Train Ambulance


Train Ambulance


Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International offers train ambulance transportation for patients with serious medical conditions or those who require expert medical care during travel. 

Train ambulance transportation is a smart choice in a variety of situations. When a patient requires fast, reliable transportation but has a fear of flying or is looking for a more affordable option, trains are a great alternative to a traditional ambulance or air transport. While not as fast as air transportation via a charter flight, commercial flight, or air ambulance, trains are a much faster option than a traditional ambulance. You won’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic from accidents or construction delays. Many trains run straight into the center of major cities, which means that patients can be transported directly to major medical facilities or transferred to other forms of transportation, while still avoiding rush hour or downtown traffic.

Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International handles all aspects of a patient’s train ambulance transport, starting when the initial transport is booked. Our expert staff begins by obtaining a full medical report for each patient in order to determine the best possible option for transport and to coordinate any necessary medical equipment and care. They then choose the right train based on scheduling and accomodation. They coordinate an aeromedical stretcher and any other necessary medical equipment that a patient will require during transport, including oxygen and emergency medications.


Our staff then obtains any necessary clearances, coordinates ground transportation, and works with patients and their families to plan every detail of the transport. Our staff also includes a medical insurance expert to help ensure each patient gets the compensation and coverage that they deserve. Each transport is assigned a medical director who oversees each patient’s care during the train transportation. The medical director may also oversee a team of other medical professionals. Depending on the patient’s conditions and needs, that team may include a doctor and nurse, a nurse and a paramedic, or a doctor, nurse, paramedic, and RT team, each with ICU/CCU experience.

Medical transport via a train may be planned and scheduled alone or as a segment of travel plans that also include an air ambulance or chartered or commercial flight. Each patient has his or her own unique care requirements and preferences. Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International strives to offer a safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation option for every patient, regardless of how serious their medical condition is. Train transportation is one such option.

Besides train transportation, Hi Flying - Air Ambulance International also offers a variety of other medical air transportation options. This includes medical escorts and coordination on commercial flights, chartered flights on specialized aircraft, and air ambulance transfers, both emergency and non-emergency, for patients.

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