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Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services - NEMTS by Hi Flying

Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International provides Non-Emergency medical transport services to its patients at multiple locations around the world.

Non-emergency medical transport services allow patients who are unable to travel conventionally due to medical conditions to travel safely from one place to another by flight or by road.

Sometimes, patients who are stable, but are otherwise unable to travel by conventional means are required to use non-emergency medical transportation due to oxygen requirements, mobility issues or for just for the comfort of a safe journey.

For instances, the son is in the United States and the parents are in India, they want the parents to travel to their son home in Florida, we can help you.

Or if your mother was on a holiday and had pneumonia during her holiday and she was admitted to a hospital and has recovered. But she needs a nurse to accompany her with oxygen facilities, then we can help in her safe travel back home.

Or your father has a heart problem and he is a diabetic and needs a doctor standby to monitor his blood sugar, decide the dosage of insulin and take care of any medical emergencies happening during his travel, we can provide a professional doctor escort for him.

Our non-emergency medical transportation services are the best solution in similar cases. 

HI Flying - Air Ambulance International have a transportation has the following transport options for your patient.

Commercial medical escort service

Fixed-wing air ambulance service

International commercial medical stretcher


Our Commercial Medical Escort service is the service of choice if your patients are stable and need a qualified nurse or doctor to accompany patient to travel in Commercial airlines on Business or First class. 

It is an affordable option for the right patient with basic life support.


Our fixed-wing Air Ambulance service offers twin engines, turboprops and Jet Airplanes, depending on the flight time. We determine which aircraft will work for the patient and their budget. All of our aircraft are equipped with the state of the art medical equipment to handle any type of medical emergency with our highly-qualified medical team. We provide a full medical bedside to bedside service.


Our International Commercial Medical Stretcher service is available for patients who cannot sit for more than one to two hours without being completely exhausted or who need to be laying flat throughout the transfer. It also takes care of patient travel who are critical but stable.

They work best for a patient who had a critical illness but they have recovered but not completely and now wish to fly back home for a continuation of treatment in a hospital close to their home.

It is more economical to travel on a Commercial flight Stretcher compared to an Air Ambulance Charter flight.


We’re available 24 hours a day; 7 days a week to discuss which option works best for your patient.

Contact our experienced flight medical coordinator and we will help you plan the right option of travel which is both safe and affordable.

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