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We Provide Affordable Air Ambulance Services for your Loved Ones!


When Time is Life - Your Partner in Travel
With our USA Standard of care and Operation centers in Asia/Middle East, we have managed to keep a high standard of care and at the same time - keep the Services Affordable to All

Air Ambulance

A Dedicated Medical Flight - ICU on wing with all Advanced Life supports including Monitors, Ventilators, Automated Defibrillators to transport critical patients on an emergency basis from all locations in the world.

Medical Escorts

Our medical team of licensed professionals - MD RN PM are certified in flight physiology and advanced life support (ALS). Our medical team members are full-time employees, which promotes reliable and superior medical care and contributes to Patient Safety during Travel

Commercial Stretcher

Airlines Commercial Flight Stretcher is an economical way of transporting the right patient in a lying-down arrangement with a MD/MD and MD/RN with Advanced Life-support equipments and oxygen for long distance safe travel for the right patient.


Emergency Medical Evacuation from remote locations including places with limited Medical facilities to a larger city with Tertiary care center or Health care Institutes for lifesaving higher treatment including Cardiac and Neurosurgical facility

Helicopter Ambulance

Helicopter Emergency Medical Services are available in select locations where an Air Ambulance do not fly. We fly Helicopter Ambulance services in India - Himalayas, Nepal Kathmandu, Bhutan and the Islands of the Philippines.

Medical Flight

Contact us 247/365 for a Medical Flight including Emergency Medevac, Medical Charter flight, Air Ambulance Charter Flight or Non-Emergency Commercial flight transfer for your loved ones at an Affordable cost.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is important for International Travel. If you have an Travel Insurance and need an Emergency transport back home - we will coordinate with your Insurance company for a safe and early travel back home.

Funeral Shipping

Under Unfortunate circumstances of death of a family member, our repat wing will take care of consulate and airline formalities to bring your family home from any location in the world.


We aspire to provide world-class Patient Transport on Air Ambulance flights and Commercial Airlines at an affordable cost.
We maintain standards of patient care which are developed monitored and enforced as per global standards. We maintain a perfect workplace, a place where safety and quality of care are paramount. We inspire people to be better through continuing education.
We establish standards offering professional attitudes, using decision-making processes, taking action and continually seeking to improve quality of care to all patients irrespective of the patient nationality or location barriers. We provide Worldwide Patient Transport

Our Process

Air Ambulance booking step


HI Flying - a USA based company with its operation centres and hubs in India - Mumbai, Singapore and Philippines - Manila in Asia and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates provides fixed wing critical transport on its fixed-wing aircraft. HI Flying provides exclusive services of Air Ambulance flights with Medevac aircrafts which includes Learjet 35 Learjet 45 Learjet 60 and Gulfstream 150 with locations in India, UAE and Singapore for patients flying to International destinations in regions in Asia and the Middle East to destinations as far as Africa Europe, Australia, UK and the United States. With its Affordable Turboprops like King Air B 200 and Pilatus PC 12 in India and Philippines - it is able to provide domestic Air Ambulance transport at economical costs.


HI Flying - Medical escorts are Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics who are experienced in Critical care and Patient transportation trained in Aviation physiology. Most have experienced in Hospital ICU for more than 3 years and can carry out Lifesaving procedures using Advanced Life support equipment. Level 4 and Level 5 Medical escorts can handle patients on ventilators, IABP and ECMO on Air Ambulance Flights. Level 3 Medical escorts can handle ventilator patients on Commercial airlines. Level 1-2 carry safe patients on Business class or Stretcher class with Basic Life support equipment.

Commercial Airlines Stretcher Travel

For the Right Patient who needs a long distance Stretcher travel on Commercial flight, HI Flying with its excellent relations with all major airlines including Emirates, Lufthansa, Turkish, Singapore Airlines, Thai, Philippines, Air India, KLM and other airlines can organize a stretcher patient travel with BLS/ALS capabilities so as to make the travel safe and affordable for the patients. Patients can travel safely with fewer stops at one-fourth the cost of an Air Ambulance Charter flights in a Commercial Airlines availing facilities of tarmac transfers and airport medical rooms to make the travel easy, safe and affordable for the patient and their family.

Why Choose Us?

Medical Team

HI Flying Medical team is vetted from amongst the best in the world in terms of professional services and caring attitude towards our patients keeping safety of the patient in the forefront of every transport.

Bedside to Bedside

Our Medical Team - MD RN PM will meet the patient at their bed at the origin and will be escorting you to the final destination before handing you in the safe hands of the new treating Physicians. The transport is seamless.

24/7/365 Days

We are available 24/7/365 days. Taking your Calls, Understanding the Clinical status, Planning the Transport, Placing Options, Guiding you to the safest way to transport your Patient. We are always in Touch with You.


Safety is of paramount importance at all times. Safety training programme is an ongoing process with HI Flying and is very meticulous and comprehensive. We abide all requirements of Aviation regulatory authorities.


HI Flying has on panel a staff of Multilingual Medical Coordinators who are able to communicate with you right from the Inquiry stage to the Final Transport process. We will make you feel comfortable all the way.


Communication is the key to the Transport process. Whether the patient is your Family member or you are a Case Manager, we will update you in realtime as the transport progress at all times.

Global Presence

An USA Company with strong Asia and Middle East Presence and our Hubs located at strategic locations, we are able to provide Medical transport services worldwide. We have 15 Audited Partners with whom we are well networked to carry out a seamless transport worldwide.


HI Flying Insurance specialist will work with your Insurance company and understand your coverage and will try our level best to overcome financial obstacles to provide early and immediate patient care and transport. We care about your finances too.


If you do not have an Insurance coverage - Do Not Worry. We are affordable and value for money service. We will place the right option be it; an Air Ambulance flight or a Commercial flight Patient Transport at the most affordable cost.

Hi Flying - Air Ambulance Statistics

What people say?

I just wanted to thank you for the quick arrangement for my mom to come home to me today. I truly appreciate how professional you were in handling of the complete transfer. You alleviated all of my concerns and brought my mom home safely. The team on the flight was fantastic!
I will never forget this experience and am truly grateful to you for making this as simple as possible for me.

Vincy Patel

My son is with me today. Thanks to you and your good team. I appreciate your help!

Richard Paul

My father who had a stroke in Singapore was brought home to Dubai in a safe manner. Good coordination. My family remember you in our prayers!

Mohamed Amin

The transfer happened in a timely manner. It was a lifesaving service.

Ingrid Ng

My friend in Dubai admitted at Rashid Hospital for Head Injury following a Road Accident. He was in an ICU - on ventilator.
He was transported back to Kochi India in a Commercial flight stretcher for an affordable cost. We all appreciate the help!

Jayan N


iag accreditation
iso accreditation
iso accreditation

Press release

HI Flying in India, Philippines, Singapore and the UAE
Air Ambulance company, Hi Flying, has successfully gained International Assistance Group’s Accredited Service Provider status for air ambulance charter and medical escorts.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience dealing with the complexities in demanding areas, Hi Flying taps into an established network of aircraft types that can be deployed as air ambulances quickly and cost-effectively. Since its first fixed-wing air ambulance mission in 1996, over 3,000 medical evacuations have been co-ordinated on commercial airlines and private charter aircraft.

Recently, they were delighted to have attained the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 for their quality management systems.

Multi-lingual Medical Director, Dr Nitin Yende, commented: “Patient safety is absolutely paramount in all of our work and my focus is on the quality of the medical teams deployed as well as the equipment and protocols used.” Having been with the organisation since its earliest days, he added: “We have to maintain the flexibility to use a wide variety of aircraft types, over a wide area, not only to fulfil the medical needs of patients but also with a keen eye on costs.”

The countries served to represent a very dynamic market, including an exchange of labour work-force, expatriates, business and leisure travellers. Additionally, within India and surrounding countries, Hi Flying provides the capability to transfer patients to world-class facilities.

Originally formed in 1991 to provide critical care ground transportation in Mumbai, Hi Flying has developed into an international company, registered in the USA with a 24/7 operations centre in the Indian city of its foundation.

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