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Lifestyles are changing around the world. Rapidly expanding & changing technologies, values, cultures and economies are influencing how we live and ultimately, the spaces we live in. We design environments that complement the ever changing ways the world adapts. While each residence is unique in terms of location, density and character, they all share a common thread. Each design is structured with an appropriate interpretation of the occupant’s culture and lifestyle.

BMG Interiors is one of the Top rated Firms in Mumbai and India in the Residential Interiors Segment for more than 27 years and going.


Contract magazine specializes in covering the latest trends in modern office design and corporate interior design sectors. We feature project coverage of both large and small office interiors. There are also examples of furnishings and other products to support the design and function of these spaces, including desking, chairs, workstations, storage units, lighting, flooring, wall treatments, and other technologies that support and enhance the ways that employees work. We tap experts in the field of office space design to present to readers their best office design ideas as well as office layout ideas and space planning strategies.


Retail design involves not only creating spaces that attract customers and sell products, but also creating beautiful interiors that define a brand. Contract highlights eye-catching interiors—including freestanding stores, urban storefronts, and even pop-up shops— that delight and inspire, and provides retail store design ideas that interior designers and architects can incorporate into their own practices.

Retail interiors featured include clothing and shoe stores, beauty and perfume stores, automotive showrooms, furniture and lighting showrooms, candy shops, and bookstores. Retail stores incorporate signage and branding, display cases and fixtures, and thoughtfully planned lighting schemes that highlight products. Designs for retail range from the minimal to the extravagant, but should always be tailored to best showcase the product


Hospitality design is a project type that not only offers some of today’s most inspiring design, but is a project type that reaches far beyond its own parameters, influencing a variety of other project types. Hospitality is the design of service-oriented projects like hotels, bars, restaurants, lounges, and spas. Ideas of beauty, luxury, and relaxation are instrumental in hospitality design projects. Hotels and resorts make up a large segment of the hospitality industry, which provide a peaceful respite for weary travelers, or a place to host business functions.

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BMG Interiors is a comprehensive service provider for Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Building, Bungalows for Interiors Projects. We master excellent and creative Interior work services not only for Interiors and Projects establishment but also for Building Projects. BMG Interiors is known for creating dynamic spaces that enrich the personal and business and lives of their clients and staff. With over 27 years of experience, We build our reputation on our efficient & qualified professional expertise, customer satisfaction & the innovative interior work which avail to the current trend both modern, classical as well as contemporary interior work.

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