UK carriers.

An Affordable cost for the Right Patient.
Commercial stretcher services provides almost the same level of care as an  Air Ambulance flight without incurring vast costs of a dedicated Medevac flight. So if you are not insured - it can be the only choice for you. If you are an Assistance or Insurance company, do get in touch with us for this options works well for most patients for long sectors and could be cost containment option for you.

HI Flying - Air Ambulance International has saved thousands of dollars with our expertize for no compromise facility for transportation of critical patients around the world.

Dedicated Medical Team for Commercial Airline Stretcher cases
We have dedicated a team of doctors and nurses who fly patients on Commercial airlines stretcher and they do this every day for the last many years to gain expertise doing it.
Be it a patient on oxygen, Bipap or Ventilator - we can do safe transport for you.
We have a team of four who has a great relationship with airlines and they do the medical clearances which are an essential process before the actual flying.
We do all the paperwork and take the hassle out of the transport for you.
If you need our full bed to bed services on Commercial airlines - do get in touch with us.

We will need the following documents from you -

  • Passport of the patient
  • Relative information
  • Hospital of origin
  • Hospital of destination
  • Medical report
  • Telephonic talk with your treating doctor.

Rest, we will ensure an FAA approved safe stretcher for your loved one on a suitable flight as quickly as possible.

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